How to Make Rainbow Flower Cupcake Toppers

rainbow flower cupcake toppers

These rainbow flowers are fun and colorful and a great way to use up your leftover fondant.

You only need ONE cutter to make them! 😀

I used them to decorate these chocolate cupcakes but I think you can use them to decorate the top of a cake too.

Anyways, to make these rainbow flower toppers, you will need the following supplies:

Various colors of fondant (I used the following colors: pink, yellow, green, orange, blue)
Circle cutter
Small leaf cutter
Rolling pin

And these are the instructions:

Step 1:
Prepare different colors of fondant.
Roll them out.

I only used 5 colors of fondant but you can use more colors, if you like. Just remember that the more colors you use, the wider your flower is going to be.

rainbow flower 9

Step 2:
Use a circle cutter to cut out one piece in each color.

rainbow flower 8

Step 3:
Arrange them vertically, as shown in this picture…

rainbow flower 7

Step 4:
Start rolling from the top to the bottom, while applying pressure in the middle.

rainbow flower 5

Step 5:
Keep rolling the center until it becomes really thin.

rainbow flower 2

Step 6:
Then, cut off the little “rope” in the center with a knife.
You will end up with two little flowers.

rainbow flower 3

Step 7:
If you want to make a bigger rainbow flower, repeat steps 1-3.
Then, start rolling from the top to the bottom, while applying pressure on the side.

rainbow flower 6

Step 8:
You can also add tiny balls of fondant into each flower, if you like.

rainbow flower 1

Step 9:
To make the leaves, just gather all your leftover fondant into a ball and roll it out.
Use a leaf cutter to cut out some pieces.

rainbow flower 10

And you are done!

Let these pieces dry overnight and then use them to decorate your cupcakes.

rainbow flower cupcakes

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone!



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