Baby Shoes Cake Toppers

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This month I’ve reviewed a new Craftsy class for you: Baby Shoes Step by Step by Sharon Wee!

I’ve been a big fan of Sharon Wee for awhile and I love her style of teaching and her easy to follow methods. I was really excited about watching her new class just because I love her, but also because I love itty-bitty baby shoes!

Baby Shoes Hiking Boots

I’ve made a few baby shoes for cakes in the past, but I’ve always struggled to get them “just so” and honestly, I’ve felt like I was sort of winging-it as I worked. There are a few online tutorials and templates, but none that I had found were comprehensive!

Well that’s not true anymore! Baby Shoes Step by Step covers almost any detail you will ever need to made edible baby shoes!  In fact, in this class Sharon teaches NINE full lessons including an entire lesson on making the sole – literally the foundation for every shoe, plus eight more lessons – one for each of eight different styles of shoes. In total, you get nearly 3 hours of video lessons about all kinds of baby shoes!

Here’s what Craftsy has to say about the class:

Learn to make baby shoe cake toppers using basic tools, simple materials and the included templates. Cake artist Sharon Wee will teach you all the techniques for making these sweet little shoes fun and easy. Start with how to create a basic baby shoe sole. Then, find out how to build on this foundation and create colorful flip-flops, animal-themed slippers, sparkling flats, fun sneakers, all kinds of boots and even knitted booties. Along the way, you’ll learn versatile techniques for finishing your baby shoe toppers and more with stenciled patterns, lovely lace, hand painting, amazing textures and adorable bows.


As I stated above, the very first lesson in this class will teach you all about making the sole of the shoes. The awesome thing is that the template for the sole is the same for every shoe.  Once you master making it – you can use it as the foundation for every other shoe you’ll ever want to make!

Plus Sharon will show you how to change the size of the template so you can make them bigger or smaller depending on the size of your cake!


After that, the lessons will walk you through the details of eight different shoes – starting with the flip-flops which are the most basic…

baby shoes

… and working all the way up to boots which are most complex. She has some of the neatest tips and pointers about adding the details, texture and color to the tiny shoes.

Another great thing I love about the class though, is that you don’t have to watch them in order. If you need to make boots and don’t want to watch all of the other lessons, you can watch the lesson on soles, then skip straight to the lesson on boots and you will still get all of the information you need to make the perfect baby boots cake topper!

Overall, I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to master making baby shoes for cake toppers. Once you learn the techniques taught by Sharon, you shouldn’t ever need another lesson in making baby shoes of any style!

Does this sound like a class you would like to take?  If so, I’d encourage you to go sign up now for Baby Shoes Step by Step!  

Happy Caking!