cake pop rose

These adorable little roses are just cake pops in disguise. Dressed up in a thin layer of fondant and dusted with shimmer, they’re an easy and impressive treat. So, go ahead and wow your sweetie with a flower bouquet and dessert all wrapped up in one.


Cake Pop Filling (note: make sure the filling is not too squishy and will hold it’s shape)
Hot Pink Fondant
White Candy Coating
Sucker Sticks
Jem Easy Rose Cutter 110mm
Tulip Red Luster Dust

For The Buds:

Scoop one even tablespoon of filling into your hand. Roll into a ball and then use your fingers to shape the filling into a bud or tear drop shape. Place the bud on a tray and continue with the remaining filling. Once your buds are done, place them in the fridge until very firm, 30 minutes to 1 hour.



Once the buds are firm, place some candy coating in a microwave safe container and heat on half power for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until melted.


Remove one bud from the fridge. Use a sucker stick to poke a hole half way up, remove the stick, dip the end in coating and then reinsert into the bud to adhere. Wipe away any drips of coating as necessary.

Place the finished bud back in the fridge and continue with the remaining buds, one at a time, until finished. Keep all the buds in the fridge.



For the Rose:

On a surface coated lightly with powdered sugar, roll out a small portion of fondant as thinly as possible. Use the rose cutter to cut out a flower shape.



Next, place the fondant flower in your palm with the center resting at the opening of your fingers. Brush a light coating of water in the center of the flower and insert one of the buds through.


(The rose cutter is numbered which will help you know what order to go in). Lift and stretch petal #1 up and around the teardrop.


Repeat the process with petal #2, making sure it cups and intertwines with petal #1 to cover the cake pop bud. Brush with a little water in spots to adhere as necessary.


Repeat the process again with petal #3, #4 and #5. Make sure to place these petal evenly around the outside of the bud, using a little water to adhere in places as necessary.

When the petals are finished, use your fingers to curl and flair the edge of the petals for effect.





Place the rose in a glass to dry. Once dry, use a brush to heavily coat the crevices of the rose with  luster dust and then shake or brush off the excess. Finish the remaining roses by rolling a little fondant at a time and working with one bud at a time.

cake pop roses