sugar flower cutters

This is one of my favourite tools. It is a simple and easy silicone flower veiner and used together with small 5-petal flower cutters it makes beautiful little sugar flowers.

The flower cutters I use most with it is: 5-petal (Orchard Products) and Petunia flowers(Tinkertech Two). When I make the sugar flowers I use sugar paste with a little CMC to make it hold its form when drying. You can buy the flower veiner here, the petunia cutter here and here.

Note: There are two different sizes of the petunia cutter by Tinkertech Two that is best to use with the silicone veiner.

sugar flower cutters

What are Flower Cutters?

Flower cutters are used to decorate cake with fondant. They are similar to cookie cutters, but sometimes have additional details that work better with fondant and gum paste than cookie cutters do. Cookie cutters are also flimsier and more challenging to use on fondant.

There are three categories of flower cutters: plunger cutters, regular fondant cutters, and ribbon cutters.

To make fondant cut outs, you need:

  • A rolling pin or fondant roller
  • A small mat
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Fondant cutters, or cookie cutters
  • A paring knife or X-Acto knife
  • Powdered sugar

Petunia cutters

sugar flower cutters
5-petal flower cutters

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