My favorite sugar flower cutters and veiners

This is one of my favourite tools. It is a simple and easy silicone flower veiner and used together with small 5-petal flower cutters it makes beautiful little sugar flowers.

The flower cutters I use most with it is: 5-petal (Orchard Products) and Petunia flowers(Tinkertech Two). When I make the sugar flowers I use sugar paste with a little CMC to make it hold its form when drying. You can buy the flower veiner here, the petunia cutter here and here.

Note: There are two different sizes of the petunia cutter by Tinkertech Two that is best to use with the silicone veiner.

What are Flower Cutters?

Flower cutters are used to decorate cake with fondant. They are similar to cookie cutters, but sometimes have additional details that work better with fondant and gum paste than cookie cutters do. Cookie cutters are also flimsier and more challenging to use on fondant. 

There are three categories of flower cutters: plunger cutters, regular fondant cutters, and ribbon cutters.

To make fondant cut outs, you need: 

  • A rolling pin or fondant roller
  • A small mat
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Fondant cutters, or cookie cutters
  • A paring knife or X-Acto knife
  • Powdered sugar

Petunia cutters

5-petal flower cutters

Happy Caking



  1. Thanks for responding. I think I have seen that tutorial before, but I kept thinking ‘fondant, fondant flowers’ and not gumpaste! Thanks so much, my flower veiner has come in, I just need to order the cutters and I’m set to go! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi!! I was just wondering for the petunia cutters from Tinkertech, there’s alot of different ones on the referred weblink – do you happen to know which # it is that I should be ordering? ie, 435, 504? I love how the flowers look on your cupcakes and am so excited to try it out! I also ordered the flower veiner, and put your website down in the ‘where I heard about their website’ in case there’s referral bonuses or anything πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  3. Ummmmm……….. just 1 question, are the silicone molds dishwasher safe? Because I just ordered some from decorate the cake (came here in about 3-4 days) and dont wanna mess them up so can you please tell me.


    • I would not clean them in the dishwasher. I clean my silicone mold in warm soapy water, rinse and then left to dry. In fact all my cake tools are always cleaned by hand.

  4. Debbie DellaCamera: Tylo powder (CMC) is carboxy methyl cellulose. Its synthetic so it is cheaper than Gum Tragacanth but both brand works the same. You will need this for flower, figure making ect. I always have this at home. It also makes the best edible glue.

  5. Georgina: I only have the sizes in mm and the small (573) is 23mm and the medium (599) is 30 mm and the large (435) is 40mm. I use all three sizes with the silicone veiner.

  6. Hello!
    first, you have a great website! I am trying to purchase the petunia cutter and have followed the links but cannot however find the right size is it this size?
    I just really want to be sure before i order it as i tried a few months ago and to my suprise they where very, very small (i didnt read the page right)

  7. Hi: My friend has asked me to make her daughters wedding cake for her and she would like it decorated with sunflowers, could you help me please as this is a flower that I have not made before. How do I go about it? Colours, technique, cutters etc

  8. I would really like to purchase the veiner and the Petunia cutter and another flower cutter as well, but i am worried that the flower cutter will be to big for the veiner. Do all the cutters fit inside the veiner? Thank you

  9. i love you!your cupcakes are so lovely and elegant,and your tips are so thorough and clear.
    thank you so much for everything!

  10. hi!
    i love those flowers, but i would like to find the place where i could ordered the two elements to make them, in just one place, not in two different pages. could you help me? (Sorry, my english is not very good (iΒ΄m from Spain!!;)))

  11. louise, have i thanked you for showing us so many cool stuff? i have received the veiners you featured here and i am so excited. i LOVE your blog and i totally love your style (of decorating) – not too complicated/busy but very elegant. i sooo want to try making those lovely cupcakes you did with the gold trimmings (that mimicks the tins).

    THANK YOU louise. keep blogging coz you sure are helping and motivating cake decorating n00bs like me. LOL!

  12. i just ordered this veiner from

    the lady there is melissa and she is a very helpful person. she has a 40% off for this month (june) so hurry on over there and buy some veiners. i bought a few myself. and for those who are out of the USA, as I am, go ahead and buy from her because she really helps with optimizing postage cost. unlike on eBay where sellers charge ridiculous amount for shipping.

  13. Please try take a look on the different links in this post and in the comments. There are links to moulds & cutters πŸ™‚

  14. Where do you buy the push molds and cutters from. I am having trouble trying to find the supplied you show. I also wanted to make bigger flower like a morning glory and gerber daisy. Any help will be great

  15. hi there!

    would it be possible for you to help me buy this silicone flower veiner? or maybe you can sell it on eBay? thank you.

  16. H e y.x
    i am really interested in becoming good at these kind of flowers for my GCSE cousrework next year but everything is so expensive is there anywhere that you know where the price is lower and do places like cash and carry sell things to do with cake making?
    please reply asap .. thanks

  17. Tracy: offcourse you can ask:-) I use only the small and medium sized petunia cutters.

    I use Wilton tip 1M for my swirls.

  18. Some stupid questions prpbably: 1) which size of the petunia cutter do you use? 2) what size star tip do you use to make your beautiful cupcake swirls?

  19. the schweizers:
    I dont recon that i have made those cupcakes & cake you are talking about?? but you can use embossers, textured rolling pins ect. on the rolled fondant if thats what you are thinking of?

  20. Thank you for the sunflower sugar art link for the flower veiner. Is that also where you got the butterfly veiner (for the cake and cupcakes you made with chocolate frosting and pink butterflies and flowers)? Thank you for everything, you really are so helpful!

  21. I was unable to open the link for the flower veiner; can you help me with that? Is it also available from Global Sugar Art? If so, can you give the “exact” name of it as I attempted to search for it on GSA’s website & couldn’t locate it. Thanks.


  22. Your links on where to buy are not working. Please update them. I’d love to buy these!Thanks for all the tips. You have a great site!


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