Are you looking for a cute cake idea for your kid’s birthday? Do you need something easy and cute for an upcoming party? Here’s a tutorial on how to easily make a rosette ombre cake. With the popular fads and trends of today, this cake is sure to fulfill every wish for a cake.

For a Rosette Ombre Cake:

Step 1: First start with your prepared layer cake. 


Step 2: Next you will want to color your icing into 3 shades of the color you pick. I used pink. So I have a very light, medium and a darker pink shade. Fill your pastry bags that have your #2D tips already inserted.

Step 3: Starting at the bottom layer, you will want to hold your bag at a 90 degree angle with the tip facing the cake directly in front of you. Start to form a small rosette by starting in the middle and surround your original star shape that you piped with constant pressure. This will form that nice rosette. You will want to pipe a row of rosettes around the cake. 


Step 4: You will want to pipe your next shade of icing in a layer above the last shade. You will want to slightly overlapped the rosette in the second row with the one’s below. This will make sure you do not have a gaps in your icing. For a 6″ cake, this will probably be your last layer on the side of the cake. So it should be just about at the top edge of the cake.

Step 5: With your final shade (lightest shade), you will want to start in the middle of the top of the cake and pipe a rosette. Next on the outside of that rosette, you will want to make a circle of rosettes around it. Lastly, you will want to pipe a last circle around the previous ring and these rosettes will slightly hang over the top layer of rosettes on the sides. You will want to cover any small gaps in the icing on the sides with small little stars.

Step 6: Add an additional decorations you would like and enjoy your rosette design ombre cake! 


Now you can enjoy your cute creation.

Happy Caking!