rudolph cupcake toppers
Do you guys have a favorite Christmas song that you enjoy singing during the holiday season? For me, that song is “Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer.” And that was my inspiration for these cute Rudolph cupcake toppers…hehe.

Watch video tutorial below to learn how to make the cupcake toppers

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To make them, you will need the following supplies:

Light brown fondant
Dark brown fondant
Red fondant
White fondant
Big circle cutter
Small circle cutter
Small leaf cutter
Round sprinkles
Black edible marker
Rolling pin

And here are the steps:

Step 1: Start off by rolling out light brown fondant and use a big circle cutter to cut out a piece.
Step 2: Also, use a small leaf cutter to cut out two small pieces.
Step 3: Next, roll out some white fondant and use a small leaf cutter to cut out two small pieces.
Step 4: Also, use a small circle cutter to cut out a piece.
Step 5: Take this circular piece and cut out the bottom portion with your circle cutter.
Step 6: Take the white leaf pieces now and use a knife to cut one end slightly and make it rounder until you end up with somewhat of a teardrop shape.
Step 7: Let’s put all these pieces together now….Brush some water on the big brown circle and stick the white tear drop pieces here. These will be Rudolph’s eyes.
Step 8: Make a small ball of red fondant and stick it in the center. This will be Rudolph’s nose.
Step 9: Now, stick the small semi-circle below the nose. This will be Rudolph’s mouth.
Step 10: To make antlers, make two small cone shapes with dark brown fondant.
And Stick them near the top with some water.
Step 11: To attach the ears, use a knife to make a little cut above the eye.
Step 12: Pinch the little leaf piece near the bottom and push it into the little cut. Use the side of the knife to help you. You can also use the leaf veining tool to really push this piece in. Do this for the other ear too.
Step 13: To complete the eyes, use a black edible marker to draw eyeballs. Also, draw some eyelashes
Step 14: And finally stick round pink sprinkles for the cheeks.

And you are done!

Happy caking everyone!