snail cupcakes 1

I was reading a fairy tale book to my little one and it was so beautiful and colorful.

There were pictures of all types of whimsical creatures, including a very colorful snail.

So, I decided to make one out of fondant and it turned out adorable! 😀

To make these cupcakes, you will need the following supplies:

Chocolate cupcakes
Green buttercream icing
Pink fondant
Yellow fondant
Purple fondant
Pink flower stamens
White edible pearls
Grass tip
Flower candies
Black edible marker

These are the instructions:

Step 1:
Roll a ball of purple fondant (about the size of a quarter).

snail cupcakes 9

Step 2:
Use your fingers to mold a weird tadpole shape like this…

snail cupcakes 10

Step 3:
Now, roll out thin pink and yellow fondant ropes.
Align them together.

snail cupcakes 8

Step 4:
Start rolling the ropes inward.

snail cupcakes 7

Step 5:
You should end up with this pink and yellow circle, which will be the snail’s shell.
You can also stick a white edible pearl in the center, if you like.

snail cupcakes 6

Step 6:
Stick it on top of the purple snail’s body with some water.

snail cupcakes 5

Step 7:
For the mouth, use a knife to make a little cut.

snail cupcakes 4

Step 8:
For the antennas, use scissors to cut two pink stamens.
Push them into the snail’s head.

snail cucpakes 3

Step 9:
For the eyes, use a black edible marker to draw two little dots on the face.

snail cupcakes 2

Step 10:
Let the snail dry overnight until it becomes hard.
Then, fill a piping bag with green icing and attach the gras tip.
Frost your cupcakes.
Place the snail in the center.
Stick a few flower candies on the grass.
And now you have a snail cupcake!

snail cupcakes 11

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone! 🙂