snowman cupcake toppers
It’s hard to believe that in only a few days, we will be celebrating Christmas. And these snowman cupcakes will be a sweet addition at your dessert table.

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To make them, you will need the following supplies:

White fondant
Orange fondant
Light blue fondant
Circle cutter
Rolling pin
Black edible marker
Round sprinkles

And here are the steps:

Step 1: Start off by rolling out white fondant and use a circle cutter to cut out a piece.
Step 2: Now, roll out light blue fondant and use the same circle cutter to cut out another piece.
Step 3: Use a sharp knife to cut the blue circle, not halfway but just a little under it.
Step 4: Brush some water near the top of your white circle and stick the blue piece here.
Step 5: Now, cut a thin strip of blue fondant
Step 6: Brush some water and stick it into place.
Step 7: Use a knife to cut out excess from the sides.
Step 8: Cut another thin strip of blue fondant and flatten it with your fingers.
Step 9: Use your knife to make little cuts on this strip.
Step 10: Roll it from one end to the other.
Step 11: Squeeze the bottom so it sticks together.
Step 12: Use the knife to cut off excess from the base.
Step 13: Brush some water on the top and stick this little pompom piece here.
Step 14: To make eyes, take two round sprinkles and use a black marker to draw eyeballs.
Step 15: Stick them onto the face with some water.
Step 16: To make the carrot nose, make a little cone shape out of orange fondant and stick it into place with some water.
Step 17: To make the mouth, use a black marker to make a dotted smile.
Step 18: To make cheeks, stick round pink sprinkles on the sides of the mouth.

And you are done!

Happy caking everyone!