Christmas Cupcake Wreath

Christmas Cupcake Wreath

This elegant pull apart cake makes a beautiful holiday centerpiece, but is deceptively easy. Cupcakes transform into a wreath with simple punched out fondant leaves and glittery candy accents. Make it even easier and use store bought cupcakes for a stress free, show stopping dessert.

18 Cupcakes
Pink Buttercream
Gold Foil Baking Cups
Light Pink Fondant (about 1 lb.)
Half Tube Flower Formers
Holly Leaf Plunger Cutter
Gold Gum Balls
Hot Pink Sixlet Candies
Piping Bag with Cupcake Tip


Working with a little bit of fondant at a time, roll out a sheet on a surface covered with powdered sugar to 1/8″ thickness or so. _MG_7568-2

Lift your sheet of fondant and add a little more powdered sugar underneath so that it’s not sticking to your mat.


Cut out leaves by pushing the Holly Leaf Plunger Cutter into the fondant and then pressing down on the stamper to make a veined impression.


Lift the cutter and plunge out the leaf.


Place the Half Tube Flower Formers on a tray covered with parchment and lightly dust them in powdered sugar. Place your leaves on this tray to dry, making sure to bend and shape the leaves on the formers to give them character.


We made about 80 leaves to cover the entire wreath. Leave the tray to dry overnight or until the leaves are firm and hold their shape.



Tint your buttercream a shade darker than your leaves and pipe your cupcakes.



Arrange them into a wreath shape. (Place them on a tray in a wreath shape if you’re planning to display them elsewhere)._MG_7757

Decorate the cupcakes using the fondant holly leaves so that it looks full, but still leaving spaces here and there for the candy.


Place gold gum balls where you think they look best. Go back and add hot pink sixlets in groupings of three to compliment the gum balls.


Place a bow at the bottom of the cupcakes for display.

cupcake wreath


  1. If you don’t have a holly leaf cutter, you can cut out regular leaves and then use the open round end of a decorating tip (the part that is usually inside a coupler) to cut out along the edges. Easy, Peasy.

  2. Hi Cakegirls!
    I just love the simplicity & effectiveness of this project! The wreath looks so pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely be trying this one out for gifts!

  3. That is beautiful – I can just imagine the reaction when the hostess opens her gift box to reveal that wreath at a gathering this Christmas!

  4. Hey Ladies, thanks for all the compliments on this project! It’s one of my favorites because it’s so easy to make during the hectic holidays. Hope you get a chance to give it a go!


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