tiger cupcake toppers

Animal cupcake toppers are a fun way to dress up any cupcakes. They can be used for any occasion: baby shower, birthday cakes, etc.

These tiger cupcake toppers are super cute and really easy to make.

Here is what I used:

Fondant (orange and black)
Rolling pin
Edible black marker
Zacto knife
Round cutter (about the size of your cupcake circumference)
Edible gum glue
Any piping tip (not in picture)
JEM tool – Flower Veiner # 12

tiger (6) (525x414)

Step 1:

Roll out the orange fondant to about a 1/4 of an inch thick and using the large round cutter make a cut.

tiger (7) (525x350)

Step 2:

Using the orange fondant roll two small balls. Pressing your finger onto the ball, flatten out the ball. Using the JEM tool create a pocket in the flattened ball. This will create the ears for the Tiger.

tiger (8) (525x350)

tiger (9) (525x350)

tiger (10) (525x350)

Step 3:

Roll out more orange fondant thinly. Use any piping tip and make two cuts. This will make two smaller circles and they will create the Tiger’s cheeks.

tiger (11) (525x350)

Step 4:

Roll out the black fondant thinly. Using your Zacto knife cut small triangles. I used nine (9) for my tiger.

tiger (13) (525x450)

tiger (14) (525x350)

Step 5:

Using the edible gum glue, glue on the black small triangles as shown here in the picture. This creates dimension for the Tiger. Also glue on the pre-made Tiger ears.

tiger (15) (525x350)

tiger (16) (525x350)

Step 6:

Using the edible gum glue, glue on the pre-made cheeks. Using a pointy tool or tooth pick, poke tiny holes into each cheek.

tiger (17) (525x350)

tiger (3) (525x350)

Step 7:

Using an edible black marker, draw on the Tiger’s eyes, nose and mouth.

tiger (4) (525x350)

And there you go…..cute, adorable Tiger cupcake toppers!

tiger (5) (525x370)

Happy Caking!