Soaking gummy bears in vodka, the gummies will absorb the alcohol and turn it into delicious fruity Vodka Gummy Bears. If you want to create something that is even more amazing, something that combines candy and alcohol in one package. Vodka Gummy Bears’ traditional preparation process took days.

Cover it and store them in the fridge for days or a week. And then, the gummy bears grow substantially larger using this new technique, which takes less than a day. Besides, it’s really simple, and the bears also emerge a little firmer and less slimy. You only need to prepare the gummies for serving in bowls for 10 to 15 minutes.

Homemade Alcohol Gummy Bears

There are two ways to make alcoholic gummy bears:

  1. Gummy Bear Tray: In the long process, you must produce the gummy bears from scratch using gelatin that hardens in a mold shaped like a bear. This version is most suitable for you if you consider yourself a gourmet. Likewise, if you want to make your own DIY alcohol gummy bears, it takes time but may be a fun kitchen project.
  2. Soaking Method: We like to make Alcohol Gummies by purchasing gummy bears and soaking them in alcohol. The alcohol is absorbed by the gelatin in the gummy bears, giving them a rush of boozy flavor once they double in size.

What You’ll Need To Make Vodka Gummy Bears

  • Vodka- I advise using the best vodka you can afford, at the absolute least. Your vodka gummy will taste awful if the vodka does too! Mango gin and vanilla vodka are also effective flavors. (Before eating, make sure to thoroughly rinse the Baileys gummy bears because they tend to combine.)
  • Gummy bears or Gummy Worms- Use Haribo Gold Bears if you can. These won’t crumble even after soaking up the alcohol. Other brands have a history of becoming a little mushy.
  • A piece of bowl

Instructions to Follow For Your Vodka Gummy Bears

Step 1

Place the gummy bears in a piece of the bowl.

Step 2

Cover the gummy bears fully with vodka.

Step 3

Gummy bears should be left unwrapped and at room temperature for 24 hours.

Step 4

Put the gummy bears on a cooling rack to dry after removing them from the vodka. To prevent them from sticking together, ensure room between each alcoholic gummy bear.

Step 5

Your next fruity drink can be made with leftover vodka.

How To Store Vodka Gummy Bears

Your vodka gummy can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two days in a covered bowl. And then, they might have gotten stuck together, so you might need to rinse them in water to pry them apart.

Recipe Tips for Vodka Gummy Bears:

  1. Make use of the greatest vodka you can afford.
  2. You can always rely on Haribo gold bears. But you can also use other brands. However, some may fall apart while they are soaking.
  3. Using flavored vodka will allow you to alter the flavor easily! Fruity flavors complement the gummy bears. However, vanilla works perfectly with it!
  4. The cocktail sticks will make it easier for your guests to pick up these slippery little suckers.
  5. Equally important, if you prefer a milder flavor, only soak for half the recommended amount of time before draining/rinsing the remaining vodka.
  6. Depending on the weather, it can take them longer to absorb all the alcohol. They tend to absorb more quickly on hot days and more slowly on chilly ones.

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