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Santa Stuck in the Chimney Cake

When I did this “Santa Stuck in the Chimney Cake” last year I decided to take some pictures  of how I do a wavy fondant overlay on a cake. I’ve done this type of wavy overlay several times and I’m always asked how I pull it off!

Today – I’m going to share!

First, here’s what you’ll need:

A prepared cake (I prefer covered in fondant, but you could also do this over buttercream)
Fondant to do the overlay (white for this cake)
Rolling Pin
Small Pastry Wheel and/or Pizza Wheel
A fondant mat (I prefer The Mat, but however you normally roll out fondant will work just fine!)

Step 1:

Start with your prepared cake. It’s best if it’s on a turntable. Here I have a 6″ round cake covered in fondant.

How to do wavy fondant overlay on a cake 01

Step 2:

Take a small ball of white fondant (or whatever color you’re using, but for this tutorial, I’ll be referring to the white), and roll it out about 2-3 millimeters thin.

how to do wavy fondant overlay on a cake 02

The Mat has markings on the top layer that show the diameter of the circle you’ve rolled out.  Because I want the fondant to hang over the edges of the 6″ cake, I roll the fondant out to about an 8-9″ circle.

Adjust that size to the size of your cake, always having it about 2″ larger than the cake.

how to do wavy fondant overlay on a cake 03

Step 3:

After rolling it out, trim any places that are too large.

how to do wavy fondant overlay on a cake 04

Step 4:

Randomly cut a wavy edge on your circle. I love to do this with a small pastry wheel.

how to do wavy fondant overlay on a cake 05

Be sure to measure and verify that your final circle is still large enough to cover your cake and hang over the edges by one to two inches.

how to do wavy fondant overlay on a cake 06

Step 5:

Lift the overlay and center it on the cake. It will easily stay in place just by laying it on and smoothing it down, but you could also add sugar glue or vegetable shortening if you want to help it adhere.

how to do wavy fondant overlay on a cake 07

Step 6:

Stretch and smooth it down to get the finished look that you desire.

Wavy Fondant Overlay

And you’re done – it’s that easy! Finish with any other decorations and enjoy! You can see the completed Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney cake over at RoseBakes.com!

Happy Caking!