witch cake topper

This happy little witch is the perfect decoration for your Halloween treats. She would look adorable on a dessert table or on top of a cake. In miniature version, she would also make a great cupcake topper.


This is what you need:
Work surface
Corn starch
Fondant in black, white, tan, orange, lime, purple and black
Rolling pin
Fondant smoother
Small 5 petal flower cutter
Large 5 petal flower cutter
6 inch lollipop stick
fine tip black edible marker
Pink luster dust and small brush
Not pictured:
Rolling cutter with straight and crimped edge
Small and large piping tip
Hand mold


Step 1:

To prepare the fondant for the body, thoroughly knead in a small ball of gumpaste. This will help the body dry faster and stronger.


Step 2:

Once the gumpaste is mixed into the purple fondant, roll it into a smooth ball shape.


Step 3:

Using your two hands, shape the body into a cone shape by rotating it on your work surface while applying pressure to the top.


Step 4:

Continue this process using a fondant smoother to achieve a nice, pointed cone shape.


Step 5:

The final shape will look like this. Mine was three inches tall.


Step 6:

To make the collar, cut out a small 5-petal flower from white fondant. Wet the back and apply to the tip of the cone.


Step 7:

The collar will look like this once attached. At this point transfer the body to a parchment-lined plate so you can move it around and work on it without lifting it. This will preserve the cone shape.


Step 8:

Prepare the lollipop stick by sharpening the top into a point with a knife. Hold it next to the cone to determine the correct height and trim it. (You want one inch to protrude from the cone to attach the head.)


Step 9:

Make a guide hole with a toothpick at the center of the cone top. This will give you a visual clue as you gently press the lollipop stick into the cone.


Step 10:

Carefully and slowly press the lollipop stick straight down into the cone until you feel it reach the bottom. This will be the central support for your figure so it will never lean.


Step 11:

To form the head, add a small ball of gumpaste to your tan fondant. Combine well and roll into a smooth ball. Hold the ball up near the body until you find the right proportion. Put the head to the side to harden for a couple of hours. I keep mine in an ice cream scoop so the back doesn’t get flat.


Step 12:

Form to small arms as shown.


Step 13:

Form two small hands. I use a mold to speed the process.


Step 14:

I use the tip of a toothpick inside the joint when I attach the arm and hand together with water. This strengthens the connection point.


Step 15:

While they are still flexible, attach the arms to the torso with water. Shape them into a holding position. This is a very secure position for the arms.


Step 16:

The arms will look like this after attached with water.


Step 17:

After the head has hardened for at least 2 hours, we can add the simple features.


Step 18:

Color wide-set eyes with the edible marker. Dust the pink blush on the cheeks.


Step 19:

Use the large piping tip bottom to impress a smiling mouth.


Step 20:

Allow the body and head to harden for 24 hours before attaching the head. This is important to the structural integrity of the topper. Once 24 hours has passed, mark a guide hole in the base of the head with a toothpick. This will help you attach it straight.


Step 21:

Wet the lollipop stick and the base of the head. Guide the head gently down the lollipop stick until it meets the torso.


Step 22:

Once attached, it should look like this.


Step 23:

Cut our two five petal flower shapes from orange fondant for the hair. Roll them out slightly to make them bigger.


Step 24:

Find an arrangement that looks good on the figure’s head as the hairdo. I attached one flower to the lower back of the head. And then the other overlapping it as the top and front of the hair. Arrange the shape of the flower petals as the hair dries until you have a shape you like.


Step 25:

Make a simple hat with a flat circle and a small cone. I used my small piping tip to mold the cone shape for the hat. Attach them together with water.


Step 26:

Decorate your witch’s hat brim, sleeves and dress in any way you like. I used a rolling cutter that makes a crimped edge to create decorative strips and attached them with water.


Step 27:

This is how my witch looks after adding the decorative details to her outfit and attaching the tiny hat with water.


Step 28:

As a final touch, add something cute for your witch to hold. I made a simple back cat. Other ideas include a spell book, cauldron, candy corn or pumpkin. Allow her to dry in a cool, dark place for a few days and place her on your Halloween cake!

Happy Caking!