2 tier birthday cake

Viola cake 1

This is the special 2 tier birthday cake that I made this weekend for my daughters 8th birthday party. A very small (4″ + 6″) cake with a replica of my daughters latest love, a dwarf hamster named Viola.

She is made out of gum paste and I think that she turned out really cute. My daughter was thrilled when she saw the cake.

Hydrangea gum paste flowers close up

I decorated the cake with pretty gum paste hydrangeas and some pink “fantasy” flowers and piped vines and leaves. I actually think that this design could work for a wedding cake or maybe a shabby tea party? -Without the little rodent on top of course 🙂

Viola cake

A close up of little Miss Viola.

Happy Caking



  1. wow, cake looks gorgeous! coincidentally its my daughters 8th birthday tomorrow and I’m planning on making a two tier heart shape cake 🙂

  2. Thank you all so very much for all the birthday wishes for my daughter. And also for all the sweet comments about this cake and of course little Miss Viola. xx

    Liza & Denise: I used three straws as dowels. Not sure it were needed but just incase.

    Katie: Sounds like a fantastic idea

    Kathy: You can get them from many cake decorating store who stock uk sugarcraft tools like sunflower sugar art and tinkertech two.

    Winceybabes: your welcome to try.

    Rita, Greer, SC: Now that would be sweet, Rita 🙂

    Michelle, NY: Its my lastes pink cake plate

    becky: Your right, I must remember to take a cut through photo next time….

    Limpy: its a cake plate 🙂

    Terpsi: I used raspberry

    marta: I have three cake layers and two filling layers in each cake. You can get a mould/veiner + cutter from Global sugar art. I dust when the flowers are dry.

    Camilla: Jeg er rigtig glad for at bruge min Hortensia cutter, du skal bare tørre dem på et stk. æggebakke skumgummi. Der bliver de pænest.

    Marymary: Muchas gracias por los elogios sobre mi trabajo y el blog.

    dpotter: small cake pans are the cutest.I would love to hear more about the ball pan.

    marina: I use bakels fondant icing

    Linda: It IS perfect as a teaparty cake 🙂

    carla: Hola, he utilizado los colores marrón, gris y negro de los roedores.

    RAM: no, sorry.

  3. Actually, it would be a lot of fun for a tea party if instead of Viola there was a dormouse. Of course at that point a caterpillar with a hooka or a Cheshire cat might be appropriate for the lower tier.

  4. Oh… he is SO cute. I think the rodent is as shabby as shabby can be. What is more shabby than a mouse in the house? Love the cake. I’m sure my boys would love it minus the flowers.

  5. I am totally in love with this cake! The hamster is the cutest — so remarkably well done. I’m sure your daughter loved it.

  6. Louise, your creation beautiful always. Happy Birthday to your little one. Mine two kids just passed theirs last Sunday and my kids were a struggle. Whole cake simply not cut out for me. hehehe.

  7. Louise, this is beautiful as always. I’m such a fan and you are such an inspiration! Thank you for being so generous in your idea sharing. Can’t wait to see your next work of art!

  8. hola louise.Soy de Ecuador, y me anime a escribirte por que vi a otra persona que escribio en español.me encanto tu torta , es muy dulce,los colores son maravillosos, suaves y el raton es perfecto. te felicito. me encantaria hacer una para mis hijos ..que son tres..es fondant? que colores usaste para el raton? gracias

  9. Loving Miss Viola! I’m planning a Tea Party for friends (after school’s back in) and think this is the party cake I need, sweet hamster & all. Thanks

  10. Wow, It’s really amazing, so beautiful. How I wish you are in Malaysia, so that I can take up classes with you. Anyway I have learned a lot from all the tips that you have posted here.

    Thank you.

  11. love it, sooooo cute, i recently got a 4″ tin too and did a 6 and 4 tiered cake, it was the cutest even before i decorated it, just got a 4″ ball tin now so cant wait to try it! well done again, if you get a chance id love a few more recipes from you, your banana cupcakes are a big hit…..

  12. Son increibles todas las cosas que haces, me gustan todas.
    Te sigo desde hace tiempo, nunca te dejo comentarios porque no se si entenderas bien el espa;ol, y yo de ingles… regular jaja
    Tienes un blog que es una maravilla, felicidades!
    Un beso

  13. Beautiful cake as always. I like the plate this is on too! At first it seems odd that a hamster is topping this beautiful floral cake but after reading it’s for your daughter’s birthday, it’s very sweet!

  14. Ej, hvor er den sød, Louise! Simpel hen bedårende. Jeg har også købt hortensia cutter og veiner, men har ikke lige haft anledning til at bruge det endnu. Skønne blomster man får ud af det.

  15. Louise,
    I just found your blog a few weeks ago and am blown away with the beautiful cakes you are creating. Thank you for sharing your ideas, recipes and also your beautiful photos. This cake is too darling. Loving rodents is funny, my six year old grandaughter’s favorite animal is a hippo, first place we visit when we go to the zoo. I am going to check out your tutorials as soon as I get a chance. I really do want you to know you take beautiful photos as well as all of the other talents you display. Thanks for sharing.

  16. OMG this is sooooo beautiful… the color composition and tone of the fondant is just perfect! Very artistic. What kind of recipe did you use for this high cake? Also where can I get the molds for the hydriangeas? Do you dust the color before or after they dry? Sorry I have so many questions, but your work is fantastic! Great site.

  17. Miss Viola it’s adorable! I made a “surfer” dog last year for a friend. Its name is Ragú, and is a guide dog.
    Louise, wich filing you used this time for the cake?

  18. That is ADORABLE!!!! And it certainly would do for a fine tea party, not just a “shabby” one 🙂
    One day, I would love to see a photo of your cakes before and after they’ve been cut. I’d love to see the insides 🙂

  19. What a lovely and adorable cake! Next purchase are those cutters and veiners. One question, is that a cake plate the cake is sitting on or pulled sugar? It compliments the cake so well.

  20. I think you should just ahead and make a bride and groom version of that adorable little rodent…cause mark my word…somebody is gonna want them on their wedding cake!

  21. Louise, This cake is SO beautiful!! What a lucky daughter you have. I think I might give my own rendition of this one a try (minus the hampster) with all purple flowers of various shades for an Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk fundraiser at my school. I think I could use forget-me-nots instead of the pink flowers, as forget-me-nots are the symbols of the association. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful ideas. I really enjoy reading this blog.

  22. That is so baeutiful. I’d love to have a go and make this is your happy for me to copy it. It would just be for me and my lttle girl who would find it adoreable. Both of our birthdays have already gone for the year but I’m sure I can find a reasojn to celebrate. 🙂

  23. The hamster is adorable! The cake looks great–very well-balanced. I need to take a page out of your book–I always overdo it.

  24. Amazing. Such a clever cake and so beautiful…but then again, I’m with your daughter and tend to have a thing for mice or cute little furry animals in general.

  25. hi louise
    what a lovely, happy and beautiful birtdaycake…..
    it’s magic….
    thanks for the tutorials from the past weeks….
    gr paula

  26. Crystal Leann: How fun 🙂 They are so cute.

    Julie: The pink ones is made with a Petunia cutter- Please look in the tutorial section (gum paste decoration) where you will find more info on the cutter.

  27. What a beautiful cake. Your work is so awesome! Would you be willing toe share where you get your flower cutters from? I especially love the little pink flowers on this cake.
    Great job again!!

  28. Awe, this is adorable. I have a dwarf hamster at home, a little darker than this one. I’ll have to try something like this sometime. Great work!


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