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Girly cupcakes

What a busy busy week. First my daughters birthday party for the girls in her class. We had baked cupcakes, made pretty icing, gum paste flowers and sprinkles to decorate with. They had a ball decorating the cupcakes and I think they all did a fantastic job.

Ice cream cake

Today I am going to the Scandinavian Cake Show in Sweden and here are my two dummys for the “table of honour”. I am not statisfied with the icecream cake as it was supposed to be something completely different. I think I changed the design three times before it ended up like this, still not happy with it (I know that I should be). So because of that, I made a quick replica of the birthday cake for my daughter simply because I ran out of time and it was getting very very late. So here they are:

Hydrangea cake 1

Satisfied or not, Im sure that I will have a great weekend full of cake and good friends. Next week I will post the third and last part of my Cupcake Decorating and then I am looking forward to introduce you all to my new co-writer Michelle 🙂

Happy Caking



  1. Louise, I got to know your website only last week (shame on me!)but I´m totally ADDICTED to it, it´s soooooooo inspiring, congratulatios, you´re a fatanstic artist!!! Please, keep sharing your ideas with us!!! By the way, what cutter did you use to make the flowers for your daughters´ party cupcakes?!?!


  2. I know you are all right that I should be satisfied with the icie cream cake, but I did struggle withit as my first plan was to make a huge piped swirl, that was not easy to do so I had to scrape all the piped icing off. then I had to re do the top with new fondant the flower arrangement was just not right at my second try to make this cake and with the hours running I just got more and more mad at that cake. Please dont get me wrong but I just hate it when it comes to that stage, where your first plan crash and its hard to get back on track again.

    Emma: I use quite soft royal icing and PME leaf tips.

    becky: we had the girls over and they frosted and decorated them here. Im quite sure they were all very sugar loaded when the party was over but they had so much fun.

    The “cake” base is carved out of styrofoam (very messy) and the top is rice krispie treat.

    Morgan Garrison: I will look at a update on my flower cutters.

    Annette: next year its in September second week I think.

    Sharlene: lol well im not sure there will be a cupcake book 😉

    Karolina: Thank you. I were asked to bring last years cake but that no longer excist so I had to make something new.

  3. This is truly fantasi, as is all your work! good luck at the show.. I so enjoy your website,
    many thanks for all the usefull tips and information!

    Kind regards

  4. Hi!
    I’ve been watching your blog for awhile now and I just wanted to say that I love everything you make! I wish I can be as good as you are one day! ^^

    I also wanted to say that I was at the Scandinavian Cake Show today since I live near and your cakes looked amazing! and even if you’re not satisfied with them I think they are great! I specially love the cupcake/icecream cake! ^^

  5. Louise I love your three tier cake – simplicity at its best without compromise on style. The cupcake ideal for the cover of your ‘next cupcake book’.

  6. The girls cupcakes look better than some professionals. Leave us a link to the Scandinavian Cake show is possible. Would love to see it.

  7. I am so jealous right now that you are going to the cake show. I have been back in Denmark for the last 3 years in August and never new the cake show was in Sweden. This year I know it is there, but we are not coming home for the summer 🙁 due to our Silver Anniversary next month. So, maybe next year I will make it! Good Luck, and by the way, your cakes are perfect!!!!

  8. I love your blog! Everything you do is so gorgeous! I love your gumpaste flowers on the cupcakes and the dummy cake. Can you do a small tutorial on how you make them, or at least just post what cutters you use for them. They are so pretty! Also your dummy cakes are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  9. Super cute. I love the cupcakes that the girls decorated. Obviously, they had good instruction! You dummy cakes are so pretty too. Have fun at your cake show!

  10. The cupcakes are beautiful!!! How did that work? Did you bring frosted cupcakes to your daughter’s school and have them decorate their own? What a great idea!

    The ice cream cake is wonderful, too! How do you make a dummy cake? What’s the “cake” part of it made from?

    The replica cake from your daughter’s birthday is just sooo sweet (no pun intended). I could see a cake like that for a bridal shower or any type of celebration. It is simple but beautiful!!!

  11. Hi Louise, I am new to your site and happy I found it! You are very talented and I look forward to learning a lot.
    Best regards from Puerto Rico,

  12. Louise,

    The cupcake cake is ADORABLE!!! We’re always our own worst critics, aren’t we? You do amazing work and everyone appreciates your sharing your expertise!!!

    Judy in Colorado

  13. Lovely cakes, especially the ice creamcake. Thank you for sharing your ideas, have learnt a lot from your site, and will always recommend you

  14. Those cupcakes are just adorable,so full of color and summery looking. They did a fantastic job! Don’t be so hard on yourself, your work is always beautiful. Have a fantastic time in wonderful Sweden :o)

  15. Thank you for all you do for our industry Louise!! I love when I see Cake Journal in my inbox!! 😀 Have a great weekend!

  16. they look amazing! i find it hard to believe that your not satisfied with them, not many people are this talented. Thats a great idea for your daughters bday for her firends to decorate cakes, i bet they had a ball 🙂


  17. Hi Louise – these cakes are beautiful as ever!

    I’ve been following your site for some time now and you have inspired me so many times to improve my cake decorating as best I can.

    My question for today is how do you pipe your leaves so perfectly? Do you use a leaf tip?

    Em – down in Australia!

  18. Oh Louise I would be over the moon if I could do something like yours!! I love the first and your ice-cream cake is super duper cute.

    Good Luck and let us know the results.

  19. Hi Louise

    just wanted to say that I’m so glad to have found your blog. Your cakes are amazing. I can’t believe you aren’t happy with the ice cream cake I think it’s beautiful!


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