Marriage is a timeless essence of being together and an anniversary is just a one-time celebration of that very essence, that a married couple celebrates every year thereby rejuvenating their love for one another by diving into beloved memories and looking forth to a lifetime of being by each other’s side.

An anniversary takes the married couples on a stroll along the past lanes that they have had travelled, in order to reach the moments that are transpiring in the present. It takes a lot of love and patience from either side, to conjure one’s marriage into a successful one and when you have witnessed all the ups and downs, but you are still saturated on the notion of true love that you harbor for your partner, then you definitely owe yourself a celebration.

An anniversary cake adds to the essence of such a celebration and without its presence, the day can’t conclude with a sense of fulfillment.


Here are 5 Anniversary cakes that shall definitely enhance your anniversary celebration.


1. The Titillating Invite Of A Red Velvet Cake:


A really stunningly crafted cake whose looks are shimmering enough to add to the heat of the moment. Composed of chocolate sponge cake, cream cheese layers and edible red color, this red-hot cake is one of the best when you want to celebrate your special day, with all the love and intimacy that you possess for one another. Apart from looking great, the sensational taste of this cake melting in one’s mouth just seals the moment with a heightened form of happiness.

2. The Passionate Love of A Chocolate Truffle Cake:


Plain milk, butter, cocoa powder, eggs, along with a spoonful of love and a sprinkle of passion account for the main ingredients of such a delectable delicacy. The presence of a Chocolate Truffle Cake shall make your Anniversary celebrations nothing short of being enthralling, for if you and your partners are gluttons for chocolate, then this chocolate delight shall not only mesmerize but also dominate your special day with its taste.

3. The Distinct Allure Of A Coconut Cake:


A popular entity in the country of the USA, a Coconut cake is a regular sponge cake covered with infinitesimal coconut flakes that tend to add a distinct flavor to the delicacy. This delectable delight is now trending in India and one should better join this very trend by going for a Coconut cake, inviting the taste-bud enticing taste of it, to their Marriage Anniversary celebrations.

4. The Desirable Essence Of A Raspberry Cake:


A contemporary of the Red Velvet cake, this cake too dons the shade of red but is devoid of any artificial colors or flavors. Rather, this form of delicacy comprises of the pulp of raspberries that account for its noteworthy color. To add to its appeal, a Raspberry cake is garnished with the aid of natural ingredients of the sort of berries and cream, that in turn, make it all the more desirable.

5. The Supple Delight Of An Apple Cake:


Over a plain base of a regular fondant cake, slices of apples are elegantly spread in a handsome fashion, decorated with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. If you are having a lot of people over to your place during the processions of celebrations of your marriage anniversary, then this cake is a supple entity that shall serve them all.