Birthday cake

This is my latest birthday cake. I made it for sweet Rosalina that turned 18th. She is a very creative person and have many hobbies.

I wanted to give her a very personal birthday cake and tried to put on all the things that she loves the most like music, singing, drawing and acting. She also loves white roses and blue cornflowers.

I used a mix of flower paste and sugar paste for the flowers and leaves. The other decorations was made out of modelling paste. The musical notes and the lettering is made by using Fmm tappit sets.

Happy Caking!



  1. Hi Louise, I love that you have made cornflowers. Could you please tell me how you did them (or if you saw them in a book or website could you please provide details)? I would like to learn to make cornflowers for cupcakes for a charity event for Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association who have a cornflower as their logo. I am just a beginner cake decorator and I am really glad I have found your website. Thanks, Laura

    • Oh let me try and remember how I did it. I made some cones and inserted a stick/wire in the pointed end. Then with a little scissor I cut small snips into the top of the cone. set a side to dry. I used a small heart cutter and cut 1 heart into two “drops”. With a scalpel cut thin tips/shark fin shaped spikes in the rounded end of the drops. Nest brush a little glue on the other end and roll the single corn flower petal around a cocktail stick. Then you glue it around the top of the cone and repeat making these small petals until you have a corn flower. I think I only did 1 row of the small pointy petals. It is a bit tedious to make. Let the flowers dry and careful dust them with dark blue petal powder. You can gently steam the flower to make the color set.

      I hope this makes just a little bit of sense 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I am so glad that you liked my 18th birthday cake for Rosalina. She was so happy too when she saw the cake. Yes I to think that I got all the details on this cake.

    For the hair I used my favourite Sugarcraft-gun. You can read more about that tool in my “tools & equipment” on my blog.

    Thanks again and have a great week.


  3. I first saw this cake on flickr today, and just want to say that I love the colour combination. I feel that it reflects her personality (not that I know her) its so serene.


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