I have been working on how I could make some fluffy bunny cookie lollies for Easter. I ended up with these happy bunnies, decorated with rolled fondant and royal icing piped fur. The fur gave one problem though, a constantly cloggin tip. I received a comment about the exact problem from one of the readers, so it is not just me, that have this problem.

I had to clean the tip with water a few times, which was a bit annoying. What is it that makes the fur tip clogg so easily? Its not on the inside, its more on the outside of the tip? If you know a trick, when it comes to clogging fur tips, then please do share.

Ok, back to the bunnies! I did not add any whiskers in the first place, because I wanted them to be all edible cookies. But that just looked so wrong, when they were done. So I decided to give the bunnies some whiskers afterall using a couple of flower stamens. Of course using unbreakable gel or some thin noodles would have been the best solution. But we will just make sure that the “whiskers” will be removed before we eat the cookies. Also I must say that I should have made the eyes black and not brown… ahh well I will remember that the next time!

I will be back with more Easter baking and maybe a tutorial?

Happy Caking!