Bunny cookie lollies

I have been working on how I could make some fluffy bunny cookie lollies for Easter. I ended up with these happy bunnies, decorated with rolled fondant and royal icing piped fur. The fur gave one problem though, a constantly cloggin tip. I received a comment about the exact problem from one of the readers, so it is not just me, that have this problem.

I had to clean the tip with water a few times, which was a bit annoying. What is it that makes the fur tip clogg so easily? Its not on the inside, its more on the outside of the tip? If you know a trick, when it comes to clogging fur tips, then please do share.

Ok, back to the bunnies! I did not add any whiskers in the first place, because I wanted them to be all edible cookies. But that just looked so wrong, when they were done. So I decided to give the bunnies some whiskers afterall using a couple of flower stamens. Of course using unbreakable gel or some thin noodles would have been the best solution. But we will just make sure that the “whiskers” will be removed before we eat the cookies. Also I must say that I should have made the eyes black and not brown… ahh well I will remember that the next time!

I will be back with more Easter baking and maybe a tutorial?

Happy Caking!



  1. Hi, my name is Gisele and I’m from Brazil. I loved your ideas for Easter cakes. The bunnies are very cute! Thanks for your ideas!!!!

  2. Hi, my name is Gisele and I’m from Brazil. I loved your ideas for Easter cakes. The bunnies are very cute! Thanks for your ideas!!!!

  3. you just have to hold the tip further away from the area that you are piping so that it doesn’t touch. It gets clogged because the frosting gets pressed down back into the tip.

  4. Just saw these. Now it is nearing Halloween. Do you have anything at all like these adorable bunnies for Halloween? How creative.

  5. this r soo cute !!! your amazingly talented! your ideas r soo creative, were do u get ur ideas from?? xx they look perfect 4 easter xx

  6. OMG, i Love these! soo cute. I am just about to make them, and can’t wait to see how they turn out!
    thenks for the tutorial!!

  7. Verry nice cookies!!! I love what you do. When I’m using the grass tip I use a clean (new) tooth brush with water (taking off the excess) and brush only the outside of the tip now and then, you could try letting rest the bag, because it gets to hot when working and the icing melts a little.

  8. Louise these are adorable! I’ll have to go check out the ideas on clogged tips. I always seem to have a problem when I pipe grass on my cupcakes.

  9. Louise,
    I love all of your work and helpful tips!! Just Beautiful, always!! They are simply Adorable & Sweet!! I hope I have time to attempt your design, my girls and Family Friends would LOVE them! On the tip clogging issue, I have one of those cone shaped piping bag holders and I put a saturated piece of sponge in the bottom tip of it when Im working with royal.Anytime & Every time I stop using the bag it goes into the holder and the sponge prevents any drying or clogging. You can also just use a heavy drinking glass instead of buying the piping bag holder, I do this when Im using several colors at once.Have a great day Louise!!

  10. Thank you so far for the good tips. I do have a wet cloth with me when I pipe but I think that maybe its the way that this tip is made. It feels like a grater on the outside. I think that I will look around for another one to try.

    My first try with the bunnies was with a round tip, but that just took ages to do all the fur, so I changed it for the fur tip.

    Marian: I did read it (brilliant!) Love the stocking tip πŸ™‚

  11. SOOO cute, Louise! Are you using a single opening tip to decorate? Like Lara suggested, if you used the grass tip, you could cover more area quicker. They look great, though…no signs of clogged tips πŸ™‚

  12. Hi…I love this bunnies…they are so cute. What I have done for clogging tip is that I keep a wet kitchen towel and inside of it a wet paper towel beside me and when I have to stop I put the bag inside the towel with the tip touching the wet paper towel, also I have a container with water so now and then I insert the tip, squirt a little icing, dry it on the kitchen towel and continue…Hope it helps

  13. I’ve never had a problem with my ‘grass tip’, but when I originally saw your bunnie fur, I thought those were chopped peanuts! Trick is just to keep your icing smooth enough, not heavy. I’ve decorated so many cakes that had to be furry or grassy, and that is the trick.

  14. Cute bunnies. When using the royal icing with the fur or grass tip, wrap the tip in a wet papertowel if you put it down for an extended period of time.

  15. I’ve found that the icing should be “fresh”, because if it stands for too long and starts to crust it clogs the piping tip. As soon as you’ve done making the frosting/icing, put it in the piping bag and start piping.

  16. You have to wipe of the royal icing with a piece of paper or wet napkin, and you have to do it quite often.
    The clogg on the outside of the tip is simply dried royal icing. So have your paper or a napkin ready, when youΒ΄re piping with thick royal icing.

  17. I love it! I will steal your ideas but I think I’ll make my bunnies white. As for the fur or grass tip clogging – I haven’t found a solution yet. Certainly a big frustration. The only thing that seems to work is to keep working steadily without breaks because if I put the tip down even just for a little bit, the icing outside starts to set. Happy baking!

  18. I’ve been told if you use the plastic “fur tip” it doesn’t clog. I’m not sure everyone who may carry them but I know CountryKitchenSA.com does.

    Cute Cookie!


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