Lots of gum paste flowers

Wedding flowers

I have in the last week or two been so busy making lots and lots of different gum paste flowers and roses. They are all going to be used on my brother and my soon to be SIL wedding tomorrow 🙂 There will both be cupcakes and a small wedding cake. The weather is so hot here, not that I should complain though. But I do hope that it will not cause too much trouble when I am going to cover the wedding cake later tonight.

Right now I am going to fill the weeding cakes with strawberry mouse and then I am going to bake three different kind of cupcakes so I better head off to the kitchen. In between the cupcake baking I hope that I will have time to “relax” on the balcony with some nice cold pink lemonade 🙂 I will post photos of the cake and cupcakes on sunday.

Happy Caking



    • Just knead in some tylo powder (gum tex) and let them dry for 1-2 weeks in a cardboard box. This will makes them very hard but they will keep their shape when placed in buttercream and humid weather. It will take up to 4-5 hours before they get really soft.

  1. Oh! I sit here with my mouth fallen open, watching the photos of all those beautiful cupcakes, cakes and flowers! Amazing how you can do that!
    I take my cap off for you.

  2. Paulette: The roses is just white from the gum paste I use a brand called Pettinice.

    Melanie: The strawberry is a powder mixture as I need to be sure that it will set properly in the heat. Squires kitchen have such powders I recon.

    Kathy: I transfered the monogram by tracing it with a pencil on top of the plaque. I then painted it with powder color mixed with clear alcohol.

    Becky: Hehe well locally it was close to 30C not 40C though (pheew) but even the very dry roses did get soft because of the humidity. So I am glad we only deal with this in the summer time and not year around.

    Andrea Kopp: I dont have a recipe for it as I use the dumb safe way and use a powder version. You can get it from squires. But you can find a recipe online easy and then you maybe just have to adjust the gelatine part with a 1-2 extra sheets I think.

    Radja Widjaja: well since I use the powder version mousse I have not had any trouble so far. But I have to keep my cake in the fridge just until 1 hour before serving. But the Weddingcake did sweat like crazy. when it got served but so did all the guest 😉

    Rachel: Well since so many have asked about I think I will try and see if I can find a good one to post about. (this one was a powder mix)

    Nina: Hi hi… jeg køber både her fra og fra England mest. Besøg gerne http://www.kageportalen.dk for mere info om kager og kagegale mennesker.

    Shira: I will se if I can make a post about the cake recipes. I found them while browsing online.

    loana: The peach ones are Hydrangea flowers. Very easy to make as you can buy a cutter and veiner to make them. Look for Sunflower Sugar Art online.

    Cynthia: will work out something for the strawberry mousse.

    Sharon: The R is backwards in their monogram.

  3. Hvor ser det bare fantastisk ud med alle de smukke blomster. Glæder mig meget til at se kagen og de fine cupcakes! Lurer flere gange om dagen, for at se om der snart er nye billeder ;o)
    KH Anja

  4. Dear Louise:
    I love your site, thanks for all the wonderful tips.
    I would like to know the recipe for the strawberry mousse. I am having a difficult time finding a mousse recipe that last for next day.

  5. Oh my goodness so many! They look so beautiful, I can’t wait to see the cake and cupcakes 🙂 I hope the wedding is wonderful.

  6. Louise, they are magnificent!!! I love the peach ones, could you present us how you made them? Excellent job as always 🙂

  7. Louise,

    Can’t wait to see the photos of the cake and cupcakes! Can u share the recipe of the cupcake (I can wait till you finish this big project) in your post about the cupcake courier? It is so nicely “Popped up” my friend ask me to make some cupcakes for her wedding too. Good to have your advise!

    Happy baking and enjoy the process!


  8. Lol. Jeg troede at jeg skulle finde et billede af en frodig amerikansk dame, men så er vi jo næsten naboer i Kbh! Har lige fundet dig igennem et link fra en læser på marthastewartweddings.com, hvor der er en sektion til cupcakes. Efter jeg gik igang med min bryllupsplanlægning er jeg blevet vild med disse smukke ting, som man sågar må spise. Håber bryllupet blev en success! Køber du dine ting over nettet eller her i Danmark? Go’ weekend!

  9. Great sense of accomplishment getting all the flowers done ahead of time. I’m sure it will be a beautiful cake.

  10. The flowers look beautiful, enjoy the wedding, and I can’t wait to see the flowers ‘in context’ on the finished product. xo

  11. Can’t wait to see the finished cake—with all the flowers, it should be beautiful! Congratulations to your brother and future sister-in-law!!!!

  12. They all look beautiful and the colours are so very elegant. Cannot wait for more picutres. You deserved that limonade …

  13. Do you mind sharing your strawberry mousse recipe? I have been looking for a good strawberry or raspberry mousse recipe but I have not liked any that I have tried.

  14. so much work…I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m sure you will DAZZLE us as usual!! Thanks for the photo.

  15. Wow, Louise, those flowers are really gorgeous! Have a great time, I sure hope the weather holds up for the wedding tomorrow 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the final creation…

  16. Hi Louise, I just wondering how did you hold the strawberry mousse filling in the cake for hot weather? Last week I tried to put chocolate mousse filling (in the morning) by night all were melted and become so messy cake:((

  17. WOW! Your hand must be hurting! I can’t wait to see the cake and cupcakes! I love your work and I am sure your brother and SIL will love it! Enjoy the wedding ;)!

  18. Do the gumpaste flowers behave differently in the heat? I looked up Copenhagen weather, and it looks like it’s about 26 C there. Here in Texas, it is 40 C!!! (Want to trade??)
    I made some fondant flowers the other day to go on top of petit fours, and they melted indoors.

  19. Dont forget a “taste test” of the cupcakes with your lemonade….cheers..cant wait to see your pics of the wedding cake…

  20. Ooooo, very pretty flowers. Lots of work there Louise. May I ask you how you did the monogram? It’s just beautiful

  21. Great as always, looking forward to see the pics of the cake and cupcakes. Congratulations and happiness to the bride and groom.

  22. can’t wait to see the finished product… it is so nice making cakes for people who are special to you – although when I made my own wedding cake (my first ever cake project) it broke my heart breaking into it!

  23. Beautiful beautiful work. Very time consuming but they will look amazing! Please post photos of finished cake designs and cupcake creations!! good luck and revel in your talent and beautiful finished product!

  24. hi louise,
    the flowers look amazing, as always and such beautiful colors….enjoy your baking, the weather and of course the big day itself…
    gr paula

  25. Louise they are lovely, I’m doing my brothers wedding cake in October but they are having white chocolate placques which I have to make (Ahhhhhh scary) I’m also making roses which will sit on the top yours look really white did you add anything to get that colour? Or is it just white flowerpaste?

    Good luck and I hope it all goes well. Enjoy your pink lemonade.

  26. WOW They look fantastic.Maybe I’ll try and do some cupcakes for my wee girls birthday.Can’t wait to see the photos.x


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