Vintage Halloween cake


When I got the chance to buy some paper straws I just knew what I would make…..cake bunting! So I decided to make a vintage style Halloween cake decorated with cake bunting and in the colors: white, black and orange (my favorite colors for Halloween)

Inside, is a chocolate cake filled with vanilla bean buttercream. I have covered it with a white meringue frosting (I just used the meringue part from the Italian Meringue Buttercream recipe) which goes so well with chocolate cake. I used a spatular to spread on the frosting… love this technique since it don’t have to be super perfect.

Halloween cake

The small pumpkins is made out of fondant, that I have kneaded with a little Tylo powder (GumTex). This helps the fondant to hold the shape and prevent it from getting soft to quickly when placed in the frosting. I made the stems and vines out of wire covered with floral tape (should be removed if the pumpkins will be eaten). I twisted the “wines” around a pencil to make them curly.

Cake bunting
For the cake bunting I painted two wooden beads with black acrylic paint and hot glued them to the paper straws. Then I tied the small paper flags around the straws and inserted them into the cake. Voilá…. a sweet Halloween cake with a vintage touch.

If you need inspiration for other Halloween treats? Then, why not try my tutorial for Dead Finger Cookies or for the Danish Halloween “Poison” cake.

Happy Caking!



  1. This is a stunning wee cake and has given me a brilliant idea for a cake I have to make next month. I am going to steal your idea of making bunting using paper straws if you don’t mind :o) Can I ask please what you have used to attached your flags to?


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