Valentine heart mini cakes

These bite size conversation hearts are so easy to make and so fun to personalize. Store bought cake and icing shortens your time in the kitchen and food coloring markers gives everyone a chance to write their own message. So much fun and so simple!

Makes Approximately 18 Mini Hearts:

You Will Need:

1 – 16oz Store Bought Pound Cake (Such as Sara Lee)
2 Tubs Store Bought White Icing
1 7/8″ Heart Cutter
Pink, Yellow, Purple, Orange Gel Paste Food Coloring
Food Coloring Markers
Mini Baking Cups
Sheet Tray
Cooling Rack

Start by slicing the pound cake into 1″ slices and lay each slice flat. Use the heart cutter to cut two hearts from each slice. Place the hearts on a sheet tray fitted with a cooling rack.


Next, divide the icing into 4 bowls and tint each bowl a different pastel color.


Place one of the bowls in the microwave and heat for 15-25 seconds or until the icing is a melted, glaze consistency when stirred.


Immediately pour the glaze over 1/4 of the hearts, covering them completely. (If you run out of icing before you get all the hearts poured, lift and remove the rack, scrape up icing off the tray and reheat until it’s the right consistency and pour the remaining hearts).

Repeat this whole process with the remaining colors of icing. Once the hearts are poured, let them dry on the rack  for 1 or 2 hours until the tops are dry to the touch.


Once dry, use a marker to create a message on top ( Use the markers gently in order to avoid denting the icing). Use a spatula to scrape underneath the hearts and release them from the rack. Place each in a mini baking cup.

heart mini cakes