Halloween Cookie basket

Halloween cookie basket 1

I am already busy with the preparations for this years Halloween holiday and making Halloween cookie baskets is one of my (many) projects. I will be using them as gifts for friends and family this year and I still need to make seven more baskets.

Just to see how they look with cookies, have I filled it with some pumpkin cookies. But I will also make other types of Halloween themed cookies like: Spiders, creepy eyes, ghosts, coffins and tombstones. Im sure that the receivers will be thrilled, when they get them for Halloween.

What type of Halloween cookies do you bake? Do you have a favorite one or do you just bake a mixed variety of “frightening” cookies? Please tell me:-)

Happy Caking!



  1. Super cute! I love how you decorated the bucket too! I’ve never tried fondant on cookies. I used royal icing on my halloween cookies last year. I think I’ll try the fondant next time I make a cookie basket.

  2. hi louise, i love stopping by here!!! you are just a load of creativity hehe! i’ve a question: how do you make those lines on the pumpkin so smooth on its sides? i can never get it to look that way! 😉 thanksssss a bunch!!!

  3. missi: well just use the directions from the e-book, but cut “flames/spikes”? in the top of the crepe paper before you attach it 🙂 Fold it before you cut it so that you dont need to sit with a long strip of CP 🙂

  4. ok Louise ~ Just to bother you one more time… Can you post directions on how you made the baskets. What it looks to me like they’re made of makes no sense (because I am nonsensical a lot of the time ). And also because I’m one of those people who needs VERY clear directions. Your Easter e-book was prefect for me =-)~

  5. So great to hear about your Halloween cookies 🙂

    Missi: I have made the baskets myself ;-)You are welcome to use the idea.

    Christy: I use corn syrup on the cookies and then the fondant. With these baskets I will store the cookies in air thight boxes and then place the cookies in the basket on the day.

    Jenie: As you can prevent the fondant from drying out over time I would not store them for longer than 3 weeks, 4 weeeks the maximum. It is always good to let them semi dry for a couple of hours or over the night under a clean towel, before packing them carefully in airthight containers. This is to prevent the fondant iced cookie from getting marks ect.

  6. they look great, this year is my first year to attempt at baking for halloween any quick tips? i was thinking just silloutte cookies of cats and bats. i would love to make them fancy but maybe next year. we trying for soem ghost for cupcakes.. thank u for sharing it is always a pleasure to stop by here

  7. Hi Louise! I would love to receive a gorgeous basket like that! How long in advance can I ice or put fondant on my sugar cookies?

    Thank you!

  8. Very pretty and crafty. I would be interested to know how you adhered the fondant. Are you going to enclose them in a bag? If not, how will you keep them from drying out?

  9. Hi Louise ~ I was wondering how you made the baskets or if you bought them somewhere? I’d like to make them for a Halloween Party we’re having with a group of kids. Thanks!

  10. Hi Louise, I have been a serial lurker for over a year now and just wanted to say how fabulous your creative ideas are. I love your blog and was hoping you’d show us a picture of some pumpkin shaped cookies. I have a pumpkin cutter and now have the inspiration I need to give it a try. Many thanks for being such a generous person with your skills 🙂

  11. I love decorating Halloween cookies. I do pumpkins, ghosts, bats, tombstones etc. But my favorites are bloody monster hands. So fun.

  12. Hi Louise! The basket and the pumpkins looks great. I would definitely be happy to receive such gift for halloween. I also like the “Bat” cookie cutter and the cutter shaped like a cat that arches its back can be used. Happy “cookie-caking”


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