Happy Halloween!

Halloween Jack cookie lollys

I love the movie “The Nightmare before Christmas” so I wanted to try and make some cookie lollies with the pumpkin king Jack Skellington from Halloween town. He was pretty simple to make with only two colours involved. Its sugar cookies decorated with rolled fondant icing. His mouth was painted with gel paste.

Sometimes it just have to be easy….;-)

Happy Caking!



  1. Michelle: Well the design of Jack os pretty simple just use white & black fondant, cut eyes with a round cutter and mold into shape. Use a black food writer (Americolor) for mouth ect. Use a little syrup as glue. If you go to my tutorial section you will find how to’s on how to make cookies on sticks.

  2. Stacy W: Im sorry but I dont sell. But I am pretty sure that many cookie shops can make the Jack Skellington cookies. I hope that you find a way for your favors.

  3. Hi,
    I was looking for favors for my October 30th wedding and saw these amazing Jack Skellington cookies… Is there any way you do this professionally and we can connect on how much it would be for the cost per cookie or do you know of someone who can would make those cookies that I can buy as favors? you can reach me at the above email address.

  4. Cake Bunny & Connie: Thank you

    Geraldine: Its the same here only more and more people begins to celebrate Halloween. Every year more and more Halloween costumes, candy and decor apears in the shops. This is my second year where we decorate with spider webs, pumpkins and the kids dresses up. We had 5 “trick or treats” kids at the door so that was huge fun. Next year I too will have a costume on…:o)

    Lisa, Cakebreak, isi & JR: Thank you all.

    Pat: Thank you my friend.

    Cathy: Ohh sounds great. I like all cakes decorated like in the movie. So cool!

    Nada, deb & Penny: Thank you

    Nenu: Well I have it on my “To do list” so I hope it will be soon ;o)

    Carol, MS&S, Sugardimples, maggie329: Thanks. Maggie I dont know how to make the pretzels we dont have that here in Denmark maybe another one can help?

    Liz: Thank you and Happy Belated Birthday to your son.

    Cute_lily, Jen Sedor, Snookydoodle, Anita bradly, Andrea: Thank you all. Andrea, the eyes are chocolate MMF with black colour. It is great to make black this way because you have the nice chocolate taste and it dont takes that much colour aswell.

    Becky: Thanks sweety :o) I am sure that all you treats was a hit. I wished it was me who was going to a Halloween party.

    Danielle, Merry, nhaidz, Carla, Jeanette Chirinos Gold, Vicky & Landa: Thank you. Vicky, soft gel colors like Americolor?

  5. Dang! I wish I’d thought of this last week for a Halloween party I attended, but instead I copied your cookies from last year, and they came out great. I also copied your “fall cake” with the pumpkins and leaves on it for a wedding cake I’m delivering in an hour. Thanks to you, my decorating and baking skills have really improved! Thank you for helping and for allowing us to use your ideas and recipes πŸ™‚ I will never use store bought fondant again.
    I ALWAYS give you credit, and a ton of people in North Texas are now linking to your blog πŸ™‚

  6. you do a great job. Wish I could learn. I want to do the pretzels rods for Christmas. any tips would be welcome. thank, maggie329

  7. those are just beautiful!!!!! Louise, you are very talented and I love getting news from you. I’ve learned so much from you. I wonder if you could post a tutorial on how to make cookie lollies. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you make me want to bake even more. Bye!!

  8. Louise,
    The cookies on a stick are just the cutest! In Spain, Halloween is not a big deal. πŸ™ I do have on my Halloweenie Socks, but it’s freezing and raining so no one sees them πŸ™‚

    I make a lot of cookies on a stick, have some up on the board to cut right now.

    Thanks for all your enthuiasm and FABULOUS work, wonder woman, that’s you!



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