The Littlest Pet Shop snail birthday cake

Littlest Pet Shop Snail birthday cake 9

So here it is, the birthday cake made for my nieces 10th birthday party today. I made the cake design very simple with a green stem going around the cake with one large leaf on top for the LPS snail to sit on. The cake was a plain chocolate cake as requested by my niece.

To finish the cake I placed some pink gerbera/daisy flowers, mostly to hide some minor cracks, but they did suit the soft yellow cake very well in the end.
Remember that you can see step by step of how I made the LPS snail (without written details though) in the gallery.

Happy Caking!



  1. hi Louise, my name is Viviana and I love the cake design!!
    I wanted to signal you a disagreeable thing, an Italian cakedesigner (lallaby cakes) has inserted a photo of one creation of yours for a course of cakedesign, and she has affixing us her logo, I send you the link where you find the image, I have the file on my pc if you want it, it is small because to the moment the image has been removed by the site, but meanwhile publicity is made for having participants to the course there. I tell you it because I don’t appreciate who appropriates of other people’s job, for me it was enough that it said to make one cake of yours and not to put us her logo as it was one creation of her…first of all the loyalty.

    • Hi there, Thank you for the notice. I cannot see the photo at the moment? Unfortunately this happens all the time 🙁

  2. hello, i’m sandrine from paris, i need to do a snail pet shop for my daughter for sunday, would you be kind enough to put on line the tutorial about it
    a thousand thanks

    • I’m sorry. I can see that this reply came out to late. I did have some photos for the LPS snail in the old gallery. The new gallery is still not up and running properly. Also I did not have a complete tutorial only a few photos during the making of the snail. I’m sorry that I cannot help you with your project.

  3. Once I found your site and i was so impressed with your work. I lost it but today I am glad I found it again. Thank you for teaching us all your ideas. Your cakes are beautiful. Congratulations.

  4. Vicki: I use about 2 tsp to half pound of RF. Normally I just take a piece of RF and then just add the tylo, no excact measures. This way I may use more but then the RF will be very “strong” and dry hard. I never eat the decoration.

  5. Thank you Louise! I just made a snail and a snake LPS 2 days ago for my little girl party on next Saturday and I used fondant not SP. The problem was, the snake head was cracked (not when I made it). I stored them in a air tight container but the fondant melted and the figured were distorted. Any suggestion? I thought I can make the figures ahead of time since I have to work so I do it when I can. What should I do? How far in advance can I make the figure and how should I store them? Please help! Thank you.

  6. I love the little snail alot. My birthday is today that is the cake i chose i love it alot. My mom got the snail shes a cake atast…

  7. dai: Its all about the crumbcoating of the cake and who you cover it with fondant. There are loads of great podcast on that on youtube.

    LPS Fan: I dont know if its me you are reffering to? But I cant see Cake Boss here in Denmark. This cake came from my thoughts and turned it into sugar and cake.

  8. I love all of your cakes! This one is so cute!! I was wondering where you get your cake bases from? The edges are so clean & the ones I get are so bumpy so when I put ribbon around it, it looks sloppy.

  9. dpotter: No, I dont make my own sugarpaste only mmf now and then when im out of sugarpaste. I make the modeling paste with store bought SP 🙂

    Keira: Well since I dont sell my cakes there is no problems making “characters” cakes. That is only if you have a shop and so that you cant make “characters” cakes. But it does surprice me that very high and renowned cake stores make such cakes. I would like you not do it.

  10. So cute. But what about copyright laws? Granted, it was for a niece, so it was probably “gifted,” but do you run into problems just the same? I have a “no characters” policy, just because I dont want to mess with it, but it’d be nice if there were loopholes.

  11. thanks louise, i was thinking of your cake this weekend, i was in a shop and saw a knitted version of the snail, sooo cute! i wil try your tip later with regards to the sp and thanks again, if i can can i ask you about modeling paste, ive made my own but find the day after i add the tylo powder its too ridgid and i cant get it pliable enough to work with it comfortably, what am i doing wrong?

  12. dpotter: Yep mix the SP with a little fat and few drops of water. This makes is much more pliable, just use a little or it gets too soft.

    Emma: Im using Canon 400D EOS. I take all my photos in RAW+L

  13. Hi Louise, such a cute cake! can i ask you about the band around the bottom, i have the gun/extruder but find the sugar paste cracks alot, any advise on how to avoid this?

  14. Hi there! I have been watching Your blog a long time but haven’t send a comment, and I’m sorry about that. I also have bad english!
    Your cakes are always so pretty and sophisticated, I like those very much!!
    Have a nice day! 🙂

    Tanja from Finland

  15. So, so cute Louise. I have to show this to my colleague he will be so jealous, as I have just coached him through making a LPS cake for his daughter’s birthday. You had better be the best auntie in all the world after producing efforts like that.

  16. Trina: I painted that with some edible gold lustre dust.

    Nathalie: There are a few good books on sugar modelling and then there are the great online tutorials by Lorraine McKay

    Stella Holvey: I made the eyes from small cut out circles white & black. I made them 5 times before I was satisfied with them. The blue is painted with powder dusts and the black eyelashed is with a black food writer from Americolor.

    Annette S: im so happy to hear that 🙂

  17. Oh Louise, that is just the cutest thing I have seen, how adorable!!!! I absolutely love it.

    BTW, our families visit from Denmark was fantastic, as was our 25th party. thank you so much for the recipes, I will be enjoying them for years to come!!!

  18. Really adorable! I would love some videos of you in action. Your work is so precise.

    How I wish I had an aunt with your talent for cakes when I was growing up

  19. Georgous cake, lovely snail but how did you do those wonderful eyes are they painted on and if so how?


  20. Omg the cake is just wonderful, do you have any tips for me, i want to start learning how to make theese wondeful gum paste figures, but i don’t know were to start, or wich tools i need

  21. Wow…. I love your cakes, you are so inspirational! Your niece must have loved this cake. How did you get the gold snail tips? Is there a special product to paint gold with? (Can you eat it?) 🙂


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