Handcrafted Sugar Flowers with Jacqueline Butler

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You may know Jacqueline Butler as the artist behind beautiful handcrafted sugar flowers like Ranunculus, Peonies and Hydrangeas. She is a highly requested sugar craft teacher and have now started working together with Craftsy, where she is taking online video courses to a whole new level.

With Craftsy, you can now sit home and learn how to make two of Jacqueline’s favorite sugar flowers: The Hydrangea and the small filler flowers. These two flowers are often to be found in the sweet floral bouquet that Jacqueline makes. She will also teach you how to make the gum paste that she is using for her sugar flowers. Show you the tools that you will be using through out the course. How you color your sugar flowers. How you apply the confectioners glaze to get pretty shiny leaves (There are some really good tips & tricks here!!) and she will also show you how to assemble and arrange the flowers.

I really love the way the online courses works over at Craftsy. As they offer you to be interactive with Jacqueline. She will answer the questions you may have. You can also share your photos and even take notes along the way (LOVE this!) You will also find printable course material nicely set up with photos for making gum paste, royal icing, the Hydrangea and filler flowers. Last but not least, you’ll get Jacqueline’s tool and supplies list of what she likes to use. You can click here to see a promo of the Handcrafted sugar flower course with Jacqueline Butler at Craftsy.

Feel like making sugar flowers right now? I know, I do. Craftsy have been so kind to offer CakeJournal’s readers a 50% discount on the Handcrafted Sugar Flower course. Just use this link: Handcrafted Sugar Flowers with Jacqueline Butler to get the discount.

You are of course, also welcome to browse through CakeJournal’s own tutorials.

Happy Caking!


Photo credit: The Petalsweet Blog


  1. I just bought it yesterday and paid full price! So disappointed that I didn’t find your site till today and missed the ALWAYS HALF PRICE, price.

  2. Love her course. The only thing is that the course is apparently always half price. It has been that price anytime I have visited Craftsy. No additional discount given with this referral.

  3. Que la Sra. es una MAESTRA DE PRIMERA!. GRACIAS!!! por compartir sus conocimientos sobre todo para aquellas que vivimos lejos. Un gran saludo desde Uruguay.

  4. Hej Louise, jeg har hørt at de pæon udstikkere Jacqueline bruger er nogle hun selv har lavet. Kender du noget til det?

    • Finally… I have been following Jacqueline’s blog petalsweet for a long time now and have spend many hours studying her pictures, she is so talented. I have also been following your blog cakejournal as well so imagine my excitment when I saw this post, my to favorite blogs combined. I have already purchased her video tutorial and just wanted to say thanks for the discount 🙂


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