Valentine chocolate cupcakes

Today I have been in the kitchen baking chocolate cupcakes. Since Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, I thought that some pink fondant hearts and a little pink sprinkle on the cupcakes would be in place. I have frosted them with Angel Feather Icing, which is good together with the chocolate cupcakes. You can find the recipe for Angel Feather Icing below.

Angel Feather Icing

2 large egg whites
170 g (3/4 cup) of white sugar
1 dl (1/3 cup) corn syrup
2 Tbsp cold water
1/4 tsp cream of Tartar (alternative you can use 1 tsp fresh lemon juice)
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract or almond extract

Food coloring


Place all the ingredients except but the vanilla into the top of a double boiler with fast-boiling water below.

Take your handheld electric mixer and beat the mixture until the icing has stiff peaks.

Remove the double boiler from heat, add the vanilla extract and keep on beating until it is thick, glossy.

You can add drops of food coloring if you like.

Spread it onto cakes with a metal spatula or pipe it onto cupcakes with a piping bag and large piping tips, like Wilton 1M.

Happy Caking!



  1. Amazing recipe! How long do you have to beat the mixture over the boiler? I did it for about 10 – 15 minutes and it still hasn’t peaked 🙁 I used the lemon juice instead of cream of tartar. Could this be why? Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly.

    Does it just take a while to stiffen, maybe? You response is appreciated 🙂

    • I have also tried to make it where it would not come into peaks. In the end I had to use it because I did not wanted to beat forever. I dont think that its the lemon juice that cause the problems more the egg whites. I hope that you can still use it.

      • Hi Louise!

        Thanks for your quick response! I ended up not using it as it was too runny. I even added a little powdered sugar to hopefully stiffen it up but to no avail. Despite the consistency, it was still delicious and creamy. I will try again though; I really want to make this wonderful looking frosting!

        Could it be that maybe the heat from the double boiler was too high? I did wait for the water to have a high boil. Should I try it on a lower heat? Or as for the egg whites, should I reduce it to just one, maybe? I really appreciate all the help 🙂 !! Thanks Louise!!

      • Just make sure that the boiler don’t touch the water. Try and leave out the lemon juice. Make sure that all sugar is melted in the whites before you start to beat. Hope it works.

  2. Hello Louise! Your website is as attractive as your cakes! May I know how well this Angel feather frosting holding the shape compared to IMBC? How about storage? In the fridge or room tempurature and how many days it will last? Sorry for many questions. We are celebrating Chinese New Year and I am baking on next Sunday for our pot luck celebration. Thanks and have a great day!

    Best regards,

    Esther, Finland

  3. Hi Louise!

    I’ve made this icing so many times. It’s probably my faaavorite icing. My family loves it too. I just have one question. My icing kind of turns out a little sticky, and my stiff peaks are a little more soft, though its still yummy. How long should I be whipping it over the double boiler? And how long with just vanilla? Maybe I’m not whipping it long enough?

    • It is a sticky icing 😉 The egg whites can have something to do with it. Egg whites should not be too fresh, “aged” egg whites turns more stiff quicker. You should stop whipping when you get stiff peaks if possible.

  4. For the chocolate cupcakes, do you think I can add food coloring to make rainbow chocolate cupcakes? Or will that not work?

    • You will have to use a vanilla cupcake to make them in rainbow colors. I don’t think that the effect will be good with chocolate cupcakes.

  5. Hi Louise, you are so talented. Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me what tip you used to frost the cupcake. I guessed a Wilton 1M, but the swirls look differently.

    Thanks in advance!

    • No not the 1M , I don’t have that one (yet) I used an old one but I pushed in the pointy tips of the star. Which made the swirl a bit ruffled when I piped.

  6. Happy Valentine Everyone!I tried this last night and its perfect, smooth, glossy, thick and super white. just that i replaced corn syrup with maple syrup because i have no available corn syrup last night, i decorated my cakes with it and did not put it in the fridge and its amazing to see them this morning still as beautiful as last night.thank you soooo much louise!

    • You should use it just after you’ve made it. As it does change a bit in texture after some time. You can however store decorated cupcakes in the refrigerator. The icing does set on the outside but it’s still soft and yummy on the inside.

  7. I made the icing today. It’s fabulous! I made small changes to the recipe and used honey instead of corn syrup. I also added lemon juice instead of cream of tartar because I don’t have that available. The honey flavor is so good! The icing is snow white, truly perfect. Thank you for sharing!
    I rewrote the recipe on my blog and mentioned you in the post, is that ok with you? 🙂

    • Molly, was it the more liquid honey that you used? Will definitely try this since I don’t have more corn syrup at home. The mention is ok 🙂

      • I used this honey: and it worked fine. It is normal honey, quite dense I’d say, nothing really special. From what I remember from working with corn syrup, the corn syrup was more liquid than the honey I used. The honey is even darker in real life and the frosting turned white nevertheless. It’s now my favorite and I can’t wait to make it again soon. :)) (No cupcakes left already)

  8. Yummy! Louise, does the angel feather icing taste similar to the swiss meringue buttercream WITHOUT the added butter or your white meringue frosting? I always get tempted to leave the butter out when i make SMB since it already tastes so delicious just as is, once i added some vanilla and a spoon of strawberry jam and iced a cake it was great. What does the lemon juice and cream of tartar add? Stability? I’m getting hungry….

    • The lemon juice or cream of tartar makes the meringue more strong. Remember to only use either lemon juice or cream of tartar. I also sometimes just leave out the butter when I make SMBC or IMBC taste so good 🙂

  9. Do you have any sugar free icing recipes? My son is 19 and a type 1 diabetic so sugar is his enemy or his best friend depending on if his glucose is high or low. When i bake with sugar i always have to hide most of what i bake so he is not tempted to over enduldge. that means only a normal portion! I usually make tiny cookies or the tiny muffin size cupcakes and then only put out a few a day. So sad.

  10. Howdy! From San Antonio TX. I made heart cutout cookies and prepared the royal icing using your directions with pictures. The pictures were a comfort to know I was doing it correctly. Practice makes perfect on the piping with a steady hand! The ‘flooding’ was fun. I was so excited that I forgot to color the icing so the red sugar chrystals came in handy. This weekend I’ll try the Angel Feather Icing. I have enjoyed your blog too.

  11. These look fabulous and the frosting looks like a dream!!! Just wondering if a bowl over a pot of boiling water can be used if I don’t have a double boiler? Also – does the frosting come out warm? Is the above recipe for 12 cupcakes? Thanks!!!

    • Sure you can. The frosting is not warm since you remove the bowl when the frosting starts to make stiff peaks. I would say that there is enough for 12 cupcakes. Well unless you like lots of frosting on your cupcakes 😉

    • I used the recipe for the frosting on the cupcakes 😉 It holds up very well. It get a slightly crust but soft on the inside. I don’t know if you can pipe roses with it as it is more flexible/stretchy prior to a regular buttercream.

    • Hej Mai-Britt, Cream of tartar er et pulver man bruger til at få mere volume i æggehviderne. Det er desværre ikke til at få herhjemme i de alm butikker. Men shops som Food from Home og måske SpecialKøbmanden burde have det. Ellers kan du bruge frisk citron saft, virker (næsten) på samme måde.
      Jeg har prøvet med glucose sirup og det giver slet ikke sammme volume som corn sirup, desværre. Dansukker har på deres svenske marked en hvid sirup, som er som den lyse og mørke vi har herhjemme. Jeg har prøvet at skrive til Dansukker om ikke den kunne komme på det danske marked men de sagde nej dengang. Ellers kan man købe corn sirup hos Food from Home, når de vel og mærket har den hjemme.

    • Do you mean how long you can keep them before eating? There are some guidelines regarding food safety and they can be different from one country to another. I would not have any problem eating the cupcake with this frosting after 4-5 hours. It “harden” on the outside but is still soft on the inside. I have heard of people stored this outside until the next day where they ate the cupcake. You should be able to store them in the refrigerator for 2 days. Just not sure how good the cake part is them? I have never tried to store it in the refrigerator though, but I have placed one in the refrigerator and I will let you know how it looks and taste tomorrow.

    • They look the same but I have tried using liquid glucose but it did not get the same volume as it did with corn syrup. I don’t know if it could help using only half of it instead of what it say’s in the recipe.

  12. Just Wow!!! I made these pink fondant hearts the last time for my double chocolate cupcakes. But I guess they look better on these ;)..
    I am a regular follower of your blog, LOVE it! 🙂


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