Happy Birthday CakeJournal

A whole year has gone by and a lot has happend since I started writing on CakeJournal.

A new fantastic design for the site and loads of emails in my mail box every day with all kinds of cake decorating questions and great comments on my gallery pages. I have also been so lucky to have found so many new and sweet friends online who are all as passionate about cakes as I am.

Thank you all so much for your support and feedback whenever I write a new post or a tutorial it really means a lot to me. Happy Birthday CakeJournal!

Happy Caking



  1. Happy 1° Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m new to this blog, but there’s sooooo much to learn from you my Dear Louise !!!!!! My boss at work is not that happy about our friendship, but cakes goes always first!!!!!!!!
    Keep going, don’t stop, the world is following you!!!!!!!!


    Jacopo – Milan – Italy

  2. Hi Louise
    I just love your blog, all the things you make are so perfect and beautiful, thank you for you thinking of us, wish you lots of creativity and don’t forget to share with us. Happy Birthday!! Oh, these day is special for me to, it was my wedding day…;)
    Nica from Portugal

  3. Happy Birthday Cake Journal. Wishing you many years of success. Helping us cake lovers around the world. well done and keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you for your blog Louise. I found it by chance when I was looking for cupcakes, and I’m always checking back to see if you have anything new!

    It’s a great website and the photos of the cakes and ll the info is just pure magic.

    Cheers and good luck for the future of your website.

  5. Happy Birthday Cakejournal!!!! Congratulations Louise on this great website.
    It has really inspired me and I’m always looking forward to your new posts.
    Faccina from Sydney, Australia

  6. Thank you so much for the lovely greetings 🙂 This only shows that I am doing the right thing with the site. I am glad that you all enjoy my posts as much as I do.


  7. happy birthday! i love this website:) my co-worker and i talk about all the beautiful cakes…i love the tips keep up the great work louise

  8. Happy Birthday Dear Cake Journal !
    Please don’t ever stop….I love all the ideas so well presented here.
    This is a wonderful place for me to come when I am stressed out.
    You are doing beautiful things to us all to enjoy.

  9. Happy Birthday!! I have gotten many wonderful ideas from this site and am looking forward to another year filled with great things. Keep up the great work, Louise.
    Karen from Minnesota

  10. Happy Birthday and long life, I wish years of joy Louise, for you and your excellent Blog, keep going,
    Marielba A. from Venezuela

  11. Happy birthday!!
    A year is long and you have achived a lot during this year! So i wish you to continue in this fantastic blog for more years!
    Best wishes!


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