Cookie templates

Sweet cookie template

If you like, you can download your own copy of the cookie templates, from me to you. They are easy to cut out with a small sharp knife on cold cookie dough.

Note: It is a good idea to transfer the templates to cardboard paper or laminate them so that they last longer.

You can also find decoration ideas in my cookie gallery.

Happy Caking!



  1. I can’t download the cookie templates. My I pad says Safari cannot download this file. Feeling very deprived

  2. They are so cute. I was wondering where you got the cutters from. But, oh what a great idea to cut them off directly. (good for me because i can’t find good cookie cutters out here in Sri Lanka most of the time) It’s very economical too ;)Thanks for the templates. But there seems to be a problem & i can’t view it though πŸ™

  3. These cookies are beautiful!! I love the shape of the cake! Can you tell me which tip you used to make the flower on the green cake? Thank you so much for the amazing templates!

    • I made the flower/rose by piping a flat swirl/rose with a small star tip. I made them on a piece of parchment paper and let them dry fro later use.

  4. Hi Louise! Thanks for yet another fabulous tutorial. I probably wouldn’t be able to bake at all if it wasn’t for you tuts. Just wanted to ask, I’ve always used a cookie cutter and was wondering how you get such clean edges on your cookies when you cut them by hand? Do you use a special blade? I’ve seen other tutorials where the cookies are done by hand and the edges are very rough. Thanks!!!!

    • I use a simple small sharp kitchen knife. Also when I cut cookies by hand I make sure that the rolled out dough is very cold. I always cut from one point to another as cutting in one single move can make the dough tearing. I also gently smooth any rough edges πŸ™‚ I hope this helps!

  5. hi, i love this website, so many great ideas… i was wondering louise how i put lolloipop sticks on the cookies? is it after baking or before? and if i do put them in before baking will they not burn?

  6. Hi Louise,
    Thank you so very much for your informative and helpful web site! You show using a squeeze bottle for flooding the RI. I see a metal tip on it. How is it attached on the bottle?

  7. Hi Louise,
    First I wanted to say thank you for putting together a website that helps an encourages new bakers like me. I was looking through your site and have noticed a recipe for a shortbread cookie. Have you used this recipe? Is it just as reliable as your standby sugar cookie recipe? Thank you

  8. Loren Ebert: I have used paste colors from a UK brand called sugar Flair. But im sure that you can get the kind of colors from other brands that you can get your hands on.

  9. just wanted to say louise that your designs are beautiful you are truly an inspiration and i can only hope to design as well as u…btw thanks for the template super cute!!

  10. Hmm I had to go and search for a photo of the torch (im not that into the olympics) and it is very beautiful but I can also see what your are talking about regarding problems with the template.

    But the way I would make it is to draw the torch in the size you want and then add a few mm all around the torch otherwise it will get to thin and will crack like you said. So you will not have the exact torch that will be the task to make it. You could paint with a fine bruch and red food gel/alcohol the “swirls” there are on it.

    For the saving templates you need a scanner. then scan the template and save it like a jpg file. Hopes that makes sense?

  11. Well actually, I had a few different templates I wanted. The first was of the actual torch that they are using in the Olympics this year. Then I was going to do one of the logo and a paper Chinese lantern picture that I have. Also a take-out box which I already pretty much have done. I was also thinking of doing some plain square ones of the Olympic rings and maybe some little Chinese kids (using a cookie cutter). The trouble I am having is with the torch. I can’t seem to get it big enough so it won’t fall apart. I also couldn’t figure out how to actually go about scanning and printing my drawings so I can save the templates for later use.

    I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you so much!

  12. Rachel: Great to hear that. I did nothing special on making the templates. I just sad with pen and paper.

    Do you mean the Olympic flag or??

    Let me know because I would love to help.

  13. Hi Louise! I did finally get the templates, it was just a glitch or something on my computer that day I tried to download. I had a question about your templates. I was wondering how you made them? I am trying to make some Olympic cookies and I can’t seem to make out the drawings very well. How did you do yours?

    Thanks again!

  14. Dear Louise, Iam a big fan of cakejournal. You’re so kind for sharing the template, its just in time as i wanted to make cookies for teacher’s day. take care.

  15. Hi Melana,

    Sugar cookies do tend to get a bit soft (not much though) when they have been decorated with RI. I am not sure that you can avoid them to get soft.

    The only thing I can come up with is to decorate them with rolled fondant instead of RI. The fondant will be hard to bite into after a few days though.

  16. Hi Louise,

    I tried some sugar cookies before, but not using your recipe and did icing on them. The prob is my cookies were nice and crisp, until i did the icing, which by then became rather soft. Do you get this problem? I would like my iced cookies crisp, but can’t seem to get there. Do you have a solution? Thanks! Melena

  17. Hi Louise:

    I m a fan of your blog, I wrote you by Flickr mail, asking you some questions that you have just answered, thanks ,

    I made your cookies (are in my postream) with the template and the are beautiful for me, never as yours, of course!!! the edges came out rough… i now have the trick to smooth it with my finger.

    Ill be waiting for the tutorial and the recipe for the icing, because it didnt turned so perfect as yours.

    Las delicias de vivir

  18. Silvia & Carol: Just remember that it is all up to you how you want them to look. But I am glad that you liked them.

    Rachel: Do you use Adobe Acrobat reader?

    Nancy: Thank you!

    Jen: I like to use a recipe almost identic to the one Peggy Porchen use. It can also be used for tarts and pies.

    Sugar cookies:

    8 oz butter softend
    8 oz caster sugar (I only use confec. icing sugar)

    2 eggs lightly beaten

    1 tbsp of vanilla paste or 1 vanilla pod.

    1 pound of all purpose flour.

    (Use the paddle attachment)

    Cream butter & sugar (do not overbeat)

    Add the eggs and flavour. Beat until well corporated.

    Now add the flour and beat only for a few min. Knead it and chill for 1-2 hours in the fridge.

    Roll out and bake on 350F until light and golden brown.

    Susie: Is the frosting BC royal icing or rolled fondant??
    I guess that the ribbons will be removed before cutting the cake?

    If using BC you could put a strip of parchment paper or rolled fondant around first and then the ribbon.

    Or just add the ribbon just before??

    A good thing is to make a sample with the frosting and the type of ribbon you are planning to use and see how long it takes before the ribbond is soaked. IF it gets soaked?

    Swellcakes & Faccina: Thank you both!

  19. I have a question for you that is on a whole new subject but I am going to make centerpiece cakes for my sons wedding to be put on each table. If I was going to put real ribbon around the cakes and as a bow on top how would you keep the frosting from soaking thru onto the ribbon. I want to make them in advance and freeze them and then get them out before the wedding as it is January 3rd so time will be tight. Any ideas for how to keep that from soaking thru?

  20. Hi! I could not get the templates for some reason.. I download pdf’s all the time so I am not sure what happened? I clicked on the link you gave and the page came up but the templates weren’t there. It was just a blank page. I am allowing the scripts on this page so ? Do you know what the problem is? I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks!


  21. Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful templates with us.How do you do that royal icing to look so smooth?

  22. Thank you for those wonderful templates! You are so sweet to share them with us.I’ve already downloaded them and I’ll try to do my best πŸ™‚


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