The great cupcake pan has arrived…..

Back in August I wrote about the great cupcake pan from Williams Sonoma and how I soo wished to get one.

I was so lucky, sweet Becky from Texas have send one all the way over to me 🙂 The postman have just delivered at my doorstep today. So thank you SO much dear Becky, I cant wait to try it.

Becky also make the most lovely treats…. doggie treats! So if you are a dog lover then please take a look at Becky’s fantastic baked treats.

Happy Caking



  1. I have the wilton version on this pan. It was difficult to bake in. Just like another poster said, the outside was rock hard and inside was under cooked. I haven’t used it again because I was so disappointed.

    • When I baked using the cupcake pan I lowered the temperature and baked for longer. I don’t recall it being hard on the outside.

  2. On the William Sonoma website they show a beautiful carousel cake. Does anyone have the decorating instructions for that?

  3. Jasmine: I bake most of my cakes at 338 F or lower. I would rather bake for longer time than my cakes end up hard and burned.

    So maybe try and bake at a lower temp?

    As I have not tried to bake in the pan yet. I have thought of how to decorate it so you still can see “swirl” One of my friends have covered it with fondant and that looks good too. When I try it out I will post the result and my thoughts about it here 😉

  4. I just finished making a birthday cake with this pan and found it very hard to work with. I had a hunch that it was going to give me problems so did lots of forums searching before getting started. Regardless, I still had to bake the thing for over an hour and 15 minutes, so the outside was totally rock hard and dried out and the middle barely set. It was really disappointing.

    I also find it hard to decorate. If you use frosting, you very easily cover up the ridges which give it the cupcake look. Maybe covering the whole thing in a very thin layer of jam and then in fondant would make it look more realistic? I don’t know but I’d love to see other people’s creations and hear thoughts about the pan.

  5. Susan: Im not an expert on cake mix but I looked at the pan and with the recipe it did not say anything with the 10 cup capacity.

    But 1 cup is 250 ml

    Depending on how large amount of batter your recipes make I dont think that it is necessary to double the recipe. If you go for a 8″/10″ cake tin it should be more than enough I think.

  6. hi Louise can you tell me what size cake mix would you use for this x large cupcake, i have one and i haven’t used it yet because it saying that its a 10 cup capacity, we don’t use that term in Australia what i mean is would you double a cake recipe or triple it
    cheers Susan

  7. Angel: Have you seen Becky’s comment???

    Gis: Ohh thanks. I will look into that 🙂

    Sharoon & T.Myers: I will…….

    Andrea: I have seen the ones from Wilton and they are great to I just like the “swirl” better on this one. I have seen the Wilton year book and yes there are many sweet cupcake ideas.

    T of Balkanstyle: Thank you and im happy that you liked the MMF.

    Becky: You are nothing but an ANGEL. So sweet of you offering angel help.

    Veronica: Thanks!

    Kagekonen: Well you wrote the recipe was good so I will try too.

  8. So jealous! Can’t wait to see what you do with it! Also, just wanted to thank you for the MMF recipe. I used it the the other day for an Obama inspired cake and it turned out fantastic! Better than store bought fondant any day!

  9. I don’t know exactly what this looks like but I know that Wilton make a large as well as a mini version of this. And this year’s yearbook has a multitute of idea. Hope that helps. I know by me the craft chain stores carry the pan.

  10. Be sure to post the results when you use this pan. I know it will be beautiful as usual. What a sweet thing for Becky to do. There are still a lot of good people around the world.

  11. That is so awesome Louise! I can’t wait to see what fabulous inventions you come up with using the Great Cupcake Pan.

    Sure would like to find out how I can get a hold of one of those pans! I am in Canada and it seems a little more trickier than I thought!


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