Jean Michel with Hasselblad

I have been so lucky to be contacted by one of my favourite cake designers in the world who make some of the most beautiful cakes designs. His name is Jean Michel Raynaud a frenchmen living in Sydney, Australia. He has worked as a cake decorator for over 20 years now and he is at the moment general manager and creative director of Sweet Art in Sydney.

Jean Michel have had 10 covers in the main cake magazine in Australia and he have made cakes for several celebrities as well. He has agreed to answer questions regarding cake decoration from the readers of CakeJournal. So if you have a cake question you would like to ask a true cake artist then please send it to me. I will to begin with select 10 questions and send them to Jean Michel. When he has answered I will publish both questions and answers here on CakeJournal. I hope to get lots of interesting questions from you 🙂

I will finish this post with some of Jean Michel’s beautiful creations. Enjoy!

JM Lalique
JM silver gold square

Happy Caking