Littlest Pet Shop Birthday cake


So here is the photo of the birthday cake I made for my daughters 7th years birthday party. The cake was a light vanilla cake in three layers, raspberry coulis and raspberry mousse and white whipped chocolate ganache with chopped dark chocolate. It is covered with marzipan and rolled fondant. I used some of my pearl spray from PME to give it a nice shine. I also used my sugarcraft gun to make the border. It tasted really good 🙂

Happy Caking!



  1. Maria C: I use the marczipan from the store and buy it in packets containing 17 oz. I did not use all of the 17oz for this cake (8″) and yes marzipan IS expensive but so does all food these days.

    Gail: I would Google for hors coloring pages and then scale the print down and make color flow on a plastic sheet. Or get some cowboy themed cookie cutters and use those on rolled fondant.

    Viki: Thank you

  2. so cute. I am preparing for my son’s 1st birthday and our theme is western. I really hope I can have just even half of your artistic hand/mind. would you be able to teach us/me how to make horse toppers? puhlease. thanks!

  3. It came out absolutely beautiful! I have been wanting to try marzipan under my fondant, do you make your own or do your purchase those small tubes? I just can’t see how I can cover a cake with 7 oz of Marzipan unless you can purchase it in larger amounts? It’s a bit expensive.

  4. I am really glad that you all like it. I am very pleased myself about how the cake turned out 🙂 I can really recomend the pearl spray it comes in other pearl shades but I think the pearl on is the most vesatile.

    The only thing is when useing the pearl spray a good thing is to put the cake in a large cardboard box because it is a bit messy and you will get glitter everywhere like if a pixie had gone though your home?? but its easy to wipe off with a wet cloth.

    Theresa: I got the template from here and there are more little cuties:

    Denise: Funny you should mention it because I have thought of it. So there will come a book in the nearest future 🙂

    Rita: Have you seen under “Cake Projects” in the gallery? Its not a “full” tutorial but the photos should give a jint on how it is made. I am planning on making a color flow tutorial but with a more simple motif.

    Lilianete: Welcome to my site:-) i am sorry but I dont speak spanish and so far I have no plan on translate the site to other languages than english.

    Seagoat: The plaque it made of of rolled fondant. I have not adden any hardener to the fondant.

    anjorin: Right now I am busy planning a cake for a cake exhibition i am attending so it will not be now but maybe later.

    Kristen: do you mean how its cut into servings?? or how I cut it with the fondant plaque on?? Fondant is soft so any sharp knife can cut through. With the plaque I removed it before cutting the cake as my daughter wanted to save it.

    dulzuramagica: look at the link in the reply for Theresa.

    Thanks again everyone for your always encouraging comments.


  5. Hello, my english is very bad, im chilean i speak spanish, maybe you translate the page, please, i hope you understand me. Thank

  6. Wowza, totally awesome cake. What a shame you have to cut into it–LOL. Are there fundraisers or calk walks at your children’s school? I’ll bet if there is everyone would bid high for your cakes!

  7. I think that it is YOU who should write a book! I love all of your tutorials and this cake it spectacular! Thanks for sharing!


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