My cupcake in Where2Go – a danish magazine

I have worked at Where2Go and they love my cakes, so the editor asked me if she could use the picture of my pink cupcake for an article in this months edition, and of course I said yes!

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    LorenGo: I use the internet alot whenever I am looking for ideas. This can be photos of shower cakes, cute baby items ect. It is always a good thing to use details from the invitations/shower theme for the cake.

  2. LoreneGo says

    Hi, I am new here! Love your website. I wanted to ask a question. I am making a baby shower cake for my Grandson to be. I really need ideas. Can you help me with ideas?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  3. says

    You can use cookies, use a round circle cutter and decorate it with Royal Icing. You can build the stand from wood and screw in the dowels. Leave enough room underneath to place the cookies to make them look like wheels. I am making one this weekend and will be doing the same thing. Good Luck!

  4. Louise says

    Lori Davies: I think that I will advise you to ask your question at I think that I have seen a cake like you describe in their gallery, but not 100% sure.

    The only thing I can come up with is to buil it op on a cakeboard and place it on a glass. Make the wheels ect. out of gumpaste.

  5. Lori Davis says

    I am wanting to make a 3D baby buggy cake and I need an Idea for the stand,wheels etc…I want it to be like a tiered cake…can you help??? Thanks

  6. Louise says

    Hi Andrea.

    How is the weather in Oslo?? It feel’s great now that summer is finally here:) I will definitely take the bow up one day. Thank you for asking.


    • says

      happy new year to you too! i just recently strated reading your blog but I really enjoy it. Thanks for all the helpful information you provide.kimst augustine florida

  7. Andrea says

    Congratulations !!!

    I would apprecciate if one day you have time to explain the steps to make that white bow of your last cake…


  8. Louise says

    Thanks for the nice words. I really appriciate it:) Please feel free to give your input on subjects you want to hear more about.

  9. jcann says

    Congrats on your cupcakes being in a magazine, they look great and you deserve the attention, you give alot back to cupcake people, something that not everyone does. Thanks for sharing.

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