The cake with the many names

Finally I made it to the end. I have a thing for the cake with the many names behind. It goes under names like: “Wonky-Style”, “Topsy Truvy”, “Whimsical” or “Mad Hatter”. It is know for it funky style and decorations. Also it have tilted tires that gives the cake that special look it is famous for. As You know I have been baking and carving almost the whole week. So last night it was time for the fun part with covering and decorate the cake. Well so I thought…

I have used a pound buttercake/Madeira cake which was very firm so the carving part was so easy. After crumb coating the cake it was time for cover the two cakes with sugarpaste/fondant icing. But it hit me right in the face how difficult it is to cover that types of cakes. Ok I know the cakes was maybe a bit to high and very angled but this is the way I like them best. The paste keept tearing and craking even after adding some white fat. I nearly gave up in the end but gave it a last try. The sugarpaste/fondant icing was not super smooth and had a lot of cracks. But since the cake was only practice it was ok. If you know a trick to cover this type of cakes I would be grateful to know the secret:)

There are two different ways to assemble this cake. Some cut out a hole and stack the cakes like normal stacked cakes and then you can stack the cakes without making holes in the cakes. In both ways you still would be needing to use dowels in your cakes for support. I have also used a long dowel through both cakes for ekstra support. Then the only thing left was to decorate the cake. I am very statisfied with the result and think that the big white bow and the sweet fabric roses completes the cake with the many names….

You can see more pictures of the cake in my Cake Gallery

Happy Caking!



  1. This cake is Amazing, just beautiful. For me it is perfect, ir can go from your table straight to the party. Thank you for all of you great tips. Your a doll. Congratulations

  2. Hey there, beautiful work, thank you for letting us see the things you have made. I have just found the love of cake decorating and will definitely have to give more cake and cookies away as my husband has to go to the gym every day now!!

  3. Thank you Krislynn. I try to do my best:o)

    Hi Andrea!

    This time I got it to be as I wanted it to be. As for my practice cakes and cookies. I usally give it away to the people around me. That way my husband don’t eat to much cake…lol!


  4. It is soooo beautiful !!

    Congratulations, Louise !

    Hei, what do you normally do with your practice cakes & cookies. Sometimes I think twice before baking/ decorating as I don´t know what to do with it afterwards….


  5. I love your cake! you did an amazing job, especially for your first try, I can’t wait to see more, you definately have a gift for fondant


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