Pirate birthday cake

Pirate flag birthday cake

I made this pirate cake for my nieces birthday party. The theme was pirates so I decided to make a cake with a pirate flag with skull and cross bones on it. The cake is covered with rolled fondant icing. I hope that all the pirates at the party loved the cake.

Happy Caking



  1. Penny: Have you tried chocolate mudcake? now that is the best chocolate cake. Very moist/fudgy and packed with chocolate. Try Google: mudcake -mud cake – australian mudcake.

    Even if the cake is small I would still put a cardboard under the top cake (makes it easier to cut into the cake) Depending on how heavy your 5″ cake wil be maybe just 1-2 dowels is enough.

    No sorry Hershey is not common here in Denmark so cant help you with that. No I have not shared my chocolate cake recipe because I weigh all my ingrediens and its too much trouble with the converting.

  2. Hi Louise,
    You are a cake goddes…beautiful cakes. I am having trouble finding a good chocolate cake recipe that could hold up under Rolled Fondant. I do not like pound cake as it is not moist enough.. I plan on making a 5 ” and 7 ” tiered cake. Would you recommend using cardboard and dowels for such a small cake? Have you tried the Hershey’s Perfect Chocolate cake? Have you shared your chocolate cake recipe before??Sorry for so many questions….

  3. Well I am sure the little ones at the party would have just loved this amazing cake and I specially liked the idea of Crumb coating with butter cream and then covering it with sugar paste… thanks for sharing… and this is definitely a gr8 job!!

  4. amy, I used some pre-made black rolled fondant icing. But you can make real black as long as you use a good quality of food color/gel and it needs to be an extra black color. Color your icing a few days in advance and let it mature.

  5. Hi, I love that cake can you plz tell me how to do the black for the flag, i just cant get it the right black

  6. Debbie: The smart thing with RTR icing is that you dont have to color it. It can be hard to color the icing 100% black icing yourself unless you use a good color paste or gel like Sugar Flair’s extra black or Americolor black gel.

    Also if the icing has to much color it can be very soft and crack when you cover the cake thats why I only made the flag black.

    Making a pink skull sounds so cool & great 🙂

    Let me know if you need to know where you can get RTR black icing and I will try to look.

  7. Hi

    This is just the cake im looking for but i need to adapt it a little as my daughters party theme is pirates and princess i thought i’d change the black to pink or maybe the skull to pink???
    But what i need to know is how do you colour the ready roll icing?? Sorry im not a cake maker at all this will be my 1st attempt!


  8. Ohh thank you all so much.

    Linda: When I make cakes for kids, I would not make a filling. I usually just bake a really good chocolate cake. Crumb coat with buttercream and then cover with suger paste.

    Eleonora: You can find a tutorial on whimsical cakes on CakeCentral.com

    Thank you Andrea.

  9. Great Cake!
    I love your blog!I just found it!
    I’m italian so maybe my english is not pretty good, I’m sorry!
    Please, can you post another recipe about how to make a whimsical cake? I love them, but I’m not able to do them!
    Thank you!

  10. wow, this is great! I bet the littpe pirates loved it! What did you use as filling? LOL, curious and in the mood for cake! yum!

    /Linda, O´holy sweet!


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