Cake tool giveaway

There are always some cake decorating tools in the toolbox, that turns into the “favourite ones”. I have five cake decorating tools that I just love to work with:
1: My set of sculpting tools.
2: The 5 petal blossom silicone veiner.
3: Rose petal cutter set in various sizes. For big and small gum paste roses.
4: Petunia cutter set. A great match with the silicone petal blossom veiner.
5: My rolling pin.


Even though you have your favourites its always nice to stock up some new cake decorating tools and this is your chance. Flour Confections have been so kind to sponsor a great cake tool giveaway for CakeJournals readers. I have personally selected the prizes for the winner to choose from. So I hope that you like it!

One lucky reader can choose from either:

prize A: A great 9 PC sculpting tool set.


prize B: A 5 petal blossom silicone mould/veiner and a 5 petal cutter set of 4

If you would like to participate in this giveaway please leave a comment with your favourite cake tool and which prize you want, should you be the lucky winner.

I will use integer generator to pick out the lucky number and the deadline will be Monday May 10. 2010 at 8.00 pm GMT+1 This giveaway has ended.

The lucky winner is: #318

Congratulation to Nancy!

NOTE: the giveaway competion can only be entered by leaving a comment. Any emails send directly to me will not be considered!


Happy Caking!



  1. Joy Barker says

    I would love to win the whole tool set because i love to bake my own recipes and i have jotted down a couple of yours and i have made a couple of them and they turned out pretty good! But i could really use the sculpting tools which are a lot like the sculpting tools from my art classes in school and i still have a few of the old ones that i used in school but they are metal and there for they would rust and then they would be a toxin if used on a cake so i don’t want to make anyone sick !!!

  2. vijay naidu says

    Your site is so informative and easi to understand. I do cake decorating as a hobby. have invested in a few tools an getting used to all the names. love your site.

  3. says

    Hi, i love my cutters and veiners cos i love to decorate! I only have a few cos they’re in my country expensive to buy. So i ask them for birthdays and Christmas to get an assorti of different cutters and veiners! I really love those stuff. You can make beautifull things with them. And however im a newbie in decorating, i do love it very much! If i could choose i should choose the cutters and veiners! Of course!

  4. Tra Nguyen says

    I have made a fondant race car according to your instruction, and it’s so cute, my nephew was so happy on his 3th birthday.
    I love set of sculpting tool, I haven’t got it so far.

  5. Timeeka B says

    My favorite tool is my cake leveler. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I would go with A.

  6. Brittany says

    My favorite tool would have to be my set of colored gel dyes. I have about 15 different colors and am able to make every color in the rainbow with them. I use them to color my cakes, frosting, fondant and gum paste. If I win I would love prize B. Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. Teresa P says

    My favorite tools are recycling items such as using egg cartons to mold my flowers that i cut out with the 5 petal cutter, which is awesome and quite a time saver, wish i had the press molds though! lol

  8. Mary Ruff says

    My favorite tool is my fondant smoother,it takes the stress out of icing my cakes smooth and evenly.I can make a flawless canvas to decorate my cakes on with it, whether it be buttercream or fondant :o)

  9. Chris says

    My favorite tool is my airbrush even though I have not had a chance to use it much. I would go with B. Thnaks!

  10. nickee says

    i tried reading some of the comments…there are some tools that I would love to know how to use! I even checked to see some of the sculpting tools-I wouldn’t know how to use each and every one – but i still β™₯ the cutter and veiner!

  11. says

    My favorite baking tool is my kitchen aid – it makes my life so much easier! After that definately my off-set spatula and rolling pin. I would LOVE to win prize (B) I’ve been really wanting to buy one.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  12. jane styles says

    My fav tool is my smoother……..we’d all be lost without one! I’d like the cutter and veiner x

  13. says

    My favouite tool is parchment paper for making piping bags. I would love a proper set of sculpting tools, it would save me having to improvise ALL the time. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Kristen says

    My favorite tool – the internet to help with my lack of creativity as a newbie! I would love to win the sculpting tools!

  15. Cathie says

    I’m new to cake decorating, but am anxious to begin. So for now, my favorite tool would be my mixer (make the cake and any frosting/filling/etc.). It’s hard to decide, but I think I would go with A.

  16. Shira says

    My favorite tool will be a set of 20pcs pipping tips cox it helped me create some wonderful cakes and icing decorations. Prize A will be my “most” wanted tool which I have been thinking of buying since the day I started cake decoration but find it too expensive in Singapore ;>

  17. Shon Mitchell says

    My favorite tool would have to be the daisye cutters and I would love to win prize B (blossom silicone mould/veiner)to add to my collection!

  18. Jennifer says

    My favorite tool wasnt even made for cakes. Its a plastic flat blade thing. I think it was made for smoothing paint or plaster. I got it at the hardwood store for a dollar. It works great to smooth out buttercream on cakes. I would however love to wine the rose petal cutters. Thats the next thing I’d like to learn. gumpaste roses.

  19. Kate says

    Love your site and I check it everyday. I love my dusts!! especially luster and pixie….I would love to win the set B!!

  20. says

    What a wonderful giveaway. I just found your site and bookmarked it. Now of course, I’d love to win a prize, too. :o) Ramona

  21. Siw says

    My favourite tool is without doubt my petal cutter, which I think I could use to make even better results with if I won prize A!

  22. Monica says

    I find your tutorials very interesting and helpful! I’m just a beginner, curious and fond of learning. I do not have a tool-set, so if I were to choose, I would go for prize A. Greetings from Roma

  23. says

    Right now I would probably say my favorite cake tool would be my off-set spatula followed closely by my decorating bags and tips!

    I’d love to win either prize, but I’ve been wanting a set of small tools, so I’ll say Prize A! πŸ˜€

  24. Karen Jones says

    I love my $ 1.49 plastic putty scraper from Lowe’s.(lol) It’s great for smoothing buttercream on cakes. I would love to WIN some real tools like the blossom set and veiner! Thank you!

  25. Cheri says

    I would love the sculpting tool set. I am getting into cake decorating and these would really help me! I am going to sign up for classes soon.

  26. says

    My favorite tool is my off-set spatula followed closely by my ball/veiner tool. I would love to win prize A. πŸ™‚ Thanks for being so generous and sharing this with us.

  27. says

    I love this site!! Sooo many ideas & tips. I’m just starting to play with gum paste, think I could definitely use Prize A. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge!!

  28. says

    My favorite cake tool is the one that holds all my cake tools! It’s my cake ‘tool box caddy’ that my sister gave me years ago. It’s so convenient to take my tips and other decorating itmes anywhere!

  29. Wrenjenny says

    Tool are like fine wine some you lover other well…** it the feel as you use them that counts. But it fun trying them all

  30. Sifted Dreams says

    I have the blossom veiner, and it is awesome, The tools would be my choice. One of my favorite tools, is my pasta roller!

  31. Jeanette Alexander says

    I love my spatula, it is useful for so many things! I would love to win prize B. Thanks

  32. Jamie says

    I’m just start baking and as a beginner I don’t had a lot of baking tools but my set of spatula & my bundt cake pan are my most useful baking tools. I will to upgrade my tools, so as I can only take one prize, I will take B.

  33. Athena says

    My favorite cake tool would have to be my cake leveler…. it sure makes leveling a cake so much easier. I would love to win prize A or B, either would be awesome! But if I must choose, prize A please. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  34. Marie-France says

    Hmmmmm there are so many many tool that I use on a regular basis…. I would have to say my favourite is gumpaste itself. I love to mould things so I tend to use gumpaste quite a bit πŸ™‚ If it needs to be a tool – then probably the little rolling pin for fondant. I’d love option B since I’ve been wanting to get a double sided flower veiner for AGES! lol.

  35. Paola says

    I am just starting to make cupcakes and cakes and starting to buy stuff and growing my tool’s inventory. So, ANYTHING from the prizes would be great for me!!!! love your site!

  36. Tanya Santo says

    I lvoe the fondant rolling pin – silly i know but its such a great great tool and so easy to work with. oh and if I win, my favourite tools are the 5 petal cutters and veiners.
    wishing luck to everyone

  37. Julie says

    My favorite tool is the lazy susan my father made me out of the kitchen counter top from the house I grew up in. I have such fond memories of my childhood and to be able to draw from that peaceful time in my life while I am decorating is priceless!

  38. kim says

    Hi I’m from Newyork …
    Love this cuuter very much. I hope & pray it will be mine
    keeping my fingers crossed for Prize and inspirational site dear

  39. says

    I cannot live without my small off-set spatula! I use it for so much. As for a prize, I would love both, but would take A.

  40. TheEnchantedBakery says

    WOW!!! I love these tools, I would love to get the petal cutter and veiner set!!! Here’s hoping I win and If I do… (fingers and toes crossed) I’d like prize B. please!!! By the way your site is such an inspiration, Thank you!!!! xxx

  41. says

    I love my viening tool…mostly because I liked that curved end to make mouths….I would love to win the petal cutter and veiner should I be so lucky! Thank you.

  42. Shareese says

    Hi Louise,
    I absolutely adore youre site. Your tutorals are so delailed and helpful.
    If I were to win, I would choose Prize “A”.
    Thank You.

  43. says

    My favourite cookie tool is the board my husbalnd made me, so that each cookie I roll out is uniformly thick, with another board to use to roll out fondant. Should I win, I would love the cutters with the silicone press mold

  44. melissa says

    Would love “A” – the tools!! And I say my favorite tool is a very sharp knife & cutter for fondant!

  45. says

    My favorite cake tools are my fondant smoothers and all of my cutters round, square, petal, there is just so much you can do with them. Which is why I would love to have the second prize.

  46. Trina says

    My favourite cake tool is my petunia flower cutter and veiner!! I use it almost every time I make a cake πŸ™‚

  47. Babylyn Alarcon says

    Oh my gosh! I’m just a beginner & all I have is my spatula so I must say it’s my favorite..Can I have both???Just kidding I guess I’ll choose the cutter & veiner..I believe after using my spatula icing my cake it would be cuter if I would be able to put some flowers on top of my cake..Thanks

  48. Phia says

    My favorite cake tool are my flower cutter. It a big help in making cake decorations..time saving and easy to use.Love the tool set coz I don’t have this yet. Thanks!

  49. says

    My favourite tools are my PME plunger cutters : leaves, blossoms, butterflies πŸ™‚ As I already have a veiner and rose cutters, I’d love prize A!

  50. says

    my favorite cake tool is my offset spatula. It makes spreading the cake batter or icing easy and less messy compared to regular spatulas. Offset spatulas also allows me to create gorgeous swirls on the cake to make it look more comforting and delicious so even if I’m feeling lazy decorating the cake no one would no about it because my cake always come out perfectly decorated with the help of offset spatula.

  51. Margarida says

    Hi Louise,
    These are both great prizes, very difficult to choose from, especially when I don’t have either… I’m guessing the tool set would be more handy, since I’m a beginner!
    My favorite tool is definitely my flower cutter!

  52. Josie Cruz says

    I also really love my sculpting tools and especially my cutters. My favourite prize would be prize B as it’s difficult to find veiners where I live.
    Thanks for all your great tutorials and ideas.

  53. Lynne says

    I am in awe of your amazing lessons and look forward to each one as it comes. I would love B cant get the veiner where I live

  54. Rikke says

    My favorite toll must be my lily veiner. Leaves wonderful lifelike flowers.
    Should i be so lucky prize B would be my choice.

  55. Christine C says

    Well since I am so new to this my favourite tool would have to be the piping bag (its about all I have).
    As for which prize I would love to win it would be A – it looks like it would bve very helpful.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  56. Jamie says

    My favorite tool is edible markers! I use them all the time. If I were to win, I’d love the cutters & the silicone molds. Thanks Louise πŸ™‚

  57. Brianna says

    I am new to cake decorating but love my star cutters as they can cover a multitude of sins πŸ™‚
    prize B if I am so lucky as to be chosen!)

  58. Ioana says

    Hi Louise,
    when it comes to cake decorating everything is indispensable but my favorite tools are the gum paste tools which are a must have. I would love to have set B please. Thank you for all you do.

  59. tamara nankivel says

    Favorite Tools: plastic wrap for icing plugs, Viva paper towels for smoothing BC, and kitchen aid mixer for everything else
    Prize Choice: I were to win Prize B

  60. Lisa says

    I absolutely love your blog!! My favorite cake tool would have to be my Exacto knife because I use it all the time for so many different things. I would love to own Prize B, the cutter and veiner because I have been wanting one for so long, but they can be pricey.

  61. says

    My favourite baking tool is my rolling pin,i used it when making the biscuites,roll on the bread dough…

    i am still new in baking, there are so many things to learn!i learn and get so much from ur tutorial,thanks and muacks!!

    i would like to choose on the prize B,i like it.

  62. Pamcakes says

    My Favorite Cake Tools are cutters, veiners, embossers, and my airbrush – my baby πŸ™‚ If I’m selected, I’d like prize B because I just purchase gumpaste tools this afternoon :). Thank you very much and I love your blog!

  63. Goldie says

    My favorite tool is my kitchen aid πŸ™‚ and pastry bags
    I would love to win the flower petal cutters

  64. Ming says

    I loveeee embossed rolling pins. =)
    gum paste is sooo tricking for me so I would choose Set A

  65. Fernandez says

    My favourite tool are my veiners coz they give the gumpaste flowers a more real look. I would love to have Prize B which is the flower cutters and the veiners

  66. Renny says

    My favourite caketool …well, i have a lot to be honest, but i really like the cutters, and embossers, so i would love to have prize B πŸ™‚

  67. Rebecca B says

    My modelling tools are my favourite, very versatile and amazing what you can acheive. So I would choose Set A.

  68. Kimber says

    I would love love love Set A if I win, since I’m working on making figures!

    My fave tool right now is my kitchenaid. can’t live without it!

  69. Katie says

    your website blows me away πŸ™‚ My favorite baking tool is a granite rolling pin that my grandmother left for me. It may be heavy, but it is incredible, and has a special value for me πŸ˜‰ I would love prize b!!

  70. Unique says

    Wish I am the lucky one to get set B.

    My girls will sure enjoy making flowers to deco the cupcakes that I make for them.

  71. Kylene says

    my favorite caking tool would have to be my plastic putty knives! i know, a strange tool to use but they work fantastically for smoothing icing! i’m starting to venture into modeling so, in the even i’m chosen at random, i’d like set A, please πŸ™‚

  72. Jamie says

    I am new to the whole cake decorating world so I don’t have a favorite tool yet but I would love the sculpting tool set to help start my set!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. says

    I would say my favorite tools is probably my luster dust if that is considered a tool or my veiner. I would say if I won that I would most like prize B!

  74. T. Karlsen says

    I love decorating, so my favourite tool is probably my spatula! I would love prize B and the possibility of learning how to make beautiful flowers!

  75. Siw K. says

    My favourite tool is without doubt my marble rolling pin which allows me to create a lot of different dimensions in a qucik and easy way! I would want prize A!

  76. Ayana says

    One of my favorite tools is my FMM Frill Set, they help make fab borders! Prize B would be a welcome asset to my collection of tools!

  77. Awilda Guadalupe says

    You know, I love all of my tools that I have. My most favorite one would have to be my disco glitter. i know its not a tool but i love this stuff.

    I don’t need a prize since I already have both of those, just wanted to share.

  78. Kez says

    At the moment my favourite cake decorating tool is my fondant rolling pin. Although when its about my only tool aside from my piping bag and nozzles that’s not hard. Still I never realised how much easier it was to use than my “big” rolling pin.

    I’d love to have a set of the sculpting tools though!

  79. Tracy says

    I love making gumpaste/fondant flowers and the prize b is just lovely. I’m a huge fan of veiners and feel you can never have enough. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  80. Laura says

    I want to start my saying I am new to your blog and I LOVE it!! My favourite tool is a babys vest cookie cutter embosser set which I have used with sugarpaste for my best friends baby shower cake, I am fairly new to cake decorating so mostly improvise with kitchen utensils like I use my pizza cutter to cut sugarpaste. If I was to win would like prize A please.

  81. Sandra says

    My favourite “tool” is simply my pastry mat. Love it!

    If I win, I would love price A!

  82. Kim says

    Hi ,
    you have been helpful in giivng the advices when ever needed for me .
    i was realy looking for the rose Petal cutter here in my near by shops but couldnt find it . i would really feel lucky if i have to get those …
    keeping my fingers crossed for the set B.
    i was busy with my sons birthday so couldnt get first to comment …
    Have a wonderful weekend dear ..

    Luv Kim

  83. maria61m says

    They appeal to smooth down me wdhich the instrument to the surface of my cakes for giving a perfect finish.
    I adore yours tutorials, if you had to win, I prefer the prize B

  84. Henriette says

    I love my piping bag, with large tips, to make those great big swirls on my cupcakes. Should I be the lucky winner, I would go for prize B.

  85. Audrey Ross says

    My favorite tool is the pasta roller attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer. Now that I have it, I can’t live without it. Thank you for offereing such a great giveaway!

  86. Michaela says

    My favourite tool is easily my rotating cake stand. It is the best aid to decorating, and you cannot beat it when you want a perfect, even finish!

  87. Alice says

    They look great, I’d love set B as my favourite (and only) modelling tool is a set of round cutters which I’ve been using to sculpt flower petals!

  88. says

    My favourite current cake tool is my clay extruder. I’m finding lots of reasons to use it!
    I already have a fabulous set of modeling tools, so if I win, I would like Set B. Woo hoo! Thanks for the opportunity!

  89. Debbie says

    Hi, I’d have to say that just like you, my favourite tool is my rolling pin, cos without them its almost impossible to achieve flat pastes for icing and decorating cakes.

    I’ll definitely go for the sculpting tools (Prize A). I believe they’re a must have.

  90. christina says

    I love to bake and decorate, We already have modelling tools. Gift from my daughter. She said, she’d choose B. So B it is.

    Gr. Christina

  91. Catherine O' Neill says

    My favourite tool is my little 5 petal cutter, it makes such pretty flowers.

  92. Nausicaa says

    My favourite tool is also the 5-petal cutter and silicone veiner. If I would win, I would choose the modelling tool set.

  93. Teresa says

    How exciting…! I would say my favourite tool is my water brush and clay gun, however could do nothing without my kitchen aid mixer! I would choose prize B, I am having trouble finding them here.

  94. Ida says

    MY favourite caketool isn’t anything fancy. It’s my rolling pin made of stainless steel with silicone on the outside. I have troubles with my wrist, and this rooling makes it possible for me to roll out the fondant without using to much pressure.
    If I win, I would love to have the flower set πŸ™‚

  95. says

    My fav. baking tools are the big eyes of my sweet daughter when she stares at me during baking. Prize B if I should be the lucky one!

  96. says

    Oh ! That’s great !
    As long as I am new in cake decorating, my favorite tool is my pastry bag and tips.

    And I would love prize B. Thanks !

  97. says

    My favorite cake baking tool is my stand mixer and the Cake Journal web site; I would like prize B if my name is chosen. Thank you for this opportunity, Louise.

  98. Chels says

    Hi, this is my first time entering one of your giveaways!

    I love my set of decorating tips! My mom got me the set when I first expressed interest in baking and decorating. I’m just a beginning decorator, so I haven’t been able to acquire as many tools in the past year or so, but the tips have to be my favorite.

    (Prize A)

  99. Blanca Cortez-Keister says

    I love my pizza cutter. I love to use it with my fondant or gumpaste to cut straight lines & cut my scraps away for my cake. I don’t know how I would be able to be without it. I like Prize B, too!

  100. says

    Hmm… Well, the “tool” I use most frequently so far is actually just a plain ol’ wooden skewer. I go through quite a few of those when working on my cakes! I should really upgrade to a proper tool set one of these days, but if I’m lucky enough to win, I would actually choose the petal set. The skewers do the trick for now, and I’ve been meaning to pick up a petal set for ages!

    I love your blog, by the way. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  101. Linda says

    LOVE Cake Journal, it’s fun and so addicting. My favorite cake tool is my computer which with a click can bring me to your site that helps me in cake decorating. I’m a little new to fondant and gum paste but learning a lot from your site. This was a hard choice to make but Prize A would be nice to have.

  102. Traci says

    My favorite tool is…I have to pick just one? Aside from my hands, I havee a wooden stick that’ pointy on one end and wide and round on the other. I’m sure it has a proper name, but don’t know what it is. I got it for polymer clay but use it for cakes. I would love to have the petunia cutter, molds. Your flowers are always so precise and pretty.

  103. Alyssa K says

    My huge rolling pin, it makes rolling fondant soooo much easier than when i was using the smaller one

  104. AJ says

    My favourte tool is the ball point tip sculpting tool to make rose petals. I would like prze B if I were to win.

  105. Vivian says

    One of my favorite tools is my Hydrangea cutter/veiner set. Everytime when i use it, i just can’t stop making more and more flowers !!!! If i can win it, i would definitely love the 5-petal blossom set (prize B). Anyway, i really enjoy browsing your blog. Thanks for your inspiration !!!!!

  106. Elzabi says

    Hey! I love this blog, great giveaway!
    My favourite tool is my set of spatulas. It’s got big ones for big cakes and little ones for cupcakes and they all give super-smooth finishes to buttercream πŸ™‚

  107. Chivis says

    Definitely my set of piping tips!! Love discovering new patterns to make with them!
    I would love to win price A…for sure will make my life easier!
    Thanks!!! =)

  108. June Lynch says

    I would love the blossom cutter. I have tons of tools but everyday there are new ones out there. My favourites are the basics and I think my most favourite is my pasta roller – saves me a lot of work.

  109. Anna says

    I love my sculpting tools and turntable. I’d love, love the 5 petal silicone mould/ veiner for flowers – so I’d love to win set B.
    Thankyou for this wonderful offer and this wonderful site.


  110. sam says

    I like the tool wdhich smooths the surface of my cakes to give them a perfect finish. Without this I would be lost. Prize B.

  111. AJ says

    My favourite tool would have to ball tip tool which allows me to make wavey edges for rose petals. ~I would prefer prize B

  112. Trine says

    I am a cupcake virgin, made my very first this morning for Mothersday. A chocolate chip version, with a bailey frosting and a flower on top. I am vey convinced that I have found a new fantastic hobby in cupcakes. But do need to pratice a lot to make them look at cool as yours, so I hope to win this VERY cool price ,o) Regards from Trine

  113. Sara L says

    My favourite tool is my snowflake cutter, I’ve made loads of those this winter (:
    Now, since it’s almost summer, I would love to do some flowers instead, so if I have the lucky number I would like price B!

  114. Hanadi Asfour says

    I would love to have the 5 petal blossom silicone mould/veiner an the 5 petal cutter set of 4. Thank you so much.

  115. Shannon says

    I got a decorating kit from a church yard sale.. I love it.. ok to work with but I would like a better one. Since I just found your recipe for Fondant.. All the tools would be fun to work with!

  116. Jen C. says

    I’m just getting into more in depth cake decorating so I don’t really have a favorite yet. But my cake leveler is a necessity right now! πŸ™‚ I’d love the flower set though…..I can imagine the pretty flowers I could make for my daughters cakes/cupcakes with those.


  117. Heidi says

    I love my marble rolling pin. The weight of it just does all the work for you. I would love prize A! Thanks!

  118. Britt says

    I would love to learn to make beautiful flowers too, und would love to win Price B.
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  119. says

    Hmm. I think my favourite tool is my indented palette knife. Couldn’t cake without it!

    …Or maybe my piping bags!

  120. says

    Hi! We really but really love your blog, not only for it’s lovely look but also for all the information and tricks you post!

    Dear Louise, we love our flower cutters for fondant, and we would love the price B, we can seam to find this model here in Canada!

    Thanks for all!
    Tanya & Patrizia!

  121. says

    This is my first time to participate in your give away contest…and the tools are lovely and great to have. I love Set B. Hope I’m the lucky one πŸ™‚

  122. Dahlia says

    I love all my tools!!! Really hard to decide which but got to go for the disposable pastry bags which make it so easy and mess free! Love to win prize B! I’ve been waiting to get some flower making tools coz love sugar flowers! Thanks for all x

  123. says

    Hi there…I love so much your website and is so..adorable. Its just like a teacher to me.I love baking and makes some 4 close neighbours when i am 10. I started my hobby last year after resigned from Philips. I love my sculping tools a lot, as it turns my sugar flowers very lovely..and love to have prize B so I can make beautiful cupcakes with blossoms flowers just like u did.Oh!!! i do hope i am lucky!!!

  124. beldandy says

    hi there Louise…

    my fav tools would be my giant open star tip. It creates lovely swirls for my cuppies! and I’d love it if I can get the Prize B!

  125. Janne-Marie says

    My fav tool is my blossom plunger cutter set they can be used on loads of things.
    I would love prize b

  126. michelle says


    I do not have any favourite tool yet as mine are all very basic. Please include me in the draw so that if I win this set be will be my 1st favourite tool. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  127. deema says

    thank you for your wonderful web, i would like prize A, that would make my decorating easier. thanx again

  128. Helen says

    No matter what the cake tastes like you always taste with your eyes first so I love to make pretty cake decorations so its super easy when you have molds & veiners & everyone thinks your so so clever =)They are my secret weapon & I love them so prize B would be like winning the lottery for me because I cant get enough of them. PS LOVE your Cake Journal it gives me great inspiration

  129. Mirjana says

    One of my favorite tools are even dough bands. I get perfect thickness for sugar cookies, fondant and gumpaste. Perfect baking results and even decorations make all the difference for me!

    I already have Prize A (and it’s a great set!), so I’d really love Prize B!

    Great website… love the tutorials πŸ™‚

  130. angela says

    Embossing tool! Awesome to light up a simple cupcake. Would love to have prize B. πŸ˜€

  131. Sheena says

    Hi Louise,
    What a FAB competition, my absolute favourite tool is my 4 petal hydrangea cutter and silicone veiner, I love it so much and bought it because of the cake journal website, but I bought it in November last year when the International Cake Show was on at Birmingham NEC and could kick myself that I didn’t get the 5 petal veiner as well, as I can’t find anyone in the UK that sells it so my choice would be the 5 petal cutter and veiner set, SET B.

  132. Mariel says

    I love your site!!! and I like my big wooden rolling pin but would like to have one just for fondant. I don’t have many decorating tools and found myself improvising and or borrowing from my kid’s play-dough and kitchen tools πŸ™‚
    I’d love to have both sets but A would be more helpful at this stage in my caking career.
    A 1000 thanks from NYC!!!

  133. wendi says

    So hard to choose a favorite tool but I suppose it has to be my kitchen chef …it’s helped me make a wedding cake, a 3d castle cake and a butterfly cake which have been my first major attempts at cake decoration. The 9 PC sculpting tool set would be great and would have made the cakes I did a much more simple process.

  134. says

    I can not decorate without a turntable. I have a few of the tools in group A and some of the cutters in B but those flowe r formers look great so I will go with B.

  135. Cherie says

    This is wonderful! I’ve always been borrowing my friend’s sculpturing tool set. It would be great to have one of my own!

  136. Latoya says

    I love my rollong pin, but it would not be as easy to us without my silicon mat. I would be very excited about prize B, I’m trying learn how to make different flowers and I don’t have any of those cutters.

  137. mid says

    i’m really interested in this field especially in decorating cakes n cupcakes but im newbies, so dont hv any tools and any favourite tools in my hand, therefore i love to have prize B from will be a good tools for me to start in decorating…

  138. Caitlyn says

    Oh my goodness. I would love either of those. I’d probably have to go for B though! And I love a good old pastry bag. You can just do so much with it.

  139. Jenn says

    I would LOVE to add Prize B to my cake decorating tools!

    If I had to pick JUST ONE of my favorite cake tool “arsenal”, it would have to be my Wilton non-stick Roll and Cut mat! I work with fondant A LOT and since I bought my first sheet, I’ve never gone back to using parchment or saran wrap (for rolling, of course)!

  140. Monica says

    My favorite cake tool is my Wilton cake leveler.

    If I were to win, I would love the 9 piece sculpting set.

    Thanks for the wonderful tutorials & great giveaways!

  141. Jill A. says

    I think my current favorite tool is my Williams-Sonoma stand-up bear cake pan. I’ve used it for a bear, an owl, and a dog. It’s more versatile than it looks for creating 3-D cakes. I would really love prize A, the sculpting tools. I’d like to get more into fondant and gum paste stuff.

  142. Marna says

    Favoite cake tool would be my KitchenAid stand mixer. It’s helped me make great cakes, fluffy buttercream icing, and perfect egg whites for the past 16 years!

  143. maria says

    I would really, really love prize B!!!! That would make my decorating that much easier!

  144. says

    I love my rolling pin, i use it for everything. Can’t imagine life without it! I’ve never really played with fondant, so i’d love prize A

  145. suri adelist says

    I would love B
    my fav right now would have to be my giant piping tips … gotta love the cupcake swirls

  146. Polliana says

    Gosto muito dos carimbos para pasta americana, acho que eles dão um certo charme a decoração. Gostaria de ganhar o 9 PC sculpting tool set.

  147. Tammy says

    I would love to win prize B, the silicone mould veiner and the 5 Petal cutter set. Thanks to your wonderful tutorials, I am interested in learning how to make beautiful gumpaste flowers so these tools will be great to have.
    My favorite tools are the cake leveler and the cake turntable.

  148. Melina says

    I’d want letter A for a prize! I’m really a beginner when it comes to cake decorating, so my favorite tool would be my icing spatula and perhaps a few decorating tips!

  149. Andrea says

    Oooh how I’d love to have that tool kit!!! My fav tool is the flower press as well. I’m also obsessed with edible glitters at the moment.

  150. Samerea says

    My fav. is actually prize A I use it all the time I love all the different tools and different effects you can get. So therefore I would love to receive prize B as I have also seen many beautiful things done with it also!

  151. Marsha says

    I love my various piping tips theres so much u can ddo an make the simplest of cake to look great.I would B because with the 5 petal blossom cutter theres so much various gumpaste flowers you can make from it.

  152. Marilyn says

    I would love to win prize B – the petal blossom mold & cutter, which are not easily available here. I have the sculpting tool set, but my favorite has got to be a tiny pizza cutter from Pampered Chef! lIt seems to cut cleaner than the plastic cutter intended for fondant. Thanks so much for all the wonderful information on this site!

  153. NORIKO says

    I’m a novice cake decorator, and have got lords of tools (I think) I NEED! Prize A is one of them!! Prize A for me please!!
    Loving your web site, by the way!

  154. Tine says

    My favorite tool is my big Kenwood Stand Mixer, but I also do love my rolling pins and my spatulas and my turntable and….
    I would like to win A. the sculpting tool set.
    Great giveaway, thanks Louise !!

  155. says

    My favorite cake tool is my bake even strips. No cutting needed to level when I use these. The tool I would like to win is A. 9 piece sculpting tool set.

  156. Teri says

    My favorite tool is probably my drywall trowel. It’s huge, so I can smooth cake sides and tops in a matter of seconds!! I am loving making gumpaste flowers, but I don’t have any veiners! B looks great!

  157. Susanne says

    I love my all my small icing tip, I use them for some Lambeth style cake.I will be happy to win the price B

  158. Louise B says

    Hi! I have just discovered sugarpaste and I love it. Price B would be perfect when I make my brothers graduation cake!
    Thanks for a wonderful blog with lots of inspiration!

  159. natalina says

    Pick me!

    I also love the offset spatula – and the rolling pin. I would pick prize A. πŸ™‚

  160. says

    My fave is the fondant smoother…in fact the only one i use for the moment as a starter…I would love to win prize A to start playing with it asap!! πŸ™‚

  161. Siobhan says

    I love my lace mould. So easy to use but such amazing results! I like prize A. You could spend days playing with all of those.

  162. Stephanie Hawley says

    My favorite tool is my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer,life just wouldn’t be the same without it! : )

  163. manro says

    my favourite is a fork to stir butter in a cup et ice sugar and flavour to make cups for cup cakes !
    prize B of course ! thanks to you and congratulations, you are an artist !

  164. SU says

    rolling pin guidess – really helps me get the right thickness of pastry dough/fondant/gumpaste

  165. mareza says

    i think i have not use tool in my baking except spatula…i do basic stuff so far.either one would be great.

  166. Natalie says

    My favorite tool is my huge collection of piping tips =)
    And my favorite prize is the second one!

  167. says

    My favourite cake tool is my springform pan, love to bake my cakes from scratch!
    I would love price A.
    Thanks for a very inspirational blog. I live in Sweden and I am a faithful follower of all the cute and lovely things you create! Lisa

  168. Leigh says

    I have just started baking, and at this moment am busy making biscuits following your “flooding” tutorial. I also used your royal icing recipe for the first time. Will be making cupcakes later this evening for a friends birthday tomorrow. I would love to win either prize A or prize B since I dont have any of them and think they would really help. Thanks for a wonderful website!

  169. Steph says

    I love whisks! They’re so much fun to use! The petal cutters look very useful! πŸ™‚

  170. Stephanie Ball says

    I would love “A” I am trying to get my cake business going, and that set of tools would be so helpful!! Wishing for the best!

  171. Regina Tran says

    I love my red Kitchen Aid Mixer! I have so many favorite tools but I guess my mixer is my favorite tool. πŸ™‚ I would love to win prize B!

  172. Anna Montana says

    Hi Louise!
    Can I say how much I adore your website, it was actually the inspiration for my giant Tinkerbell cupcake for my 21st. For me, my Wilton cupcake pan is the most essential tool in anyone’s baking cupboard. Although its pricey, it’s well worth it, as it has since been used to bake my grandparents golden wedding cake and my brothers 18th. If I were to win the prize, it would be prize A for me as I have never had my hands on tools like them before! Thanks so much for your amazing cake journal and an excellent reference website!
    Anna xx

  173. Lyn Reeves says

    Thanks for offering this prize. My favorite tool is a huge marble table my husband made to roll out fondant. I would love Prize B.

  174. says

    My favorite tool is my mom she started Cake Decorating almost 40 years ago and now that I started she is the one I go to and now I am showing her how to do fondant. Boy are we having fun. Prize A would help a lot

  175. Jeanette says

    Love your website. My fav tool is the turntable. It makes cake icing and decorating easier for me. I would love prize A if I win. Thanks and God Bless!!

  176. Sue says

    Hi from England – I love your website! I am new to sugarcrafting and my fave tool is my non-stick board for rolling out on. I have one or two tools only so would love to win A and have lots of new ones to work with. Fingers crossed!!

  177. Janet Kiesler says

    My favorite tool is my new Cricut Cake. I can’t wait to use it on a friends cake. It’s my new best friend.

  178. Iliana says

    Hi Louise! I’m sending greetings from the sunny island of Crete! My favourite tools are my set of sculpting tools. I’d just LOVE to win prize B!

  179. says

    my favorite cake tool will have to be my philips handheld electric whisk. It is so compact it hides nicely in my kitchen drawer and is so quick and easy to take out, assemble, use, washup and put away again. Best thing is my 3 yr old have no problem handling it too. The prize I would love to have is ‘B’. Hopefully with this, I can learn to make flowers like you do.

  180. Elna Gustavsson says

    I think my most used tool is my corn starch duster. So easy to make and a must if you make flowers. I would be happy for the flowermakers. Hi from SWEDEN.

  181. Joanna says

    I love and am passionate about Baking & Decorating and learn from videos and tutorials all the time.Baking tools bring a big warm smile on my face.I cherish and love the few i own like my wooden rolling pin for rolling my pie & cookie doughs,my 5 cookie cutters(the joy of pressing them into the dough),offset spatula for spreading chocolate for decorations and smooth icing for my cakes.
    If given a chance i would love to own my very own sculpting tool set as i am learning the wonderful art of gumpaste & fondant or the silicone veiner to make your pretty petunia flowers or flower cutters for amazing roses & your five petal fantasy flower:)They are all very very useful and impossible to get them here as the baking & decorating culture is not common in my country.I love the tools.Thanks for sharing your talent with us.God Bless.

  182. says

    B please! I am just really getting into flower making and these would be a great addition to my collection. Love the blog, thanks!!

  183. Gena says

    this set looks so easy to use. I’ve seen other flower cutters tha you have to buy individually. Awesome!

  184. Gena says

    This set looks so easy to use. I’ve seen others that you have to buy individually. Awesome!

  185. Uli says

    it has to be my ceramic ‘please fill with cold water’ rolling pin!

    and i would love prize B

  186. says

    My favorite tool would have to be my Fat Dadios Turntable. Without that I would be lost. I would really love to win the 5 petal blossom mould/veiner and 5petal cutter set!

  187. Julie Pound says

    My favorite are stamps to imprint the fondant with! Prize B is my choice should I win.

  188. Miguel says

    My favorite tool is my fondant smoother! My second is my cake leveler.

    I would love Prize A!

  189. sandy sims says

    my favort tool would my airbrush love to airbush I would love to have B love to make flowers

  190. kelly cullinane says

    My favourity tool are my spacers that I use to roll out my fondant to get it nice and even…If I dont use my spacers, you know my fondant will be a nightmare! Thank you so much for the give away…If I win I would love to have price A…I would try and attempt wonderful things:)

  191. Michelle says

    My favorite decorating tools would have to be my piping bags and tips. I’m more of a cupcake baker.

    I’d love either prize, but if I had to choose I’d have to say I would prefer prize B.

  192. says

    My favorite tool is my set of modellingtools that I use everytime I my cake decorations.
    I’ve would love to win Prize B since I’ve been thinking about buying the silicone mould/veiner! It would be even better to win it! πŸ™‚

  193. Tracii says

    Just discovered your blog now I have a ton of reading to do LOL. My favourite tool…”Google” couldn’t live without it! Everything you ever needed to find is there. Awesome for ‘cake block’ LOL. I’d be happy with either tool surprise me!

  194. Clare says

    My favourite tool is my set of small round ejector cutters. I would love to aquire B. – The blossom cutters and veiner. They are soooooo cute, and very popular on wedding cupcakes πŸ™‚

  195. Mandy Smith says

    Now my favourite tool has too be my snowflake cutters…it’s amazing how many different beauties you can create. i would love to win prize ‘B’

  196. Jennifer Davis says

    Sounds crazy, but I love my cake smoother. There’s just something about a nice, tall 9″ round cake with perfectly smooth surfaces all around, along with a crisp & clean edge around the top. And I would be so happy to have the 9 pc sculpter set! Thank you for all that you do!

  197. says

    My Favorite is my new hydrangea cutter and veiner. Looking forward to making my first flower. Thanks for the information on your website. I appreciate it.

  198. Kim Garcia says

    It’s really simple, but I love my angled spatula for smoothing icing. I also love tappits for lettering.

    I’d love to win that petal cutter set.

  199. says

    It’s since some months I’ve discover your blog and now I’m a everyday follower! =)
    Thank you for giving these fabolous prizes! I love both but I suppose my fav should be the A I can use it not only for making decos cake but I love preparing little sweets in polimer clay.
    Greetings from Italy!!

  200. says

    My all-time favorite tool is my icing scraper…which is actually a trowel from the hardware store! Gets my icing super smooth and even!

  201. 999monkey999 says

    my favorite would be my piping bags. you can do so much with them that is why I like them so much

  202. says

    Choosing between the two would be hard. I’v been thinking about getting a tool set, but the flower mold looks really easy. Hmmmm, probably the tool set. My favorite tool has to be my trusty Kitchen Aid. I don’t even put it away anymore–it stays on top of the counter all the time now!

  203. Emma MT says

    I have this amazing flat square spatula thing that was given to me by a friend. She said it was for picking up pastry bisuicts but I use it to pick up icing and it’s fab. I also bought a really thin metal artists spatual recently. It will pick up the smallest most delicate icing flowers without damaging them. I don’t know how I lived without it.

    If I were to win, I would love the petal cutters. THen I could really make fantastic flowers!

  204. says

    My favorite cake tool is my CAKE LEVELER!! I looooove it, it’s so helpful when I have to cut my cakes for filling! I would love to win the Sculpting tool set. I still don’t have it! But now that I just learned how to make some sugar flowers, I definitely need it!

  205. says

    Louise, you have been a source of inspiration for me. Thanks for all the tutorials and great ideas. I think wouldn’t be able to do without the offset spatula. I have recently taken a fondant and gumpaste course and we only get Ateco and Wilton brand near where I live, I would love to have the cutter and veiner set to try out your beautiful flowers. Thank you.

  206. damien says

    my favorite cooking tools are cutters to make marzipan decorations on cakes.
    i’d love to win prize B

  207. Karen Lewis says

    I have so many favorites! But the one that stands out is the enormous stainless steel rolling pin given to me by a lovely friend.

  208. shuly says

    please please please pick me ! i loooove prize B!!!!
    my favourite tools are definitely cute little moulds!!!

  209. Karen NZ says

    My favourite would be my sculpting tool set. I don’t have many flower cutters so prize B would be awesome! I love your blog, thanks for the inspiration, hints and tutorials =)

  210. mazcakemaker says

    My favorite tool and i could not be without is my stitch wheel it gives a professional finish to clothes i would love prze B thanks for the compettion x

  211. Patty Wallace says

    My favorite tool is my kitchen aid. It is the best, couldn’t live without it. I would love to have the rose cutter set and try my hand at some fondant flowers.

  212. remy marchant says

    my favorite tool is 5 petal silicone mould and 5 petal cutter. And I choose letter A since I have already the silicone mould and cutter. thanks.

  213. Sharon Gilmer says

    My favorite tool is my cheap 100 yen spatula. My new favorite is my flower plungers. It makes such cute perfect flowers.
    I would love Prize B!

  214. Rachel Walker says

    I had to think hard on this – there’s so many things I love. I have to agree that my favourite is my blossom cutters and veiner. I would love A the tool set as I want to explore modelling figures much more!

  215. Lisa says

    Hi, my favourite tool would also have to be the 5 petal veiner, it is awesome!

    I would love to win PRIZE A!!

  216. Henriette says

    I love my various cutters – I would love to win a 5 petal blossom silicone mould/veiner

  217. Helose says

    Hi Louise!!! I know you probs wont get this but oh well! Your an inspiration!!! i LOVE all your cake and especially you cookies! they’re soooo cute!!! im an avid reader and i cant wait for your next installment!!

    Oh my fave tools are deffo my piping nozzels!! and i would LOVE prize B =D
    Love Heloise Xxx

  218. says

    Ah, so many tools. I love all of them for so many reasons. I don’t think I could pick just one. I do love my marble slab though which is probably a bit different. It is nice and cool and makes rolling out fondant absolutely lovely! I have sculpting tools so I would have to go with B. Thanks!

  219. abigail says

    I like my wax paper that is better than pan spray my cakes never stick.
    my favorite prize B

  220. Daria says

    I looove making flowers, but I only use circle cutter for petals and I do them petal by petal. 5 petal cutter would be a nice change. πŸ™‚

  221. says

    My favourite ‘tool’ is a toothpick. I pretty much use toothpicks everytime I make something out of sugarpaste. My favourite prize to win would be prize B (always wanted to make flowers like yours).

  222. Itta says

    I love my kitchen aid, and love to use cutters and veiners, so my fav prize is the second one (=

  223. SAK says

    It would have to be my FMM letter cutters, took my cakes to a whole different level

    OOPs!!! forgot to say, its A-the tools I would like πŸ˜‰

  224. says

    What a fantastice contest
    Thank you for sharing

    My favourite tool are my piping tips, I’m only novice with them but they help create something a bit more special

    Prize B would be great

  225. Gitte says

    My favorite tool is also the 5 petal blossom silicone veiner, it makes the flowers look so pretty.
    I would love to win prize A

  226. Himanshi says

    For me, definately the rolling pin, my essential key to all my delicious cakes and other stuff.

    Prize B would be lovely to add to my collection of cake tools πŸ™‚

  227. says

    My favorite tool is my bake mat (I’m not sure thats what its called), but I have a crappy kitchen table, so I like that I have a mat, that my fondant doesen’t stick to.

    I would love both A and B…

    By the way… i’m from Denmark, and you are on my blog list, so I can read every time you have a new advise. You toturials are the best!

  228. Sandra says

    Depending on what I am doing at the time I must say I love each and every-one of my tools. Please, don’t make me choose.

  229. Pernilla says

    My favourit tool is my silicone leaf veiners. Its so fast to use and make lots and lots of beautiful leafs to complement the flowers on the cakes I make

  230. Sandra says

    Depending on what I am doing at the time I love all my tools. Please don’t make me choose.

  231. Stephanie Hough says

    My favourite tool would be my kitchen mixer as it takes all the hard work out of baking ! If I won, I would love the sculting tool set as I have just got into fondant moulding.

  232. tulin says

    I do love veiners. making flower with veiners so nice…
    well i prefer A as a prize =)

  233. lyn ramsey says

    My favourite tool is the mini blossom plunger set, I cannot imagine life without them! ….. i would love to win Item B ……

  234. Maria S. says

    I love my rubber scraper. I have use it to stir everything from brownie mix to hot stir fry! I would love to win the 9 PC sculpting tool set. I could make some pretty awesome cupcakes with that tool set!

  235. Janet Park says

    My favorite tools are actually my piping tips. They are good for everything, from decorating cookies, piping icing, and even piping out pate a choux!

    I would love the tool set; i have a very basic tool set that i use right now for everything!

  236. Kerin says

    I love my Kenwood cake mixture.
    I would love the 5 petal cutter set and veiner.
    Thank you

  237. says

    I have been mainly making cupcakes and have not been able to learn too many techniques. I use my mixer all the time and I love my pastry bag with the different tips. I would love prize B. Thanks so much for this great giveaway.

  238. Wendy says

    Hi Louise, I’m currently taking my Advance course in cake making. I would love to have the set A as it would help me a lot in my learning. Thank you!

  239. Joil says

    I must say YOUTUBE is my favorite ‘tool’ – I get so inspired by the many tutorials! But if I must choose a ‘real’ tool it would be my floral collection flower making set. I would love to have the blossom silicon mould/veiner!

  240. Audrey says

    I love to make flowers, thus rolling pin, board, and small palate knife are my essentials. I would love to have set B, so as to create more beautiful flowers for my cakes. Thank you!

  241. says

    Oh goodness. How to pick. I love my cake stand. All my wonderful tips. I love an ancient set of flower cookie cutters for impressing in icing as a pattern…… And I would love to have either prize… How do I pick…..Ummmmmmmmmmmmm tools. or flower cutters and veiners. or tools. or flower stuff. or…………..

  242. Denise C says

    My favorite tool would have to be textured stamps/imprints….creativity just happens when you have all varities in fromt of me! But I would love to start practicing making flowers so the veiner and petal set would be a great start! Thank you! Thank you!

  243. says

    I am a new baker and I’d have to say my favorite tools are my tips! If I had to pick a favorite tip it’d probably be the Wilton 2D because I love the flowers it makes! That’s why I’d love prize B to explore creating new flowers! Thanks so much for the awesome blog!!

  244. says

    My favorite tool is a tie between my Viva Paper Towel and fondant smoother to make my cakes smooth as a babies bottom and my Preval Sprayer so I can spray Pearl Dust on my cakes and make them extra special! If I were to be chosen to win, I would choose the Petal Cutters and Veiners!

  245. Reem says

    what a gooood idea πŸ™‚ My favorite tool is the rose petal.. I would love to have prize (A)

  246. Liz says

    I think I would love prize A! I haven’t got a set of sculpting tools and those look like they would become my favorite pretty quickly!

  247. colleen says

    I like my ball tool as I am new at decorating and am learning heaps from your site. Thank you.

  248. Lena S says

    My favorite discovery is the bake-right strips to make my cakes bake more evenly. And, of course, my new kitchen aid mixer–my old mixer finally gave up! I’m new to decorating, and would love to win choice A!

  249. Tanja says

    My favorite tool is my baker’s blade. I use it for everything, and I really don’t know, how did I do before when I didn’t have it yet.

    I’d like price B, because I already have A. πŸ™‚

  250. Julie says

    My favorite would have to be my flower veiner. You can made the best flowers with it. πŸ™‚

  251. says

    I would say that my Kitchen Aid mixer is #1. Love it!
    I would choose prize B. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  252. says

    My new favorite “toy” right now is my clay gun. I just got it so I haven’t even had a chance to actually use it on a cake yet, but I’ve been having a blast playing around with it to see all the different things it can make. I’d love a chance to win set B πŸ™‚

  253. Lisa says

    My favorite tool is my KitchenAide Mixer. Without it, I would never have ventured into cake, cupcake and cookie making/decorating. The most fun tools (so far)are the icing tips because I can create so many unique designs. I’m new to baking and look forward to trying my hand at fondant before too long. If I am chosen, I would like the sculpting set.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and the opportunity to win an awesome prize.

  254. Ivy Dawkins says

    What great prizes. As a beginner with cake decorating, I would say that the trim n turn turntable that I bought from Wilton is my favorite tool. I have carpal tunnel, so it is a great help in decorating my cakes. Prize “B” would suit my needs if I won. I would then have perfect flowers on my cakes.

  255. says

    my fav tool will have to be the round cutters! u can doo so much with them! i even make my roses using them! if i get lucky, i wouldnt mind any of them! but if i have to choose then its probally the flower set B. would love to learn how to make the roses with them! thank u!

  256. Rebecca says

    I don’t have a favorite tool, I love anything that makes it easier, but still look elegant .
    And I would love to win B!!!

  257. Lynnora Cheek says

    My favorite tool is the coupler. I love that I can just switch tips, instead of making 3, 4, or 5 bags of the same color because i need different tips. If im selected i would like item B – The 5 petal silicone veiner with cutters.

  258. nickee says

    OOOOhh!! a give away with a veiner!!! I must have it. As you can tell I love making flowers-so my favorite tool is my 3 inch 6 petal flower cutter – but I have been putting off on purchasing a veiner since I just use my scultping tools to make details on flowers…I β™₯ prize B!

  259. jenn says

    Luv ur blog! My fav tools r cutters..If i’m so lucky to win I would like the 5 petal cutter set… Fingers crossed. Please keep doing what u do, u rock!

  260. Jude says

    It’s hard for me to choose just one favourite cake tool as I love them all but if I really had to choose just one item I would have to say I love my mixing bowl. It’s where everything comes together. Could I also give a quick mention to my icing tips and my offset spatula, my pans, my mixer, my silicon spatula…
    Oh, and I would love, love, love Prize A – the sculpting tools – because it would really be useful for working with fondant which I haven’t quite summed up the courage to use yet. I keep putting it off because I’m scared to mess it up.
    BTW, love your beautiful blog and the tutorials are fantastic, Louise.

  261. Kathy Fowler says

    Would LOVE to win one of these prizes! Your site “rocks”, I look forward to receiving your emails!

  262. vicki0052 says

    Hi Louise, I love your website and all of your favorites. I would love to have your favorites in my cake caddie. Please pick me. Thanks.

  263. Kelly says

    My favourite tool has to be my mini off set spatula. That thing can get into and smooth anything! Also I would LOVE to win the silicone flower mold and the 5 petal cutters, so handy!

  264. says

    My favorite tool is a plastic calla lily former. I just wish I had more of them! The paper cones don’t store well – they sometimes get smooshed in with other things and lose their shape! If I win, I would LOVE to have the mould/veiner and blossom cutters.

  265. Kiyoko Latson says

    I have never owned sculpting tools, and I would love to have those! Thank you for all the ideas and tips you leave on CakeJournal!

  266. pearse says


  267. Katy R says

    My favorite tools are definitely my leaf and hair icing tips, they are so versatile and I find myself using them all the time. I would love to have B!

  268. Lauri P. says

    My favorite tool is my Kitchen Aid Mixer!! However, I would love to have selection B the petal cutters and veiners!! Thank you!

  269. Jenny says

    My favorite tool is my aluminum foil, makes clean up so easy. If I win I would love the 9 PC sculpting tool set.

  270. Erin says

    I would have to say my Hubby is my favorite decorating tool. He is always there to level my cakes for me and point out where I need to add decoration or leave it alone. And he always (ahem) hides the leftover bits. I would love to win either but if I had to choose I would say the cutters would be my 1st choice.


  271. Michele says

    I love ALL of my cookie cutters. I have a crazy addiction to them! =)) Silly I know!
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have A 5 petal blossom silicone mould/veiner and a 5 petal cutter set of 4 to add to my collection!

  272. Deanna Downey says

    I love my pizza cutter. It does not snag the fondant or gum paste like a knife does and it so easy to use.

  273. says

    My favorite tool is my spatula….It helps me smooth out my frosting, and sometimes I use it to cut the cake….I would love prize B…thank u so much for everything…

  274. julie says

    I love your site and my favorite tool is the sculputure tools set. I would love the win the cutter that is one thing I do not have !


  275. mary says

    I am an old fashioned kind of girl-my favorite cake decorating tools are a bag and decorating tips. I would love to try my hand with that great set of sculpting tools!

  276. Charlotte Shaw says

    My favorite tool is the extruder gun. I cannot roll gumpaste or fondant that small and even so it is a wonder gun!!!

  277. Norma says

    My favorite cake tool is definitley my agbay leveler. That was the best $140 investment ever!! Also, my turntable, benchscraper and roller. I would looooove to have prize B πŸ™‚

  278. Anne says

    My favourite tool will have to be the clay gun. It has made cake decorating so much easier and I always find a use for it in almost all my creations. I’d love gift A (it would be a great birthday gift!) if I were so blessed.

  279. Karen Chesky says

    I’m pretty new to cake decorating but I’m crazy about flowers, so I would love 5 petal cutter set with the silicone molder, for more FLOWER POWER! Thank you for the fun opportunity!

  280. says

    My favorite tool is a sculpturing tool.i only have one an i use it a lot.i would love to have a set of sculpturing tools like you have.the work i could do with them. thank you even if i don’t win.

  281. BelleBakes says

    I love my rolling pin! If I was to win I would want A… looks like some fun tools!

  282. Dana Gardner says

    I bought a set of dental tools which I love and use all the time! Perfect for the detail work!

  283. Melanie says

    I love your tutorials! It is easy to follow. I made the butterfly fondant cookies. It turned out great! My favorite tool would be the wire cake cutter. For making cake layers. It’s helpful to use. I would love to win the sculpting tool set.

  284. Kavitha Jyoshith says

    I would like to have the sculpting tool set, I only have few of them.
    Thank you.

  285. says

    My favorite tool is the Kitchen Aide Mixer Paste Roller attachment. I love this thing for rolling out small pieces of fondant and gumpaste. My husband got it for me for Christmas this last year and evey time I use it and he is around I tell him how much I love it! I would love prize B!

  286. Diana Viera says

    Hi Louise ~ my favorite tool is the small gumpaste rolling pin. To be able to sit down and not have to pull out a big rolling pin is wonderful. I love to make flowers and learning how to use the gumpaste now instead of the fondant. So with that said, I would love the silicone molder/veiner with the 5 petal cutter set 4. Thank you:)

  287. Katie H. says

    My favorite tool is my work table. I can adjust it’s height so it is perfect when I am sitting making flowers or standing when I am frosting the cake. I would love to win the sculpting tool set as I only have the little plastic ones I got with my Wilton starter set. I love your posts and I too, bought the veiner and cutters after reading your first post on the amazing little flowers!! I use it all the time. Keep up the great website.

  288. Nia says

    I’m a new visiter to this blog and I love it already, I’m relatively a new baker…I’m kinda experimenting with things so far in the kitchen.

    Anyway- my favorite cake tool is the angled spatula because how else would I be able to get the icing on nice and neatly? And both prizes look great but I’d love prize “B”, the 5 petal cutters & veiners.

  289. Marnie says

    I love my tool set. So, I could really use B! Thank you for all the time you put into your blog. So much great information.

  290. Diane says

    My favorite tool is my Funky letter tappits!
    Then next in line is my small fondant rolling pen I also love my Silpats !I have several that I just really use so much!
    My prize choice is “B” please

  291. June says

    I have so many favorite tools, ball tools are #1 & the silk veiner #2. I would love to win B. Thanks Louise.

  292. says

    Oh what a fun giveaway. I would love the rose cutters. Thank you for your great website-I have learned so much from you.

    Coz-Madison Wisconsin USA

  293. paula says

    I love the tools and petals cutters but I think I would like to have prize b for the silicon veiner and cutters. I like making flowers

  294. Frances Andersen says

    I love my non-stick mat for rolling everything out on. For prizes I’d love to have prize B as I don’t have anything like them yet.

  295. wendi daly says

    I love my tool set.! If you work with gum paste and fondant, it is a must have. If I was to win, I would love B. I love making roses and this would make it so much easier… Love all of your work. You do amazing work with gum paste..

  296. annie says

    i love my parchment paper, its easy to bake everything!! without mess.
    if i win, i would love the prize B.

  297. miss Liza says

    One of my favourite tools are my rolling pin. And I would love to have A the sculpture set, can never have to many.

  298. Kristie says

    my favorite cake tools are my hands! couldnt’t do it without them! haha
    i would love prize B

  299. mary ann says

    My all-time favorite tool has to be the stand mixer beater attachment with scraper. It is sooo good not to have to stop just to scrape the sides of the bowl down.

  300. says

    Would be lost without my extruder. Would love the sculpting tools , they look fab.
    Thank you for your website and the great tips.

  301. Diane says

    Hi Louise!

    Oooo…I could get a lot of use out of prize B!! As for my favourite tool – it’s a tough call. I’d have to say it’s a toss up between my straight edge smoother to soften out all those grooves or my 3 head design wheeler which is great for adding detail.

  302. says

    At the moment i don’t have very decorating tools. But the one “baking” tool that i just got and LOVE is my new KitchenAid stand mixer! I waited forever to save up for it and it was totally worth it. πŸ™‚

    If i were to win, i would pick prize B. The flower molds and cutters are something i’m saving up for right now. πŸ™‚

  303. Shelia Foster says

    I think that it would be wonderful to have a set of tools to help me start making amazing cakes and cookies with. You are a nice person to have this contest. Thank you for trying to help give other people a chance.

  304. Anika Franco says

    I absolutely love that silicon veiner, I really want to try out the flower tutorial that you posted!

  305. Lara says

    My fav tool is my husband and my lil 4 year old boy! whenever i get stuck with decorating or cant decide what colour i should cover my cake in they are always there to inspire me!

  306. Carla S says

    I love reading your tutorial. I hope to win the sculpting tool set. Definitely need one! Thanks.

  307. Ali Cakes says

    Now my brain has to kick into high gear but really the answer is sooo easy My Hands are #1 tool and the turn table is #2. I would so love to have the 5 petal veiner mould. Hope,a hope, a hope!

  308. Michelle Bui says

    I love my wilton embboss and cutting tool because i can make different kinds of bows and ribbons to decorate my cake :)…in case i’m a lucky winner i would love to have the flower cutter and veiner πŸ™‚

  309. Amanda says

    I’m rather new to cake decorating, and a student, so I don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. But with the help of your site I’ve learned to make awesome cupcake swirls, so I guess I would have to say my big tulle. I would love the ‘B’ give away, since I’ve been dying to learn how to make gum paste flowers but haven’t quite managed to motivate the expense for the tools yet.

  310. Chanie says

    I love my rolling pin with the rings on the sides that lets you roll out to certain thicknesses! I also like the patterned rolling pins and mats that make it so easy to get gorgeous designs on cake and cookies. I’d LOVE prize B the flower cutters and veiner!

  311. AmyT says

    my fav would be my box of tips i get to rumage thru everytime i make a cake – would love prize b!

  312. Ramona says

    I love using coloring book picture. It is the best way for me to make a great picture for the top of the cake. I would like package A. Thanks:)

  313. Jeanie B says

    My long time favorite tool would have to be the airbrush.And I would absolutly love prize B !!

  314. Jessica says

    I’m pretty new to caking so my favorite tool thus far is my trusty spatula. I’ve been meaning to buy some sculpting tools so I would definitely love to have giveaway A.

  315. Robyn says

    Hi Louise, Love your page and appreciate the info you provide. My favourite tool has to be the sugarcraft gun. It is indispensible when it comes to giving a cake a “finished” look and trim. I’d love to win prize B if so lucky. Thanks a bunch!

  316. Samantha says

    I would LOVE the sculpting tool set, my flower skills are definitely minimal and in room for improvement! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!

  317. Rebecca says

    I’d love to win prize B, my favourite things to use are my cutters, but i dont have enough!

  318. Becky says

    My brand new cake turnstile which i havent even used yet πŸ˜›
    And it would have to be B, cause i love flowers on cupcakes πŸ™‚

  319. Lisa says

    I really like my bench scraper that I use for smoothing icing. I’d probably choose A if I had to, but they both look awesome.

  320. Mollie says

    I love the icing sculpting tools to create a fun finish on the icing of my cakes. I would love prize b:o)

  321. Geri says

    Wow. It’s hard to narrow it down to one, but forced to choose, I will say my giant star tip. In a pinch, I can create beautiful cupcakes or put a lovely border around a cake and people will think I spent all day decorating.

  322. Ginger says

    I LOVE your site….wonderful ideas! I’d love to have prize B. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  323. Gerry Marrs says

    I am just starting out into making flowers and other things. A good tool set is needed. You do so much to help people and your work is so beautiful.

  324. Sonya Begg says

    My favourite tool is my clay gun…great for covering dodgey edges around the bottom of a cake. would love prize B. always look fowrd to receiving your blog. Cheers from ‘downunder’ although I visit Copenhagen often as my son married a beautiful Danish girl.

  325. says

    omg! I would love to have BOTH of em! (they are both on my wish list! ;))

    If picked…i would pick the second one (because those molds you cant get around here!)

    I hope I win!

  326. Ana says

    My favorite r the flower cutter I just love making flowers!! I chosse 5 petal blossom kit! Thanks Louise I love you’re site you r awesome!! And happy mothers day to you!!

  327. Barbara Imes says

    My favorite tool is the board I use to make my flowers on. I could not live without it. Thank You:)

  328. Patricia says

    Sculpting tool set..Youhou!!! I definitely need one.
    Thank you for your website;as a beginner it has been very helpful.

  329. says

    I definitely love the fondant roller only because it makes the fondant smooth and soft. I would definitely love prize B, I plan on investing in those eventually since I already have prize A

  330. Lan says

    I love rolling fondant on silicon mat. It’s much better than all the Wilton rolling mats available in store. I’d love to have prize B so I can replicate some of your beautiful treats.

  331. Sherry says

    I love my piping tips– I have a full set that I love to use, particularly my large star tip. I also consider my sprinkles to be a “tool” because I have almost 10 different kinds! I’ve been wanting some flower cutters to use for fondant flowers, so I’d have to go with those.

  332. Shimmering says

    Wow, those are amazing giveaways……the flower veiner looks amazing. I am taking cake decoration classes and these tools look really hand ;).
    Hope I win πŸ˜€

  333. says

    My all time favorite is the simple whisk, I just use it for everything (OK, not for cake decorating) πŸ™‚
    Love your blog, and thanks for the chance to win!

  334. bebsy says

    my favorite cake tool is my fondant smoother, and a close second is my set of paint brushes…

    I’d choose B-the cutters! Can’t get them here in my city.

  335. Kristen Acosta says

    My favorite tool is my Kitchen Aid! I would be lost without it (= If I won I would definately love Prize A……….

  336. says

    Actually my favorites would be the set you have in A – they do everything!

    If i won, I’d love to have set B (I already have A!)

  337. Vina says

    It’s a hard one but my Kitchen Aid mixer and the small spatula helps me to fix a lot of thing through my years of Cake Decorating. I love prize B the petal silicon mold is awsom.

  338. Jessica says

    My cake turntable is my favorite tool, I think. I use it for a lot more than just cake decorating and it’s so convenient to have.

  339. Jennifer says

    I love all my tools but if I had a favorite that I seem to use all the time would have to be my cooling racks! lol I never seem to have enough space and they come in handy when I need more room or drying areas that stack.

    I have a set of A tools and I would not mind receiving Petals cutters and veiner (B)
    However, I believe we can never have too much of anything so either one will be an awesome addition to my collection of goodies.

  340. Jomany says

    Best caketool – definately the angled spatula for filling and smoothing the sides of the cake :o)
    Would definately go for prize B!

  341. Brandee says

    Definately my large Celcakes Sugarcraft board. It makes it easy to insert wires into petals for my gumpaste flowers, instade of having to roll a thicker central area myself! Just roll the gumpaste over the grooves, cut out the petal,insert your wire, soften and vein and your done. Saves a lot of time! I’d like prize b if I win! Love your blog Louise!

  342. lisa says

    thank you for teaching me so much your tutorials are the best !! i have very little so far as ive just started making decorations i made a cake for my sons 1st bday and am currently do a 40th anniversay cake but so far i love my daisy cutter ! would feel very lucky to recieve a or b thanks for all your help xx lisa

  343. Yuri says

    I love your site. I’ve learned so much from your tutorials.

    My favorite tool is the fondant rolling pin.

    I love both prizes so either one will come really handy at this moment since I don’t have neither. jeje

    thank you

  344. says

    I already have a silicone mold/vein and a 5 petal cutter (one of my favorite tools) But I would love to win prize a ;o)
    Thank you for at great and very inspirering blog.

  345. Tine Meilhede says

    Wow, what a nice price… I would loove to participate..
    I would like to get price A πŸ™‚

  346. justb says

    Hi this is a great site, thank you! Right now my favorite kitchen tool is my food processor(for the crust of the tarts I’ve been baking lately). I wish I was gifted enough to be able to make gumpaste items freehand but alas..:( I would be grateful to win the petal cutter/veiner mold.

  347. Lise' Ohlson says

    Forgot to mention that my all-time most useful tool is an ateco 8″ off set spatula.

  348. Lise' Ohlson says

    I would love to win the 9-piece sculpting set. There are so many useful tools in the set. I really enjoy reading your posts, also. Thanks!

  349. veronica d says

    I love the sculpting set, one of my faves! I would go with B, looks super fun!!! THANKSSSS!

  350. Deborah says

    My favourite tool is my daughter. She helps me because she has tiny hands and mine for a girl are quite large and I have trouble making flowers and such so she helps out and they turn out quite nicely.
    I think she would like me to invest in a tool kit so i dont bug her as much..LOL

  351. says

    Eeeps! How fun! I love, love, LOVE my Gerbera Daisy cutter. It makes me so happy to make bright, beautiful flowers for my cakes!
    I would absolutely LOVE to have the sculpting set (prize A)! I currently just use whatever object I can find that will do the trick. An actual SET! Get outta here! πŸ™‚

  352. says

    My favorite are my gum paste sculpting tools by PME I just cant do without them, making faces and figures becomes easier with these. Thanks so much for the give away, I would love to have Prize no.B.

  353. Janelle :) says

    I just recently discovered this site and it’s amazing! My favorite tool to use is a sharp knife when working with fondant or the ball tool which is why I would love to win prize A so I could have more tools to use!

  354. Joanne B says

    I would love the petal cutters! I have the tools and just love them. I would love to make flowers with the petal cutters! Keep the posts coming, great site!

  355. Hanna says

    My offset spatula! I don’t know what I would do without it.. πŸ˜› I haven’t worked with fondant so much yet, but I’m really looking forward to it! πŸ˜€
    I would like prize A…

  356. Joe says

    Hmmm.. I guess my favorite is my KitchenAid mixer, it makes my job so much easier.

    I’d really like prize B!

  357. Anna says

    My favorite tool would have to be my rolling pin and also my star cutters. Prize B! looks awesome!

  358. Jen says

    I bought the veined and cutter after reading your tutorial and it is my favorite. I like to add a flower to my cakes as a siggy. I don’t have the sculpting tools yet so I would love that prize if I’m chosen.

  359. Catherine says

    My favourite tool has to be my mini rolling pin its great for making flowers and the curved end is brilliant for sculpting! What a great giveaway I would love prize B espcially the silicone moudler/veiner as i have never seen one of these before! Thank you.

  360. says

    my favourite cake tool would have to be my paring knife. i use it everytime i use fondant and it’s so helpful. if i am a lucky winner, i would like prize b as i already have the sculpting set which is very useful!

    p.s. thanks for your tutorials, they are very helpful!

  361. imera says

    I love my kenwood, thanks for the tips by the way, it’s the one thing I don’t think I can live without now that I have tried it. And if I should be so lucky to win then I would choose A.

  362. Kristen says

    I’m just getting started, but so far my favorite cake tool is my raised turntable. It makes a dramatic difference in my frosting abilities!
    I would love Prize A!

  363. Kathy says

    My favorite cake tool is my mini rolling pin and, maybe my computer to look at research cakes to make my imagination bigger and better

  364. Yuchie says

    Favorite tool at this point are simply piping bags and decorating tips of all kinds. =)

    I would like B please.

  365. Lidia MF says

    My favorite cake decorating tool is my cutting tool. I like that i can cut any design or shape i want =)I would definitely pick prize B…i dont have any flower mould/veiners!

  366. Anjali says

    Cake Journal is one of the best sites for cake decorators and i get most of my tips from here. I would really like the 9 PC sculpting tool set.I recently bought the butterfly plunger cutters and I am loving them . So anyone out there wanting to make butterflies, this is an easy option!!!!

  367. Anja S says

    Gosh, I have so many I love using, but I think it must be my PME mini cutting wheel. It’s so useful for both cutting a clean edge on the cake and for cutting out small details without pulling the sugar paste.
    I’d love to have prize B, if I should ever be so lukcy… πŸ™‚

  368. Jennifer C. says

    Im from the UK and i love all your tutorials.My favourite tool is my Blossoms Veiner which i bought after reading one of your tutorials a while ago.
    If i were to win i would like Prize A pleaaaase. πŸ™‚

  369. says

    I love my tools and love even more when I get new ones, so far my favorite are the funky tappits. If I get elected winner, which I hope I am would be “B”; because I am learning to make flowers. Enjoying every moment of the making!

  370. Tera says

    I love the large tips made for giant roses. I think the prize package B would be my favorite to receive. I just love all things roses!

  371. Ana C. says

    First my favorite tool is my small rolling pin from Wilton it has all the ring for the thickness of flowers and cutouts. I will love set B, I do not find those here in the US. And the most important thing, please write more often in your blog, it is the first webside I check every day and the first webside I suggest to my students when I give my cake classes!! It is awesome!!! Thank you for have it!!

  372. says

    I can’t live without my stand mixer and for decorating, I use anything and everything I can get my hands on, but I love my giant box of disposable pastry bags. They last forever! If I win, I’d love set A. Might be nice to have something more sophisticated then a box of toothpicks πŸ˜€

  373. Nans says

    My favourite tools would be my beginners’ Wilton sculpting tools, rolling pins, silicone baking sheets and Ikea-bought turntable. I would love to have the silicone mold/veiners and the 5 petal cutters. Thanks for your creative confection ideas.

  374. Ann Hollesen says

    I’m from denmark and i love your site, i love : A great 9 PC sculpting tool set.

  375. Karen says

    My favorite tool is my small rolling pin and a piece of granite that my husband cut for me to roll out flower paste on

  376. Bonnie R. says

    My favorite tool is the small fondant rolling pin. I use it almost every time I use fondant.

  377. Susan says

    I have so many great tools, I love my daisy cutters but I suppose the best tool I have is my tilting turntable – being quite tall, it makes decorating so much easier!
    Your blog is a great source of inspiration and the tutorials are excellent! Keep up the good work!
    Prize B would be great if I were to win! Thanks.

  378. Zoe says

    Have been following your tutorials for a good while. Love to get my hands on the rolled fondant but just haven’t got the right tools!!Thank you for all the tutorials!! Would like to have prize A if I’m the lucky one!!

  379. Loren B says

    I specialize in fresh cream-iced cakes–so my favorite tool is the offset spatula. and i’d love to win Prize B!

  380. Rachie says

    So difficult to pick one favourite tool! I’ll have to go for my smoothers though as they get that perfect finish on fondant that we all try so hard to achieve πŸ™‚
    I would love a 5 petal veiner (can’t seem to find it in the UK!) so would have to be prize B for me….fingers crossed x

  381. Tania says

    My Kitchenaid Mixer and my rolling pin are my favorite tools. I don’t know what I did before I got the mixer for Mother’s Day a few years ago. I’d love to win Prize A — the sculpting tool set.


  382. Shelley says

    My favorite tools vary from day to day – depends on what I’m making (cakes to cookies to chocolates, etc!). One that I seem to always turn to is a little whisk; at about the length of my hand, it is perfect for everything.
    Thank you for your blog – I love reading it. And thank you for the opportunity to win a prize. I personally would love to have Prize B – the flower cutters and veiner molds

  383. Caryn G says

    My Kitchen Aid is my best tool ever! But the sculpting tools would be fantastic too!

  384. says

    I would love that petal cutter and veining tool! I have been so interested in making roses out of gumpaste for quite some time in addition to all of the cookies I make on my Queen of Tarts Cakes fan Facebook page!

  385. kristina m says

    I just got into baking and omg love,love,love. my 2 yr. old daughter always wants to help in some way. I think the tool i can’t live without is the rolling pin cause u can do alot especially with fondant, yeah. I would like prize a if i were to win, that would definitely bring a lot of creativity within and more!!! πŸ™‚

  386. says

    My favorite tool has to be my Ateco Fondant Mat! I was able to roll a piece of fondant as wide and long as the mat & had not one issue with it tearing! I now use it for all my cake covering & couldn’t do without it! If I were to win I’d like prize B =) Thanks & have a great Mother’s Day!

  387. Ana says

    I love my Lazy sussan!!! for decorting my cakes.
    i would love any of the prices if they will make me do beautifull things as yours!!! thank you

  388. elaine philyaw says

    This is a wonderful contest. My favorite decorating tool is my fondant smoother. It works for smoothing B/C as well as applying fondant. I would love to win the 9 piece sculpting tool set because I want to learn to sculpt more with fondant and gumpaste. THank you for always thinking of hoe to make our lives better ans more exciting.

  389. Kelley says

    I can’t just pick one because it is a tie between my stand-up mixer or my stackable cooling racks!!!

    I don’t do flowers because they scare me so I think B would be awesome to get me started.

  390. Jennie says

    My favorite decorating tools are my three daughters.
    I have always done all of their cakes and I would love to add either one of these prizes to our collection.

  391. Clara Hand says

    Love your site! I have so many tools that I could not live without. I would have to say my mixer or cake turn table. I have always wanted the set B. the flower cutter set. Thanks.

  392. says

    I’m going to have to day my favorite tools are my piping bags…I need a lot more practice with fondant! I would love to win set B and try something new!

  393. valerie says

    mhmmm, it is really hard to choose just one tool, however, i guess i would have to say the rolling pin, since it makes everything else possible πŸ˜‰
    and i would also have to say prize B, although at the end of the day, everything is welcome
    thanks for your postings,

  394. Deepika says

    I love your website and tutorials! I love my pearl border moulds, makes my life easy and the perfect finishing touch! and of course my hand blender! A total life saver! If I won, I’d love the petal cutter and blossom veiner! πŸ™‚

  395. Carla B says

    My favorite would have to be my kitchen aide mixer and forming cups. I new to making flowers and would love prize B. The silicone veiner seems like a neat tool.

  396. says

    My favorite cake tool is um, I don’t know I love them all! I just got the cricut, that must be my favorite one now! Oh and I would love the viener mould set!! Thanks so much!

  397. says

    My favorite tools will be my small off angled spatula and Kitchen Aid mixer. Without them, there is no perfect cakes! I would love to win the flower moulds (B).

  398. Angela B says

    I love my fingers…they are the most versatile tool I have.
    I would have lots of fun with prize B!

  399. Lorraine says

    I have just started cake decorating etc. so I have not really got a favourite tool just yet. I really like the look of B. Your site with the tutorials are excellent, thank you very much.

  400. Arie Valentina says

    I need a better choice of smilies lol @ the last comment I made. This means I will have a chance to be able to decorate like a professional (you!) Super! πŸ™‚

  401. Kirsten says

    My favorite cake tool? Right now, I’d say it’s my beloved tips and featherweight bag. I would however give up my first born for the flower veiner (surprisingly hard to find where I live!). Love your work, love the blog, and I can’t get enough of your tutorials πŸ™‚

  402. Jennifer K says

    I’m new and learning, I like “B” tool set. Your site has been very insightful and helpful in learning how to declorate cakes and cookies!

  403. Gesiele says

    I’m relatively new to cake decorating so I’m in need of almost everything! If I’m selected as the winner I’d love prize A (9-pc sculpting tool set). I reallly enjoy your newsletter, thanks!

  404. Rachel says

    I love my kitchenaid mixer, I like to have prize B.
    Thank you for the wonderful blog and amazing tutorials.

  405. Rachel Tonks says

    I love your tutorials and they have come in very handy. My favourit tool is the ribbon cutter. I am awful at cutting straight lines with a knife so this tool is a life saver for me. I would love prize B please. I love those little flowers. xxx

  406. Aundreah says

    My go to tool has to be the swirl piping tip. It has so many uses!!! I would love to win Prize B as I am just now really getting into making flowers. Thanks

  407. Marta says

    Tu sei BRAVISSIMA!!! Ti faccio tanti complimenti!!! Conosco tantissimi siti in Italia che parlano di te!
    Il mio strumento preferito ora Γ¨ il tappetino graceful vines per il fondente…. mi piace molto! e dei tuoi premi mi piacerebbero molto gli strumenti A.
    ciao ciao

  408. Tiffany N says

    These days, my favorite thing in the world are my cookie cutters. But next week, I may have a new favorite!

  409. MyDiwa says

    My favorite tool that I don’t actually own would be the Agbay. One day I’ll be rich enough to own one! Of the ones I own, I’d say my favorite is the raised foam pad for using with gumpaste flowers. I love it.

    If I win, I’d love prize B.

  410. jaleesa says

    my favourite tool is the rolling pin as this helps me roll out my fondant evenly before i lay the fondant onto the cake. the rolling pin also is a big help when using a fondant cutter.

    i would like to win prize b. thank you.

  411. Gisselle A says

    Hi Louise!
    First off I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your site, so glad I came across it. You definitely give some great advice, I just purchased the 5 petal veiner yesterday- and cannot wait to try it. I am sure once I receive it, IT will be my fave. But in the mean time, I would say it has to be the bag holder. I know pretty lame! But it becomes so handy once you have so much going on, then again it is probably because it was the last thing I just purchased. πŸ˜‰ Anyways, since I just purchased the veiner, I would love to win the sculpting kit!!

    Thanks again for being so great!

  412. Kristie K says

    I love your site. It’s great that we all can share ideas and our thoughts on a topic that we are all so crazy for. Everytime I need ideas for a cake, I look here first. I think I could say that this site is one of my favorite tools!
    My other has to be, my cake leveler.

  413. Megan says

    My favorite tool are my pastry bags and tips! Specifically the round tip. Nothing looks more scrumptious than a cupcake with a nice smooth mound of IMBC!!

  414. Stephanie Ceballos says

    I love my gumpaste tools they can do just about anything. I would love prize B it would be awesome to have a veiner for extra details.! Thanks! =)

  415. Andria says

    Kitchen Aid is my number one favorite tool. So easy to use and clean. I love prize A Thanks for the opportunity!

  416. Janice B says

    My fav is my leveler, I just couldn’t do without it. I’d like prize B (cutters) please.

  417. Deborah Bridges says

    my favorite baking tool is my computer…whether it’s searching for a good marshmallow fondant recipe or trying to find out how to do the frozen chocolate transfers. I can always go to my good old computer to search for whatever it is i’m trying to do and get a bajillion different ideas and techniques πŸ™‚
    I would love the rose petal cutters and thanks for the opportunity to even give this a try…love reading your posts!

  418. Penny R says

    My favorite tool is my small fondant smoother, it’s the right size to do a lot of different things, including shaping gumpaste. I would love to have the rose petal cutter set.

  419. says

    i woule love to haveprize B. love the 5 petal blossom silicone mould/veiner .. because i m a beginner and dont have this in my inventory yet and i really need to give my work some good flower work touch…
    thanks for the giveaway and wonderful cake journal

  420. Janice Boyd says

    My fav is my leveler, I just couldn’t do without it. I like prize B (cutters) please.

  421. Pickle says

    Would have to say the the humble flexible flat spatula is my most used and appreciated tool – one it would be hard to live without. Prize B looks pretty awesome to me.

  422. says

    My all time favorite tool is my butterfly plunge cutter, can make a cake or cupcakes so pretty in seconds πŸ™‚
    I would so much choose prize B, the veiner has to be the new must-have!
    By the way thanks for great tutorials.

  423. says

    I’m just starting out in decorating but my favorite tool is actually the cake turner. It makes it so much easier to decorate. I would love prize B.

  424. Liz C. says

    Hello my favorite tool would be my flower cutters, Since I love to make sugar flowers I would love to get price B.

  425. says

    My favorite tool is the one I find when I cannot find the right tool. Jar rings become cookie cutters and tops of salt shakers become donut hole makers….

  426. Sharon says

    Hi Louise

    Your website is awesome and very informative. The one tool which is my favourite in the veining tool, as i love making cake toppers and this helps me to enhance the expression on the face. I hope i win prize B. Thanks

  427. Joanne H says

    I love my paintbrushes and flower cutters I could not do a cake without them. I would love your rose cutter and press, I love the design on the press and I havent been able to find a good rose cutter anywhere in my area.
    Thanks your Awesome!

  428. says

    I’ve been wanting to take my cake decorating to the next level. Winning this would awesome. I really would love to win the sculpting tool kit!

  429. Katie D. says

    My favorite cake tool is my BEAUTIFUL Biordi Frutta cake plate…ok I know that’s not really a tool but I love, love love it! I would love to have prize A, the sculpting tools. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  430. says

    My favorite tool would be my offset spatula, can’t work without it! I would love to win the sculpting tools! Thanks!

  431. Natalie says

    My baller so i can make craters on a moon cake, give my flowers a bit of a curl and my butterflies a bit of a flutter Oh and i would love prize B as i dont have a veiner!

  432. Stephanie says

    I’ll go big and say that 1st favourite tool is my KitchenAid mixer: I’d have awesome pipes without it, but who could imagine making angel food cake from scratch? πŸ™‚ Or should it be the internet, because it gives me the inspiration that sends me to play in the kitchen… (small-tool-wise, I’m with the bench-scraper fans).

  433. Amy says

    The automatic pasta machine makes life so much simpler. If I won, I would love the scuplting tool set – my set needs updating. TY

  434. amy v. young says

    I would like some tools to make cakes with thanks!
    I think B would be the best for me. I’m just starting into decorating and I wouldn’t know how to use the other set A tools yet. :]

  435. andrea says

    i love my turntable….helps out so much.
    i love prize B. love the 5 petal blossom silicone mould/veiner looks fun to use.

  436. says

    Love the site! Thanks for all the info. Two favored tools one is surgical scalpel for all the tiny cutting stuff and second is the mini spatula to help pick it up! Would love more modeling tools. Have the cutters they’re awesome!

  437. Michelle says

    Oh! my this is hard……… I really have to pick one favorite tool! My favorite tool is my hands, I thank God each time I sit tinkering with sugar that he gave me hands. If I am chosen I would pick Prize B. Thanks Louise.

  438. Rita says

    It would be my egg whiskers and I’ve got 3 sizes in my kitchen drawers: tiny one for mixing sauces and eggs mixture, medium and large one for whisking dry ingredients or when air in needed to be incorporated into a mixture or just to mix anything evenly. I’m a novice in cake decorating, hence do not own many tools but had always wanted SET B so i can make pretty flowers like those you made. Soooo sweeeet…

  439. Holly says

    My current favorite tool is a tiny flower cut out with a little plunger so you can cut out the flower and apply it directly to the cake without touching it. I am pretty new to caking, so I think I’d love the tool set. This site is great and has helped me a lot!

  440. says

    My favourite tool is a very small sharp knife that I have, its nothing special and was really cheap but it is so useful, I never decorate a cake without it.

  441. Aileen says

    My fave tool is my big stainless mixing bowl. I have made so many stuff with it. Just love it. I would like the blossom cutter/veiner. πŸ™‚

  442. Safia says

    Hello from Canada!
    My favorite cake decorating tool is for sure my flower cutters, can’t have enough of those! I’d love to win the set with the veiner, I’ve been wanting to buy some for a while.
    ps: I’d love to see a tutorial on how to use those sculpting sets!

  443. Denise Miranda says

    I love my tool caddy. Not only does it help me organize my tips, icing colors and cutters, I can take it with me where ever I go. If I am chosen, I would like to pick prize B.

  444. Abril Eguia says

    I’m pretty new to cake decorating but am loving trying to figure everything out. I am currently working on modeling people and animals. If I won I would love to win Prize A.

  445. Jan Chauvin says

    I am a new “cake decorator” and do not have many cake decorating tools yet. Although I too find myself using my turntable the most. I had it put away and thought, no big deal, I’ll just do this cake without it. BOY what a difference that little turntable is. I do love all the information you provide. If I am chosen I would pick Prize B.

  446. Natalie V says

    I find this site so helpful. My favourite tool i at the moment is my set of blossom plunger cutters. I would love to win Prize B πŸ™‚

  447. Suzy says

    I am new to decorating cakes although I bake often. I love your blog and want to experiment more so I can make great creations like yours! I don’t own many tools but I think my favorite would be the cake scraper because frosting smooth edges is challenging to me. I would go for selection B if I’m lucky πŸ™‚

  448. says

    My Favorite tool would be my letter cutters I love the wonky letters they are so cute and add a cute touch to the cake. If I won I would love prize b. I love the cute flowers you make they always look so life like!

  449. Leana says

    I love using all my tools, not able to choose one. It is so fun to create new things. I would like option A can also use new tools. Have a great weekend

  450. Theresa says

    I love give aways!! I think my favorite tool would be my rolling pin. LOVE IT!! I would love to win set B. That would make my day!
    Have a fabulous TOOL day!

  451. Monica says

    IF I win I would love prize B.

    My fav tool are my color powders and gels. I cant tell you what fun I have mixing different colors to create unusual shades.

  452. Amanda says

    I love cutting out a bunch of forget me nots for a cake, but I really need to get a spring action cutter. The mould/veiner is awesome. My thing is I need to stock up on all of my supplies.

  453. Martha says

    I don’t know if I could choose a favorite tool, but the one that is used most often is my Wilton professional turntable. I would love to have one with a bigger platform, but this one is heavy enough for all the cakes I’ve done so far.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog and I would love to have the sculpting tools. πŸ™‚

  454. says

    I LOVE my airbrush! I always thought it was just for “grocery cakes”, but I’ve discovered, since getting it about a month ago, that I use it at least a little on every cake. πŸ™‚ I also use my gumpaste tools ALL THE TIME. So I’m wanting the set B! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  455. Tzila Barneis says

    I love your blog, and thanks for all the tutorials! My favorite tool is my wooden rolling pin, which I have had for sooo many years now! If I will be lucky one to winn, I would prefer prize B.

  456. KATH MCKEOWN says


  457. Amanda says

    Love, Love, Love to Bake…don’t have a favorite, LOVE THEM ALL!
    Just started taking a class to learn whatever I can the 9 PC sculpting tool set would really come in handy! Great site, love it! Thanks!

  458. says

    My silicone baking pans–so easy to clean, no need to grease/oil down! And I’d have to go with the sculpting tools! Haven’t done much of that and would like to start, so prize A.

  459. Melissa says

    I would have to say my Kitchen Aid standing mixer – that work horse has cranked out thousands of baked goods. Prize B please πŸ™‚

  460. Amy says

    My favorite cake toy? hmmmm, The tips, they are so much fun to play and experiment with. I would choose B. Thank you for all your great ideas, tips and give a ways!

  461. Lindsey says

    I don’t have a favorite cake tool yet as I am just starting into cake decorating.

  462. says

    OHHH pero si me gusta todo…creo que soy la primera que te responde en espaΓ±ol, espero que puedas entenderlo, me encantaria el cortador de flores, pero si tengo que elegir me quedo con oda tu web que es fantastica!! un saludo

  463. says

    I cant live without my long polymer clay blade and my exacto knife. I would love to win the blossom set! Been drooling over that for years!

  464. yamel says

    well i just started baking not to long ago but i must say my books. they are my favorite tool they give me ideas and help when i need them. and all my cookie cutters hehehe.. i would like b. i like the veiner.

    thanks for all your info it always helps me out too.

  465. Jessica says

    I think I’d have to say my most useful tool is a plastic 5″ puddy knife. I just bought the Ateco gumpaste set, so # B would be perfect.

  466. Heather says

    I’m just getting started, but I LOVE my silicon rolling mat for fondant or perfect sugar cookies for cookie bouquets.

    I would like prize A.

  467. Lori Trammel says

    My favorite tool is my bench scraper. Makes getting those cake sides smooth and edges crisp.

  468. Marci says

    Wow, I would have to say my favorite tool is my Kitchen Aid MIxer. I LOVE IT!!! πŸ™‚ I would like prize A – 9 PC sculpting tool set. Please.

  469. Pam says

    I was just looking into purchasing the Ateco Tool set… Guess I’ll try my luck here first!! Prize A for me! Thanks.

  470. Deni says

    I love, my grass tip…know it sounds simple, but I just love it!!! I would like the flower cutters. Thanks!!!

  471. Cooksmart says

    I love a new scraper I just got called a razor scraper. It helps get the sides of my cake very, very smooth and pretty!

  472. Trish B says

    Ooooooh I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the silicon mould’s! I have eye’ing those for quite some time! I personally own the tool set, and they are wonderful!

  473. Robynn says

    I would have to say my hands. They’re free, easy to clean, and never breaks. ( so far ) I would like B! Thank you!

  474. Lindstroem says

    Thanks for a fantastic site.
    I favorite tool is a 5 petal-easy-rose cutter

    For a prize I would prefer prize B.

  475. Denise says

    i love The 5 petal blossom silicone mould/veiner. I love the look it gives. If i was the lucky winner i would love item B. Thanks for the great website.

  476. lisa yanoschak says

    my favorite tools are the sculpting tools. they give the freedom to create the prettiest flowers. i don’t have the petal cutter/veiner. that would be a nice gift! right now i do everything by hand. this would cut my time tremendously. Happy Mothers Day!

  477. Angela says

    I love my giant rolling pin, and my tappits, and my icing smoother. Can’t pick one. I would be pleased to win any of the 2 prizes please x

  478. Debbie says

    I just wanted to let you know that I love this site. You are truly amazing at your skills. My favorite tool I guess would be my bags and tips. I haven’t worked with fondant that often so I don’t have many tools for that. I am eager to learn to work with fondant after seeing what you have done and those leaves and vein press look amazing!

  479. says

    OoOoOoh! I haven’t been able to find a great way to make flowers as of yet, prize B looks so awesome! What a neat idea, to press the veins into a flower. Here I’ve been scratching at them with toothpicks, etc. to get that same look. Even prize A would be better than my current utensils. πŸ˜‰

  480. Alessandra says

    I have just brought a decorating bag and tips, so these are my favourite ‘toys’ at present.

    I would love give Away A, the sculpting tool set. Let’s see i I am lucky!

  481. krista says

    Hi! My favorite tool for baking is my stand mixer. I made due without one for so long that now that I have one I absolutely love it! If I should be so lucky as to win I would love the sculpting set. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  482. Debbie says

    Thanks for doing this give away πŸ™‚ I would like A or 4 if I should win…learning flowers and I can use all of the help that I can get…lol

  483. says

    My favorite tool are my decorating tips. Even when I don’t have time for anything spectacular on a cake I can still make a plain cake very pretty with a nice shell border. Either prize would be great, but if I have to pick it would be A.

  484. kendy says

    Fav tool would be my car shape cookie cutter, my kids love the mini bread that i pack for their lunchbox πŸ˜›

    Would love to win prize B

  485. Cristina Campanaro says

    I love to make sugar flowers and my leaf cutters are in constant use. I would love prize B!

  486. Joy says

    The layer cake tool that cuts a cake in half so you can fill the middle with icing or filling. It’s so helpful

  487. Maria says

    My favorite tool is my clay gun. I use it a lot for birthday cakes. I love your veiner set:)
    Thank you for your wonderful site.

  488. Alison says

    I am definitely a novice decorator so….I love Viva Paper towels for smoothing butter cream icing – also love my 2D and 1M tips πŸ™‚

  489. Kathy says

    My favorite tool are definitely all of my gum paste tools. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

  490. Vanessa ~ Butterfly says

    I just started my own cake business 3 months ago and so far I LOVE my fondant crimpers. So many out there and they add a beautiful touch the edges of shapes, letters, ANYTHING! If I win, I would love Prize B – thanks!

  491. Heidi says

    I cannot live without the rolling pin and mat. I would love B. Thank you for offering this to everyone.

  492. Monica R says

    My favorite tool is my rolling pin…just love it…
    If i win, I would love price A.

  493. Adrienne says

    I would love any one of the giveaways!! Trying so hard to make cakes and make it into a profession so I can be home with my son with autism. I enjoy ur website alot. Ur a great decorator!

  494. Jennifer says

    I love my fondant cutter. Such a useful tool. I would want Gift A. So excited I have been wanting one of these sets. Would come in real handy.

  495. Melanie says

    My favorite tool is my rolling pin. If I should be the lucky winner, I would love prize B.

  496. Christina says

    I love my fondant cutters but don’t have the ones you are giving away yet. I would love to win those too.

  497. Beth says

    My favorite tool is the internet and blogs like yours so I can get lots of fun and very cute ideas to try! I would love prize B!

  498. Rene says

    My fav tool at home is my silicone rolling pin. So so so handy for fondant!

    If i were to win i’d like selection A. Since i can’t wait to take a gum paste class and those would be awesome.

    Wonderful site by the way. I’m here several times a week!

  499. says

    My favorite cake tool would be an offset spatula to frost the cake:) I haven’t done any fondant work, sorry to say, so set A would sure help me to get started! Thanks for the chance!

  500. Sally says

    I just love my 5 petal cutters and weiner to and therefor I would like prize A.
    Love your blog Louise!

  501. Stephanie D. says

    First off, I love this journal. Ive gone over almost everything here a dozen times if not more…i can’t get enough!
    my favorite tools are my rolling pin and paint brushes. I do many painted cakes and they are beyonde valuable to me.
    I love to accent my painted goodies with fondant decorations anf flowers so I would like B.the flower cutters and veiner if I win. Your flowers are always so lovely. πŸ™‚

  502. Nancy says

    It’s hard to say which tool is most useful in my collection. After seeing all your beautiful work I know I should make your favorites mine too!! πŸ™‚

  503. says

    Hello πŸ™‚ I always loved your blog especially your precious tips and tutorials. If I’m letting you know my favourite cake tool, it would be piping tip. Whenever I work with buttercream, it really fancy me how it turn out to be when the butter cream piped out and make pretty pweety decorations πŸ™‚ I’m pretty new in gum paste deco but really2 loved to have Prize A. Having this tools will absolutely gain my skills πŸ™‚ Thank you πŸ™‚

  504. Casey Tuminello says

    My favorite tool is my wilton sports ball pan. I have used this thing to make so many different types of 3D cakes! You can make way more than balls with this pan. I would love to have the sculpting tool set! Thanks for the great site!

  505. Julie says

    I have to agree, Louise. The five-petal blossom cutter/veiner set is something I use all the time. It’s versatility is what I like. You can use the veiner with so many different cutters to get lots of different flowers. Love it!

  506. Wendi says

    My favorite tool is my vinyl sheets. I can roll out my fondant between the sheets. I can flip and rotate it with ease. The best part is being able to lay the fondant over the cake with out it stretching or ripping.

  507. Vicky says

    My fave(s) are my flower cutters and, as shown, the veiners – the flowers look so pretty each time. If I won, therefore, I’d like A, please.

  508. Sandy says

    my pastery mat from pamper chef is my favorite πŸ™‚ I like prize A, I’ve been wanted to buy a set to learn something new.

  509. says

    My favorite tool is my piping tip set. I guess I’m a little old school with my cakes, and for me nothing beats some piped flowers/roses. Should I win I would love to have prize B, it’s be fun to get to try a new way of making flowers for my cakes!

  510. Lindsay says

    My favourite tools are my decorating tips! I don’t know how I would be able to pipe anything without them!

  511. Karen says

    Don’t laugh, but my favorite is my cake spinner! πŸ˜€ How’s that for basic! I would like the sculpting set.

  512. Deah says

    Wow! What a great give away. My favorite cake tool is my Ateco fondant mat. If I am lucky enough to win I would love to receive Gift A.