Online Cake Decorating Class

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I have always admired Colette Peters and her incredible whimsical work with cakes. So I was indeed thrilled when I found out that Colette are now working together with Craftsy. Here you can enroll her Craftsy class:Piece of cake. A class filled with Colettes signature whimsical style. You will learn not only to make an impressive five tier cake but you will also learn different cake decorating techniques as well.

I enrolled the class and though I may not make the entire cake, I learned so many great techniques and tips that I can use for other cake projects. A really great tip that Colette shows in the class is how to easily figure out how many stripes you need to make around a cake. You simply use adding machine paper and fold it into the number of stripes that you want and use the paper strip as a template on where to add the stripes. So genius!

Other great techniques in the class are: quilting, inlay and curlicues. Colette also shows you, how to carve a cake so that it get a curved shape. You will learn how to make beautifull laced gum paste plates, ribbon roses, drapes, sweet gum paste candles, pearl tassels and much more. Colette explain the steps in a warm hearty way that is easy to understand. She is indeed a lovely woman!!! Do not expect that this is a cake that you can do in one day, as it is a very comprehensive cake with lots of details. You may need to watch the class more than once to get all the details and techniques that is needed to make the actual cake.

The Piece of cake class also provide you with recipes and patterns to be used for the cake. You are also provided with the oppotunity to interact with Colette through out the class. The interface allows you to write any questions you may have regarding the steps in making the cake. You can also take video notes and you can always go back if you missed something or simply want to start the class all over again.

You can read more about Colettes cake decorating class here

Happy Caking!