A New Look at the Crooked Cake

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It’s that time again… another Craftsy Class Review! Today I want to talk to you about A New Look at the Crooked Cake by Colette Peters.

Whether you call them crooked, topsy-turvy or wonky… there’s no doubt that these cakes are some of the most challenging! In my four years of cake decorating, I’ve only done a handful of crooked cakes and every single time I catch myself holding my breath – hoping the cake will stay in the upright position until it arrives at it’s destination!

Classic Crooked Cake

But after watching this class, I’m a little more confident. First up, the way that Colette builds the more “typical” crooked cake (as pictured above), is very similar to the way I’ve always done it. That made me feel pretty good 😉

She gives very detailed, straight-forward instructions for every step of the process, including how to carve the cakes and tips on assembling that will nearly make building a crooked cake foolproof.

While there are some things we do differently (she uses foam board, I use cardboard… she uses wooden dowels and I use bubble tea straws), overall, I was excited that I was already pretty much using her techniques and I think I can improve my method a little more and be very confident!

But wait… all of that was just lessons 1-3. There are four more amazing lessons in this class and SO much more to learn!

Modern Crooked Cake

In lessons 4-6, Colette tackles a whole new more modern crooked cake. These lessons are packed full of so many great tips that cover everything from carving to covering to stacking cakes of all shapes and at all angles!

The whole process of building this modern “crooked” cake really fascinated me – it defies gravity and yet, when you see the ins and outs of how it’s done, it seems so secure and sturdy!

When building both of those cakes, Colette also goes into some great detail about how to emboss and paint cakes as a new way to add color and dimension. And maybe my favorite tip was the one she gave about smoothing fondant on a carved cake. Good stuff… but you’ll have to take the class to see!


And then… as if all that weren’t enough – there’s a whole lesson dedicated to quilled decorations. I had no idea that was part of this class, but I was SO excited when I saw that it was!

A few years ago I made a birthday cake with quilled flowers, but my knowledge in that area was very limited until now!

Of course, Colette’s decorations and flowers were exponentially more beautiful and intricate than anything I had done, but I am in love with these techniques and was SO excited to learn new ways to make modern and retro looking flowers and leaves with quilling!

I hate to say that I have a favorite, because I love almost every Craftsy class that I take, but this one is definitely one of the best I’ve taken!

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Happy Caking!