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Abstract Metallic Diamond Tiles

We have been doing some work around our place and while shopping for tiles at Home Depot, it occurred to me that I can make similar tiles out of fondant and use them to decorate cakes!

They are especially great to use on abstract cakes. I think it’s something different and “outside the box” that you don’t normally see everyday.

You can arrange these diamond tiles any way you like. I arranged them as a diagonal cascade on a very tall cake.

You can even make these tiles in different colors. I decided to make grey tiles with multicolored metallic accents because those were the tiles that I absolutely loved at Home Depot 😀

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 3

To make these tiles, you will need the following supplies:

Grey fondant or 50/50
Rolling pin
Big and small square cutters
Eyeshadow sponge brush
Foam piece
Yellow petal dust
Golden pearl dust
Blue petal dust
Blue pearl dust
Green petal dust
Green pearl dust
Silver pearl dust
White petal dust
Pink pearl dust
Red petal dust

These are the instructions:

Step 1:
Start off by rolling out grey fondant or 50/50.

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 14

Step 2:
Use scissors to cut a big foam into small pieces.
Note: I used Wilton’s flower foam.

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 12

Step 3:
Prepare your color tray. You will need 5 different shades.
Reddish pink shade: Mix pink pearl dust and red petal dust.
Green shade: Mix green pearl dust and green petal dust.
Dark blue shade: Mix blue pearl dust and blue petal dust.
Yellow shade: Mix golden pearl dust and yellow petal dust.
Silver shade: Mix silver pearl dust and white petal dust.

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 11

Step 4:
Dip the foam piece into the silver dust.
Use it to make “c” shapes on your rolled out grey fondant.

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 10

Step 5:
Make more “c” shapes by dipping the foam in different colored dusts.
Note: I used a separate piece of foam for each color.

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 7

Step 6:
Finally, use a clean foam piece and blend all the colors together but not too much. You still want all the shades to be evident.
And you will eventually end up with something that looks colorful, just like this…

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 6

Step 7:
Use your big and small square cutters to cut out tile pieces.

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 5

Step 8:
You can add a final pop of color to your pieces by using small foam pieces or even little eye shadow sponge brushes.
Note: Make sure you are using brand new eye shadow sponge brushes and use separate brushes for different colors.

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 4

And you are done!

Let these pieces dry overnight or until they harden.

Then, stick them onto your iced cake.

how to make multicolored diamond tiles 16

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial 🙂

Happy caking everyone!