ninja turtles cupcake toppers

Over the past couple of years, as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have gotten really popular again, I’ve done many, many Ninja Turtles Cakes & Cupcakes but this was my first time to make Ninja Turtles Pizza Cupcake Toppers!

I must say – I’m a pizza lover at heart and I really got excited to make pizza cupcake toppers! Plus, after I broke down the steps of putting them together, they were really easy to d0 – which I also love!

Pizza Cupcake Toppers

And they’re also cute… right?  Haha!

Anywho – let’s get started and I’ll show you How to Make Ninja Turtles Pizza Cupcake Toppers!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • White fondant
  • Light brown (dough-colored) fondant
  • Light yellow (cheese-colored) fondant
  • Red fondant
  • Small Rolling Pin
  • 2″ round cookie cutter
  • 1.5″ round cookie cutter
  • 1.25″ fluted round cutter
  • Mini round plunger/cutter
  • Sugar Glue
  • Scalpel or Xacto blade

Once you have everything ready to go – here’s how to put them together:

Step 1: Roll out the white fondant and cut out 2″ circles for the “base” part of the cupcake toppers. I like to roll the fondant around 2mm thick.

The 2″ circles seem to work perfectly for most standard sized cupcakes but if your cupcakes are bigger or smaller, you may have to adjust the size of your circles. Also, the amount of fondant you’ll need really depends on how many cupcake toppers you want to make.

How to Make Pizza Cupcake Toppers 01

Step 2: Repeat step one except cut out smaller dough-colored circles. Do not attach these two layers together just yet and be sure to set the top circle off-center… you’ll see why in later steps!

How to Make Pizza Cupcake Toppers 02

Step 3: Roll out the yellow fondant and cut out even smaller circles with the fluted round cutter. I rolled the yellow fondant thinner than the other two layers because it represents melted cheese. Then also attach it with water or sugar glue.

How to Make Pizza Cupcake Toppers 03

Step 4: Using an Xacto knife or scalpel, cut the pizza into slices. I generally only make indentations on all the slices except one. For the one, I cut it completely and pull it out away from the pizza (this is why it’s best to have it off-center – so you have room for the separate piece).

Once you get everything placed exactly where you want it, paint a tiny bit of water or sugar glue between the layers to hold them in place.

How to Make Pizza Cupcake Toppers 04

Step 5: After you have all three layers prepared and cut, roll out very thin red fondant and cut out itty-bitty circles to represent pepperoni (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle favorite!).  Randomly place the pepperonis all over the pizza.

I found if I gently pressed these into the cheese, they stayed in place with no trouble, but if yours aren’t sticking, use tiny dots of water.

How to Make Pizza Cupcake Toppers 05

Step 6: Using the back-end of a paint brush or a cel tool, make little impressions all over the pizzas to give that bubbly look! You can see them here:

How to Make Ninja Turtles Cupcake Toppers

Step 7: The final step is to let the toppers dry overnight. I like to place them on a cookie sheet dusted with corn starch. That helps them to dry out a& harden and they hold up much better on the cupcakes after this step!

How to Make Pizza Cupcake Toppers 06

And that’s it!! Party goers will go crazy over these super cute mini pizza cupcake toppers!

Ninja Turtles and Pizza Cupcake Toppers

Happy Caking!