Frozen themed dessert ideas can be tricky to make or find, but the outcome is completely worth it and totally easy enough to be able to do successfully at home. Listened below are many frozen cake ideas and desserts you can find and use at home. Frozen themed birthdays and retail have become more popular by the day, and having a frozen party is every little kids dream now of days. At birthday parties or special events, one of the most important things to a kid is the dessert and what it looks like. Going above and beyond will make their day and blow their world when they see the amazing frozen birthday cake. Dessert is the best tasting thing at any event, especially if it is visually appealing too.

Frozen Cake Ideas and Desserts

There are many different ideas that can be floating around your head before you get started. There are a bunch of options when it comes to baking the frozen desserts because the list could go on for forever. Once Frozen rose in popularity and became more and more eventful, retail soared and almost anything could be found. More frozen birthday parties were occurring the more popular the movie spread.


Here is an great idea for a non messy snack or dessert. This is a super easy way of making frozen be the theme of a party while being super efficient. Cake pops are always a safe route to go when it comes to birthday parties or serving them. They are very easy to make into a frozen theme as well because they have a stick that all you have to do is tape the characters to. To make it sprinkler and have a shiny look to it, you have to add the decorations on before it dries so it dries into the coat of hard icing.



This one is along the more simple side of the cake making process. Instead of making too many tiers and fondant icing, you can use pipe icing for easier use. You may need a little skill practicing to be able to do this successfully but the main thought is that this is one of the easier cakes to make at home as compared to the huge and hard cakes that you will see online if you research frozen cakes. The cake in the image above can be made at home with the correct amount of skills to do so.

Every kids favorite character is Olaf and they would go crazy if they saw their favorite character on top of a cake. Here is an easy video tutorial that can be followed regarding how to do this and how to decorate it.

Follow this video tutorial to learn all the tips and how to make an Olaf cake. This will show you everything step by step rather than trying to free hand it. Make an awesome Olaf for your amazing frozen cake and make your frozen cake idea come to life in less than 2 hours. It’s a guarantee that your children will love you to death if you try to do this for them because they don’t care what it looks like as long as it’s frozen!



A cute and easy idea to make frozen treats is Cupcakes. Making and decorating cupcakes is the easier way to go because there is no room to have to make crazy hard logos or anything like that. You’ll have no worries in trying to make Elsa or Ana’s face on the blue icing or making ice crystals coming down off the tiers. To make it look frozen themed, you should make the icing blue or white, and add either blue or white sprinkles. The blue and white icing is not enough though, is needs to have a little decoration either on the table that they are sitting on or a little something on the icing. Maybe you can try printing out Olaf or Ana and put him on top the icing or buying tiny little frozen rings to add as a decoration, which the kids will love!

  This is your typical “birthday” cake that you see at many birthday parties. Make your disney frozen cake lovable with awesome Elsa and Ana figures. No matter what age, frozen is always accepted and loved. Many teenagers and young adults have watched frozen and absolutely loved it.



This cake is one that can be easily made at a bakery or a super market that makes cakes. This cake can’t be made at home unless you are experienced in baking, art, and cake making. To be able to craft this out of nothing, you need some serious skill.

This cake could be pricey due to the size. Cakes like this are extremely detailed and have a ton of room for creativity and improvement. These kind of cakes typically can only be ordered with a scheduled appointment and a conference with the cake designer. You can bring photos or ideas to the table so they understand what you’re asking for. Normally they will draw out the cake during the appointment but if you want to draw it out too then you certainly can show them what you want.


This cake its very unique and different when it comes to the themed cakes and desserts. The middle part of the cake feels magical to eat when you cut it as well as look at it. Not to mention, it looks great for pictures and any type of party. The best part of the cake is how simple it is and how there is not a lot going on. You can take this same idea and add it to many other situations and colors regarding marble cake. If you can’t find purple and blue cake mix, opt for food coloring instead!