My first baking in 2009 is my for ever favourite Lamingtons. This time I just changed the traditional chocolate glaze for a soft teal coloured glaze. Which match the cold weather here perfectly.

I am planning on making these as mini bite size’s with pink & red glaze with strawberry flavour for Valentine’s gifts next month.

If you are going to make them with soft coloured glaze then a good tip is to also trim away the “bottom” of the cake. I normally dont do it when I use chocolate glaze but it can leave “freckels” in the glaze which dont look good. Also remember to make the glaze a bit more runny so it is easier to spoon over the cakes.

Glaze icing:
1 pound of sifted icing sugar
3 tbsp of soft unsalted butter
1/2 cup of milk or water (you may need a little bit more if the glaze is too thick. If so then add 1 tsp at a time)
Food colouring (add it before you heat the glaze and add it sparingly if you want soft pastel colours)
Chocolate glaze: mix in 1/3 of sifted cocoa powder

Mix it all together in a small casserole and heat it gently until warm and pourable.

You can make other flavours like: strawberry, mint, lemon and passionfruit if you like.

Happy Caking