ipod cake topper
One of the things I enjoy most about cake decorating is seeing the looks on people’s faces when I tell them something very realistic such as this ipod is actually edible.

I  left the screen blank but you can print the company’s logo or something fun on edible paper and stick it on the screen.

To make this ipod, you will need the following supplies:

Black gumpaste or 50/50
White gumpaste or 50/50
Square cutter
Medium circle cutter
Very small circle cutter
Rolling pin
Black edible marker
Pizza cutter
A small rectangular book
Paintbrush and water

These are the steps:

Step 1:
Roll out black gumpaste.
Keep it about half an inch thick.

how to make an ipod 4

Step 2:
Place a small rectangular book on top of your gumpaste.
Use a pizza cutter or knife to cut around it.

how to make an ipod 5

Step 3:
You may have to cut out a little more to get the desired size.
It’s good to keep a real ipod nearby, for quick reference.

how to make an ipod 6

Step 4:
Roll out white gumpaste.
Cut out a square piece and a circular piece.

how to make an ipod 9

Step 5:
Use a knife to cut out the sides of the square piece until you are left with a rectangular piece.
This will be the ipod’s screen.

how to make an ipod 7

Step 6:
Brush some water near the top of the black gumpaste piece.
Stick this white rectangular piece here.
Align it properly with the help of the edge of a knife.

how to make an ipod 8

Step 7:
Brush some water below the screen and stick the white circular piece here.

how to make an ipod 10

Step 8:
Press a very small circle cutter in the center of this big circle.

how to make an ipod 11

Step 9:
But don’t remove this piece.
You just need the circular design there.

how to make an ipod 12

Step 10:
Use an edible marker to draw the details on the white circular piece.

how to make an ipod 13

And you are done!

Feel free to print out the company logo or whatever you like on edible paper and stick that on top of the rectangular screen. This way, your ipod will look even more realistic.

how to make an ipod cake topper

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone!