rose stencil cupcake toppers

I think stenciling is a beautiful way to decorate cakes and cupcakes. But, it does require a lot of practice to perfect the technique.

I recently found that edible sprays are much easier to use with stencils and the result is still beautiful.

I used a rose stencil and Wilton’s red color mist spray to make these cupcake toppers.

These cupcakes would be great to serve on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day 🙂

To make these toppers, you will need the following supplies:

Wilton’s Red color mist  (or any other brand of edible spray would work well too)
Circle cutter
Rose stencil
Rolling pin
Black edible marker

– You can use 50/50 or gumpaste instead of fondant since they tend to dry faster.
– Edible sprays have a STRONG odor. So, I highly suggest working in an open, ventilated area.
– Practice by spraying on a scrap piece of paper or fondant before you spray on your actual fondant piece.
– Make sure not to over-spray! That just creates weird puddles and takes very long to dry :S

These are the steps:

Step 1:
Roll out fondant, gumpaste or 50/50 (in any color of your preference).
Cut out a circular piece.

using stencils with edible sprays 5

Step 2:
Rub some shortening on your stencil.
Then stick it on top of your piece of rolled fondant.
Shake your bottle of edible pray and spray on top of your stencil from a short distance.

using stencils with edible sprays 4

Step 3:
Gently remove the stencil from your fondant piece.
Let the spray paint air-dry for about 10 minutes.

using stencils with edible sprays 3

Step 4:
This step is optional but I really like doing it!
Use a black edible marker to outline your rose design.

using stencils with edible sprays 2

Step 5:
This step is also optional but I like doing it to create somewhat of an “irregular” effect.
Cut around your rose design into a random abstract shape, using a sharp knife.

using stencils with edible sprays 1

And you are done!

Allow this piece to dry for about 24 hours and then use it on top of your cakes or cupcakes.

stencils with edible sprays

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone 🙂