oso cake (525x312)

Here in Canada, Special Agent Oso is a popular character on a kid’s tv show. I get many requests for themed cakes involving this character. So I decided to make a tutorial to show how to make this cute, friendly bear.

Even if you don’t know who this character is, the steps to create him can be applied to create any bear. Follow along, to see just how fun and simple it is to make him.

Agent Oso (a) (525x498)

Here is what you need:

Gumpaste (yellow, red, black, white, brown and teal)
Rolling pin
medium Cel Stick
zacto knife
paint brush (thin)
pallet knife
small round cutter
tooth picks
black edible marker
edible gum glue
Teal gel
# 10 round tip

Agent Oso (3) (525x350)

Agent Oso (5) (350x525)Step 1:

Make a large ball with the yellow gumpaste. After the ball has been rolled and is completely smooth and free of cracks, begin to roll the ball to taper the top. This will create a pear shape.

Once you do that you can begin to define a head by using your Cel Stick and pushing it along the gumpaste about 1/3 of the way down from the top. You will start to create a defined head portion, as shown in the picture directly above.

Agent Oso (6) (525x350)

Agent Oso (7) (525x350)Step 2:

On either side of the “head” pinch a small amount of gumpaste to create the ears.

Agent Oso (16) (525x350)

Agent Oso (9) (525x350)

Agent Oso (10) (525x350)

Agent Oso (13) (525x350)

Agent Oso (32) (525x350)

Agent Oso (33) (525x350)

Agent Oso (15) (350x525)Step 3:

Roll a piece of yellow fondant into a log shape. This will be used to create his legs. Once you roll out a piece about 3 inches long, cut it in half. Then using your thumb and index finger push on one side of the piece to create his foot. Do this for each half.

Once you have defined his foot, you will line up each leg along side the base of the bear, that you already created. Making sure each leg is equal in size, you can cut the top part of his leg on a diagonal, so that you can glue his legs to either side of the base. Cut a tooth pick in half, placing each half into either top of each leg.

Add some gum glue and push his legs on to the base.

Agent Oso (16) (525x350)

Agent Oso (17) (525x350)

Agent Oso (20) (525x350)Step 4:

Roll out another piece of yellow gumpaste into a log, approximately 2-3 inches long. Cut it in half. These will be the bear’s arms. Once you have created two halves, you will need to make an indent on each arm so that there will be a spot to place his hand once they have been made. So using the Cel Stick again, push it into one side of each arm.

Agent Oso (22) (525x350)

Agent Oso (23) (525x350)

Agent Oso (24) (384x525)

Agent Oso (26) (525x350)

Agent Oso (27) (525x350)Step 5:

Taking the teal gumpaste, make two small balls. Taper each ball so that they look like a cone. Press each cone flat. Using your Zacto Knife cut out fingers. Once you have cut out the fingers, use your fingers to round the tips of the bears fingers. Cut a tooth pick in half.

Put some edible gum glue on the base of the arm where you put the indent. Place the halved tooth pick into the indent, then place the hand onto the tooth pick. Now press the hand into the arm to ensure it is securely attached.

Agent Oso (28) (525x350)

Agent Oso (29) (525x350)

Agent Oso (30) (525x350)Step 6:

Roll out a small piece of white gumpaste. Using the small round cutter, make a cut. Then add some edible gum glue to attach the white circle to the bear’s belly.

Agent Oso (34) (525x350)

Agent Oso (35) (525x350)

Agent Oso (36) (525x350)Step 7:

With a piece of white gumpaste roll a tiny ball. Shape this ball into a cone shape. One the pointed end cut a slit in the centre. This will create his mouth. Roll a tiny piece of brown gumpaste into a ball and glue it onto the top of the mouth. This will be his nose. Now glue the mouth and nose onto the head.

Agent Oso (37) (525x341)

Agent Oso (38) (525x350)

Agent Oso (40) (525x350)Step 8:

Roll out a small piece of teal gumpaste and using the #10 round tip cut out two circles. Then roll two white pieces gumpaste into a ball. Push those balls flat and glue them onto the teal circles you previously cut. Using the black marker, draw on the eye balls. Now the entire eye is ready to be glued onto the bear’s face.

Agent Oso (42) (525x350)

Agent Oso (47) (525x350)Step 9:

Roll out a long piece of black gumpaste, approximately 4-5 inches long.  In a long rope shape roll out the red gumpaste. Glue the rope of red gumpaste to the edge of the black gumpaste. This will be the bear’s vest. Of course this step is optional if you are not making this exact bear. Glue the vest onto the bear as shown in the above picture.

Agent Oso (45) (525x350)

Agent Oso (48) (525x350)Step 10:

On the bear’s right arm he wears a watch. With the black edible marker draw a black line.  Then using the white gumpaste make a tiny ball and push it flat.

Then using gum glue add it to the black line. Now the arms are complete so you can glue them and place them on the body of the bead. Of course this step is optional if you are not creating this exact bear.

Agent Oso (50) (525x350)

Agent Oso (51) (525x350)Step 11:

Using the Teal gel colouring and a thin paint brush paint on the bear’s paws on his feet and add some colour around his ears. Of course this step is optional if you are not making this exact bear.

Special Agent Oso cake topper

Happy Caking!