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Emmet figurine topper

Since the Lego Movie came out, the main character “Emmet” has become a hit. Here is how you make him out of fondant.

Here is what I used:

Fondant (orange, blue, yellow and brown)
edible glue
rolling pin
black edible marker
Zacto knife
tooth picks
Bubble tea fat straw
round #10 tip

Emmet (2) (525x343)

Step 1:

Roll out two equal sized balls with orange fondant. About an inch thick. Using the rolling pin roll them out to a half inch thick. Using the knife cut into rectangles about 1.5x 2 inches. The second rectangle cut the sides on a diagonal as show below. Then make a shallow cut across the bottom, as shown below.

On the other rectangle, using the knife make a shallow cut to form the definition of the feet.  Then cut 2/3 of the way up to make the legs. Then place a toothpick through the legs and sticking out. Add edible glue and place the top on top.

Emmet (3) (525x350)

Emmet (4) (525x350)

Emmet (5) (426x525)

Emmet (6) (525x331)

Emmet (7) (525x346)

Emmet (8) (525x350)

Emmet (9) (525x350)

Emmet (10) (350x525)

Emmet (11) (350x525)

Emmet (12) (525x350)

Emmet (13) (525x350)

Emmet (14) (350x525)Step 2:

Roll out the blue fondant into a oblong shape. Then cut into half. Make each half into one inch pieces. Using the cel-stick poke one end to each piece.

Emmet (15) (525x350)

Emmet (16) (525x350)

Step 3:

Roll out the yellow fondant. Using the large straw cut out two circles. Using the #10 tip, cut each circle as shown below. Then using your fingers shape the hands. Using the edible glue, attach the hands to the arms.

Emmet (17) (525x330)

Emmet (18) (525x350)

Emmet (19) (525x350)

Emmet (20) (525x350)

Emmet (21) (525x350)

Step 4:

Roll out a large yellow ball. Roll out a small ball and press it flat with your finger. Then with the edible glue attach the neck to the head. Roll out the brown fondant thinly. Cut a rough circle shape. Then add glue to the yellow head and place on the brown hair as shown below.

Emmet (22) (525x350)

Emmet (23) (525x350)

Emmet (24) (350x525)

Emmet (25) (525x350)

Emmet (26) (525x350)

Step 5:

Using the edible marker draw on eyes, eye brows and a mouth. Then glue the head to the top after placing a toothpick into the shirt.

Emmet (27) (525x350)

Emmet (28) (525x350)

Step 6:

Using the edible marker draw on the details as shown below.

Emmet Figurine

Emmet Figurine Cake Topper

happy caking! 🙂