Fall inspired birthday cake

Fall birthday cake

Inspired by all the beautiful colors outside. I decided to decorate my birthday cake with leaves, sunflowers, pumpkins and berries in warm colors. The flavour was almond cake, 1 layer of chocolate caramel ganache and 1 layer of applesauce vanilla mousse with apples from my moms garden.

I crumb coated the cake with the lovely Italian meringue butter creamΒ (it is amazing to work with) and Marshmallow fondant. All the decoration was made out of modelling paste and I painted the leaves with petal dust colors, mixed with alcohol.

You can see another fall cake that I’ve made in the cake gallery.

Happy Caking!



    • Rindy says

      AreΒ the ganache and apple cream recipes on your website? I haven’t been able to locate and would love to give this cake a try….

      • Anonymous says

        No, I do plan to add it.

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  1. says

    I love this cake! My mom’s birthday is in October and I’d love to try and do something similar.

    Thanks for sharing all the great work you do on CJ!

  2. anny says

    i love everything about its cute its pretty and beautiful

    thanks for this beautiful Website

    all smiles for everyone:D

  3. Louise says

    elma: So far I have only heard that the wilton brand should not have a nice taste. All in all fondant is made of icing sugar so of course its sweet in taste. You can however make your own and add the flavour that you like.

  4. elma says

    Hi Louise,

    Belated happy Birthday! You’re so artistic! I’ve been a constant reader of your site…i love baking since i was a kid but my work takes most of my time…i just delight myself reading your creations! If you don’t mind i would like to ask regarding fondant icing…does it really taste good? I had a bad experience once i bought a cake for my son’s birthday and i chose fondant as the icing..the design was beautiful but when we ate it, it was awful…, i can’t describe the taste!we can’t eat the fondant..we removed it and just ate the cake…by the way we bought it from one of the best bakeshop in our country. Can you enlighten me about the taste of fondants? Thanks very much…congrats in your blog!

  5. Louise says

    Helen: Thank you…

    Gis: Thank you sweety..:D

    Emily: Thank you for the wishes :o)

    Sonia: I will see what I can do and thank you for the birthday wishes.

    Andrea: well I first used the IMBC and then the MMF. You should try the MMF once. Im not sure what I like the best but MMF is a bit cheaper than Fondant;-)

    Paula: Thank you dear. Ohh it was soo good!!

    Danielle: Heaps thank you!

    Terri: Well this cake was first crumbcoated with the fantastic silky smooth IMBC and then covered with MMF. You can find both recipes under “Tutorials”

    MY S&S. Thank you. I cant wait untill I try out some of your great Halloween cupcake ideas πŸ™‚

    Sophie: Thank you:o) Love your name;-) my one and only cat was named Sophie… she was a little darling πŸ˜‰

    aileenlnbh: Thank you so much. I too used bc but the IMBC just taste SOO much better. Try it!! Thank you I had a great day with my family πŸ™‚

    Margarita A: Thank you! I will try and look at it…

    Sharlene: Soo sweet of you. Yeah funny with spring down under. My mom is going to Brisbane by the end of the month to visit some relatives…..

    Maria: Huge thank you!!

    Sarah: Im so glad that CW also now and then post about NOT wrecks cakes. Because so many have found the way to my site. The more the merrier :o)

    Cute_Lily: Thank you so much!!

  6. Sarah says

    Happy birthday! I found your blog from the CakeWrecks link and I am so excited to see all your great ideas and tutorials. Amazing work!

  7. Sharlene says

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Louise and May God Bless you. For us here in Australia it is spring….

    Cheers and thank you for sharing
    Brisbane, Australia

  8. Margarita Albaladejo says

    Happy belated birthday, your cake is adorable with the little pumpkins and all. Pls share the applesauce vanilla mousse, it sounds delicious.

  9. aileenlnbh says

    hi louise. ive always used buttercream in my cakes and cuppies and on cake central you will know ive seen and heard a lot about imbc however with your easy guide shown here, i will give it a try and then post some pics on flickr so you can see. ps HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY – hope you family spoiled you!!! x o x o

  10. Terri says


  11. Andrea Kopp says

    oh, so it is not a sugarpaste cake ??

    i did not know you can cover a cake with merengue and also never tried the marshmallow paste.

    will give a try soon.

  12. Sonia says

    Happy Birthday – gorgeous cake..we all deserve something pretty on our special day even if we create it – right :-))
    Applesauce vanilla mousse sounds heavenly ..can you please share the recipe ??
    Thanks !

  13. Louise says

    Becky: Ohh the pumpkins would be perfect for a fall wedding cake :o) and yes do try the IMBC im sure that your going to love it and now you know if it turns into thin milk then use new eggwhites ;o) LOL!

  14. Becky says

    I have to make a fall wedding cake in two weeks…I think I might try the little pumpkins on it…this is adorable!!! And they want a “Shrek” cake for the groom’s cake, so I’ll use your “Littlest Pet Shop” idea for that.

    After reading all about your IMBC, I’ll have to give it a practice run this weekend, especially since you re-made yours five times just to give us step by step directions. The least I can do is try it and report back πŸ™‚

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