Hi there, this is the third and final part to my tutorial – How to make a castle cake. Part 1 can be viewed here and Part two here.

Making the door

Step 1:
Have a circle template ready. I used a small bowl approx 4 inches in diameter. Roll out a piece of fondant larger than the circle. Imprint the woodgrain pattern on the fondant the same way the windows were done in Part 1 (Step 15). Place the bowl face down and cut out a circle, with a sharp knife.

Step 2:
Cut the three sides off as shown, reserving the top middle section for the door. Glue the door in place.

Step 3:
Following similar steps to Part one Step 16, use the sugar shaper to add a rim around the door.

Step 4:
Following similar steps to Part one Step 19 and 20, cut the scalloped border around the door with the scallop frill cutter. Glue in place. Use the end of a small paint brush to make small indents where the silver balls will go. Glue balls in place, using tweezers may help. Roll little round balls for the door knobs and glue in place.

Step 5:
Use scallops to cover the join lines between the cake tiers if you wish. This should hide any messy edges.

Making the castle fascia (is that what it is called?)

Step 6:
Roll out a large piece of fondant. Using the larger straight edge scallop cutter, cut out strips of scallops. Depending on the circumference size of the cake, it may be easier to create a few strips and join them. One large strip will tend to stretch and distort.

Step 7:
Glue the strips on. Pins can be used to hold the strips in place as shown below. Make sure the pins are placed where they will be hidden later with the decorative flowers.

Finishing touches

Step 8:
Roll out some fondant for the flowers. Dust with a little cornflour and cut out the flowers with a flower cutter. Glue the flowers in place, making sure to cover the pin holes.

Step 9:
At this stage you may wish to assemble the rest of the castle ie. Put the turrets in place. Buttercream can be used as glue beneath the turrets, however, royal icing will be much more secure.

Step 10:
Use numbers or letters to personalise the cake.

Step 10:
To make the rocks, mix white and black fondant together gently. Try not to knead too much as you want to keep the marble effect. Shape the rocks to look like stones – you can roll them or flatten some edges.

Step 11:
The grass is made with Wilton tip # 233. Using buttercream or royal icing (medium consistency), squeeze out the icing to desired grass length. Release the pressure before pulling away. You can move the tip to the left or right to achieve a more natural appearance.

That brings us to the end of the How to make a castle cake tutorial! Hope you enjoyed it.

Happy Caking!