A princess castle cake is what all little girls dream about and I’m going to show you how to make one! This castle was relatively small (6″ and 4″), so I used only three turrets.

Also, if you are using a bigger cake or a different shape (i.e. square), you may wish to add more turrets. It would also be more royal looking if you put a Princess Cake Topper on it.

It depends on how grand and detailed you would like the birthday cake to be! Then, this castle cake tutorial will be divided into three parts and posted over the week.

a pink Cake castle with a princess

What You Need To Make A Castle Cake Design

In creating a castle cake this complicated, it is extremely important to have all the essentials prepared beforehand. I noted all I used for the different parts of this project. It’s so easy, just like making a fruit-inspired cake.

What Fondant I Used:

  • Wilton Pink Fondant – I used 510 grams/18 oz to cover the three turrets and trimmings;
  • Wilton White Fondant – I used 510 grams/18 oz to cover the roofs and trimmings;
  • PurpleWilton Violet food coloring mixed with white fondant – for the doors, windows, flowers, and flags;
  • Green – Wilton Kelly Green for cake board, leaves, and grass;
  • Grey Marble – Satin ice black fondant mixed with Wilton white fondant;
  • Skin (pink fondant mixed with yellow and brown coloring);
  • Princess’ hot pink dress – Wilton Rosa mixed with white fondant.

What I Used For The Castle’s Turrets:

  • 3 x poly styrofoam cylinders and 3 x cones, approx 3 inches in diameter.

Note: Use PVC pipes, paper towel rolls, cardboard cones from craft shops, ice cream, or sugar cones.

The Equipment For Making A Princess Castle Cake

Other Materials

  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Round cookie cutter approx 2 inches & small bowl approx 4 inches (to use a circle template for windows and door)
  • Small Paintbrush and medium-sized paintbrush
  • Flower punch
  • Ivy leaf punch
  • Ruler
  • Black edible marker
  • Light pink petal dust

Added Materials

  • Woodgrain impression pad
  • Tylose powder
  • Green buttercream or royal icing for the grass
  • Glue (made with tylose powder and hot water)
  • Piping Gel – optional for making hair shiny
  • Cornflour or icing sugar to dust when cutting out shapes.
  • Skewers
  • Tweezers
  • Wirecutter to cut skewers or strong scissors
  • Purchased decorations: white flowers and silver balls.

Step-By-Step Tutorial with Images

equipments for a Castle Cake

How to Make the Turrets?

Firstly, I used 3 x poly styrofoam cylinders and 3 x cones, approx 3 inches in diameter, purchased from an art shop.

Castle Cake Tutorial: Making the Turrets

Step 1: Then, roll out enough fondant to cover a cylinder. Cut straight edges on three sides of the fondant (top and sides). In the same way, you may wish to cut a little extra and trim excess away later.

Castle Cake Tutorial: Make sure there is enough fondant rolled out to cover the entire cyliner

Step 2: Paint some glue.

Castle Cake Tutorial: paint glue using a paint brush

Step 3: Then, simply roll the cylinder towards you, aligning the edge at the bottom left.

Castle Cake Tutorial: roll the fondant

Step 4: Also, a whole cylinder must be covered, and then use a sharp knife to mark where the seam will join. Additionally, cut off the excess fondant and join the seam.

covered with pink fondant - Castle Cake Tutorial

Also, you can soften the join line by gently rubbing a bit of shortening with your fingers into the line.

So, don’t do too much and just face the seam towards the back of the castle cake.

make sure to make it straight: Castle Cake Tutorial

Step 6: Also, stand the cylinder upright. At this stage, you can use a smoother to make sure the surface of the fondant is smooth and wrinkle-free. Then, apply a bit of glue to the top.

add glue at the base using a paint brush - Castle Cake Tutorial

Step 7: Importantly, place the cone on top.

Attach a cone to the top - Castle Cake Tutorial

Step 8: Also, cut out scalloped strips to cover the cone using a straight frill cutter. I start by cutting a perfectly straight line with my Wilton metal icing smoother.

Then, the strips are about half an inch in width. Using another straight frill cutter as a measuring guide to ensure even strips. Also, just place it next to the scallop cutter as shown in the pic above.

straight frill cutter - Castle Cake Tutorial
cut out scalloped strips to cover the cone
use another cutter as a guide

Step 9: Then, apply a thin layer of glue to the cone where the first strip will go.

brush glue on the surface of the cone - Castle Cake Tutorial

Step 10: Also, stick on the first strip, pressing very lightly with your fingers and making sure you don’t stretch the fondant.

cover the cone with the strips - Castle Cake Tutorial
design the cone

Then, start at the back and go around the cone. Also, cut the strip where the ends will meet and apply the next rounds in the same way.

cut the excess parts with a scissor
Making the Turrets - Castle Cake Tutorial

Step 11: For the top, use scissors to cut off any excess. Moreover, rub the join lines around the top to smooth out join lines.

3 finished turrets - Castle Cake Tutorial

I made all three turrets using foam cylinders and cones. The middle turret is cut to size with a serrated knife. You may choose to make the third tier out of the cake.

How To Make The Flags

Step 12: Then, mix some tylose powder into the fondant you are using for the flags. Also, this will make the flags dry harder and prevent them from drooping.

Making the Flags Castle Cake Tutorial

Cut out ribbons approximately 3 inches long and half an inch wide, using a knife or scissors.

Step 13: Also, using a wire cutter or strong scissors, cut skewers to about 3 inches in length (the pointy end will go into the turret top).

attaching the flag to the toothpick Castle Cake Tutorial

Also, dab a bit of glue at the straight end of the flag, place the skewer on top and roll the fondant to enclose the skewer. Then, press lightly with your fingers to make sure the fondant is sticking to the skewer.

three finished flags: Castle Cake Tutorial

Step 14: Also, place the flags on the dowels as shown to give the flags some shape and an appearance of movement. Allow drying completely, overnight, or longer.

How To Make The Door And Windows

Step 15: Then, roll out some fondant for each window. I used a woodgrain impression pad to create the patterns on the fondant. With a circle cookie cutter, cut out a circle.

use a woodgrain impression pad to create the patterns on the fondant then use a cookie cutter
cut the excess parts with a knife
Making the Door and Windows

Cut three sides of the circle; both sides and the bottom, and leave the arch at the top. Also, use the side of a knife to soften the edges of the top edges of the window.

a black and red cutter

Step 16: Also, to make the trim around the windows, use a sugar shaper to squeeze out thin tubes of fondant.

dividing the purple window

Step 17: Then, place a strip of fondant in the middle of the window, using a tiny bit of glue to hold it down. Also, paint a small amount of glue around the outside of the window.

Making outlines for the Window
a finished outline of the window

Step 18: Then, gently press the thin tubes of fondant around the outside of the window. Also, the easiest to start off on the sides and work around the top, another side, and last bottom.

add designs to the window

Step 19: Also, using the same scallop frill cutter from the roofs, cut a short strip to fit the top of the window as shown below.

add more designs to the window

Step 20: Use the end of a thin paintbrush to make light indents in the fondant where the silver balls (dragees) will go. Apply a little glue to the indents and press in the balls. It may be easier to apply the balls with tweezers.

trace the fondant with a cookie cutter

Step 21: Roll out a piece of fondant for the middle window. Start by cutting out a circle like the other windows.

Roll out a piece of fondant for the middle window

Step 22: Glue the window in place.

a violet circular design

Step 23: For the shutters, roll out a piece of fondant and create the woodgrain impression as before. Cut out a circle.

a window design
Making the Door and Windows

Step 24: Cut the shape in half in the center and glue it into place as shown.

Step 25: Make the rim around the window using the same instruction as Step 16.

This is the end of Part 1.

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Next Parts Of This Cake Tutorial

For Part 2, where I will show you how to make the Disney princess and guide you through decorating the cake parts like turrets and putting the cake layers together, visit my next article.

For Part 3, where you’ll learn how to make the castle doors and add the finishing touches, click visit my blog.

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