gum paste daffodil
This is a tutorial for my version of an easy to make gum paste daffodil. It only require 1 cutter and some few basic tools to make. I have decided not to make a frilly trumpet for my version, but it is possible to do so, if you like. It looks good when the daffodil flowers are made in different yellow color tones.

This is what I use:
Yellow gum paste
Rolling pin
Pointed 6 petal cutter. I have used Fritillary 658 (55mm) from TinkerTech Two Cutters
Cornstarch duster. Use it, if the gum paste is a little sticky.
Tylo glue
Small brush
P.M.E no.9 tool
JEM tool no.12 petal veiner/Friller
Tray for the flowers to dry in. I have used an apple foam tray (not showing on the photo)

Step 1:
Knead your gum paste and roll it out to 2mm thickness with your rolling pin. Cut out the 6 petal flower.
Tip! Keep the flowers in a plastic bag if you plan to cut out more flowers. This will prevent them from drying out.

Step 2:
Use the veining tool on the petals.

Step 3:
Place the petals in the apple tray.

Step 4:
Next photo shows how I make the daffodil trumpet. From a small ball to the trumpet.

Step 5:
Take the teardrop and use the P.M.E tool to make a hole in the thick end of the teardrop. Cup it slightly to make the hole a little wider.

Step 6:
Thin the edge by pinching with your thumb all way round.

Step 7:
Brush the center of the flower with a little tylo glue and attache the trumpet in the middle of the flower. Let the daffodil flower dry well before use.

Happy Caking!