marzipan Christmas bites

I hope that you don’t find the last of my four Christmas tutorials too late. But last night was hectic as we here in Denmark celebrate Christmas on the 24th with wonderful food,  yummy treats and the excitement from the kids when they get their presents. We always make marzipan treats at Christmas and these are the ones I like the best. Marzipan Christmas bites coated in chocolate and decorated with Christmas sprinkles.

This is what I use:
Coating chocolate (heat it in a double boiler)
Small paper cups
Sprinkles or royal icing
Chocolate dipping spoon

Step 1:
Roll the marzipan into bite size balls. When the chocolate is melted carefully “dump” the ball into the chocolate and use the dipping spoon to pick it up. Shake off the excess chocolate.

Step 2:
Place the chocolate covered marzipan ball in the paper cup and set aside. When the chocolate is nearly dry add your decoration on the top. Set aside to dry completely.
Note: if you use royal icing then wait until the chocolate is all dry before you pipe your decor.

Store the marzipan treats in a air thight box. Enjoy!

Happy Caking! & Merry Christmas